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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Yeah, it figures

Back in the late 80's, I worked for a comic book company for about 6 months. I wrote 12 full scripts, did 6 series bibles and really thought I had set myself up to get a good start in the comics industry. The company sank without publishing anything by me. I had a series that was accepted by two other companies, each one went under before they even announced it. It was pretty discouraging...then came the big Image boom, my own divorce and a LONG custody battle that gave me about 4 years of writer's block. When I came out of it, I didn't want to have to worry about anyone else being able to stop me from writing. It's one of the reasons for the website, and why I gave up on comics.

A year ago, an artist asked me to write a strip that she could draw, and I decided to give it a go. Now it's on "hiatus", and I have three yeas worth of work done on it.

So, back to the novels. There, I don't have to wait on anyone.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Down with the sickness

Yes, I have introduced my son to Rocky Horror Picture Show, and even though I only go every few months, it's fun to see that it is still tthe home for theater geeks, nerds and the like. My son, before he went, hit a few websites, since he knew nothign about it, and saw that it was being discussed by a bunch of people as "homosexual recruiting" and worshipping Satan and such. Why is it that religious leaderts tend to go after geeks and nerds instead of true evil? Is it because organized religious is evil and needs to pass the buck?

I have a constant discussion with a religious person I work with who calls D&D "Satanic". How can I explain to him that a bunch of pasty geek in a basement rolling dice isn't SATANIC so much as just dorky?

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Cover Stories |

Mark Evanier's blog pointed out this story and I spent a while both reading it, and thinking about the early days of the Directo Market and how exciting it was to be a comics fan back then.

More later.


From the massive irony department

Saul Zaentz is the guy who once sued John Fogerty for sounding too much like himself. That's right, when Fogerty left Creedance Clearwater Revival, he recorded solo work and was taken to court by Zaentz because it violated CCR's "trademark sound." Fogerty won, and recorded a song called "Zaents Can't Dance" with the line "Zaents can't dance but he'll steal your money. Watch it boy he'll rob you blind."

Now, he's suing New Line saying they didn't pay him for when he bought the rights to the Lord of the Rings.

Maybe he should learn to dance.

For more info go here.