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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bush doesn't talk to terrorists...until he does

US 'in talks with Iraq with Iraq rebels' according to the London Times. Of course, the US media isn't saying a damn thing about it unless you listen to Air America, but I'll bet it will filter to them long did it take the Downing Street Memo to get coverage?

And for those of you think that this is a shift in US policy, we've ALWAYS negotiated with terrorists...we just say we don't. Bush's dad negotiated with Iraq over the hostages taken in 1979, promicing them weapons if they held the hostages until after the election. And Bush Jr. quietly met one of Osama Bin Laden's demands when he pulled troops out of Saudi Arabia , with little fanfare.

Now that the site is back...the grand update will continue.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Pointless feud showing that the internet is still full of dumb

Scott McCloud has been one of the few people who have done print comics to switch over to webcoimics, and in doing so, he's spent a LOT of time thinking and writing about what comics can be. I find a lot of it to be endless navel gazing, but he DOES talk a lot about how comics can be more than they are. He has actually DONE comics that moved the form forward (like Zot! and The Adventures of Abraham Lincoln).

He is taking part in a movie about webcomics that DARED not to mention gamer comics that cater to people who play a lot of Halo. So he got flamed.

And the internets goes wild.

Rest of the world yawns and wonders what the hell these people are doing. They typical suspects all chime in, say what they are expected to say and people go on for pages. It's a car wreck. And in the end, the people who make make money with jokes about the new Playstation video game hate the people who have gone outside and breathed fresh air.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Yes, I've been updating

And today, I updated a lot of The Weekly News Update!, and have most of the ones that were half completed and not sent done by the end of the day tomorrow. Then, I start work on the comics, and I'll even have a droning or two for the site.

Most of why the site hasn't been updated is work. I work a full schedule, and the 60 hour weeks, with endless evenings at work have just made it hard for me to do anything but recover from being at work all the time. I see that changing over the next two weeks...and I'll also be adding the more detailed Graphic Novels For People Who Don't Read Comics reviews from Bartcop-Entertainment. Plus, I'm getting committed to updating the blog daily.

On top of all of that, the site gets a complete overhaul by the end of the month.

Lots going on...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ah...finally found it

One of my favorite websites in the whole wide world was The Dysfuctional Family Circus. Now, a LOT of websites have had that name, but thsi was a site that would post a Family Circus panel without the caption, and allow people to submit ones.

And finally, after six years, I have found an archive of it.

A FlyWhore's story

I don't watch a lot of CNN anymore, since they don't report any news...but I was flipping channels and stopped to see what the talking heads were pissing and moaning about this week and amazingly, it was conservatives saying that if Watergate would have never happened, we would have won Vietnam, the Cold War would have been over in 1976 and 9/11 would have never happened.

That didn't surprise me. The liberal media has been completely taken over by the ruling party, and the liberals are shunted to low power AM stations...

The thing that surprised me was that they ran an ad for the Geroge Bush special about his service during WWII. I KNOW I've seen that damn thing advertised before, and I wondered if they were showing it again to fill time before the Jackson trial resumed...then I researched it. It was produced last year and shown on weekends before the election. Last weekend, it aired twice on Sunday and this weekend it will air three times.

Oh, CNN, when will you ever learn. No matter how many times you get on your knees for the Bush familyl, they still see you as a sloppy back door whore. It's FOX that they love...they'll never leave Sean Hannity for the loving arms of Robert Novak and Wolf Blitzer.

It's sad. Almost as sad as when I think I have a chance with a woman.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Win Ben Stein's Sanity

Ben Stein, before he became an actor, was an official in the Nixon Administration. I've seen him on various shows, and he usually comes off as an intelligent, sane human being, who happens to believe in Market Capitalism in much the same way that Revival preachers believbe in God. However, if you want proof that working with Richard Nixon is dangerous to your sanity, here he is talking about Mark Felt:

And, blood will tell, as the old saying goes: his posterity is now dragging out his old body and putting it on display to make money. (Have you noticed how Mark Felt looks like one of those old Nazi war criminals they find in Bolivia or Paraguay? That same, haunted, hunted look combined with a glee at what he has managed to get away with so far?)

And it gets worse: it's been reported that Mark Felt is at least part Jewish. The reason this is worse is that at the same time that Mark Felt was betraying Richard Nixon, Nixon was saving Eretz Israel. It is a terrifying chapter in betrayal and ingratitude. If he even knows what shame is, I wonder if he felt a moment's shame as he tortured the man who brought security and salvation to the land of so many of his and my fellow Jews. Somehow, as I look at his demented face, I doubt it.

So. Betraying Richard Nixon has turned from being equated with the crucifixion of Jesus to the extermination of 6,000,000 Jews.

How long until Mark Felt is blamed for the Black Plague, Polio and AIDS?

Money Quote:

Frankly, Nixon is no longer alive. If he was a hero, he is a deceased hero. Bob Woodward is no one's idea of a hero. A super businessman and accomplished writer, but no hero. Mark Felt is only Richard Ben-Veniste's hero.

Bob Woodwared was a hero for a LOT of people when I was a kid. And to imply that Nixon is a "deceased hero"....well, maybe to people who no longer know right from wrong, but even then, he DID get caught, so I can't see any sane person with a command of the facts thinking that Nixon is anything but a tragic figure of a man, brought down by his own flaws.