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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Once again, Sarah can't make up her mind

From Andrew Sullivan:

"The attack on Pearl Harbor launched America into the Second World War, and our Greatest Generation did not hesitate when asked to sacrifice for their country. American men enlisted in droves, American women went to work in the factories that became our “Arsenal of Democracy,” and many Americans gave what little money they had to buy the war bonds that funded it all" - Sarah Palin, today.

"Really? A tax on national defense? I hear liberal Congressional proposals and I, like most Americans, wonder if they’re serious. We’re going to put a price tag on security? With Congress and President Obama spending money on everything at breakneck speed, it’s interesting that they are only now getting nervous about spending – but only when it comes to providing the necessary funds to complete our mission in Afghanistan. They don’t need a new “war tax” to fund a strategy for victory in the war zone. They simply need to prioritize our money appropriately. I find it telling that the Pelosi-Reid Congress is only cost-conscious when it comes to our national defense. Scary. Nonsensical. Unacceptable." - Sarah Palin, two weeks ago.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Palin Debates Herself

"While I support our president, Condoleezza Rice and the administration, I want to know that we have an exit plan in place."
-- Sarah Palin, March 1, 2007

"Talk of an exit date risks sending the wrong message. A timetable lets our enemies believe they can wait us out."
-- Sarah Palin, March 1, 2007

So...which is it?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nanowrimo final update

I got past 50,000 on Saturday night, which is a good thing, since my Sunday was completely busy (which I already knew it would be) and my Monday was as well (which I didn't know before hand).

The last 4000 or so words I wrote were pretty easy...they always are, since the end of a novel is pretty much set in stone by the time I get to it, anyway. I KNOW I'm going to have to rip this up up a bit and redo parts of it, but the actual action sequence itself had all of the groundwork laid out already, so it was just a matter of filling in the pieces. I have a bit more to write, but I'm taking a week break to get things back on track (paying bills, buying food, going to the gym, conducting the job search).

I never did get into the groove of 1667 words a day, mostly because things tend to get too crazy for me to make sure I even have computer time, let alone writing time. There were days that between my son and my roommate, I couldn't get any computer time as well as days where between the part-time job and other things, I just didn't have the mental energy to do any writing.

My writing plans for the rest of the year are to get a lot of the scripts for the webstrip done, fire up the Weekly News Update again (I know, I know, I say that a lot...) and then go back and finish up this novel. Then, next year, I'll be editing the zombie novels, the poker novel and sending them out to be rejected.

As for now, I've spent enough time staring at the screen....the two December Hard Case Crime books just showed up in the mail, and I am in the mood for some good old school crime fiction.