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Monday, November 07, 2005

Novel update

I didn't get a chance to write over most of the weekend, but I was about a day ahead going in to Friday, so I'm back on track after a couple hours of writing tonight. The novel is VERY dialogue heavy, and feels more like an adaptation of a movie at this point, so I may re-write it into a movie script in a few months.

I'm REALLY starting to like the characters, and I have to be careful not to let one of the minor female characters overpower the novel. She's fun to write, funny and probably someone that I would spend a lot of my time with if she weren't fictional.

The plot is clearly defined now, and I have three Big Plot events that will happen over the writing, one in chapter 4, one in chapter 8 and the last one will be the fulcrum point where everything comes together and builds toward resolution. However, my goal this time out was to write witty characters, and have nothing "unreal" happen in the novel, and I'm pretty sure I can stick to that goal.

I also have not written a sex scene (since so many of the people I know writing novels this year are already adding sex scenes in their books) but I did have a funny conversation between two characters about sex, so I may have more of THAT, since it was a lot more fun to write for me.

Word count: 10329
Character left to introduce: 1
Ahead of target again after two days of being behind.

Archive issues seem to be fixed

After a weekend of trying to figure it out. I'm not very bright.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Chapter one done

I should have the NaNo 2005 page done on my site by the time you read this (it's uploading now). I finished the first chapter a few minutes ago and think that it counts as a pretty good first act. I know my two main characters pretty well, and have their situation set up (even if they and the reader don't know where things are going from here). I wrote for about an hour after I got done with all kindss of house things that needed done (cleaning, setting up the Tivo, getting the garbage out). I'd like the spend the rest of the day working the novel, but I have to go in to work early, and there's a lot more piddly things I need to do (pay bills, etc...)

If anyone wants to read the first chapter and let me know their thoughts, I wouldn't object.

Word count 5637 - still ahead of deadline

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

First day rush

Got up around 9 AM and started right in, blowing off the gym for the day (I'll go tomorrow...I have a bit more spare time). Since I broke off in the middle of a scene, I was able to pick right up where I left off, and sped along fairly quickly. The scene is pretty vivid in my head, so it's just a matter or finding the words to describe what I see, and make what happens a surprise to the reader. I skipped breakfast, but at least got out of my pajamas and got dressed before I started writing.

I have a lunch appointment in about an hour, and then the rest of the afternoon will be taken up with other things, unless I can get out of them. If so, I'll probably write for another hour or so before going to work. The good thing si that I am there until midnight, but the cliients usually go to bed on time, which means I'll get about an hour and a half of quiet time, which means I might be able to write before coming home and going to bed.

Word count currently: 3857

I'm one day ahead!

Archive issues

I can't seem to get the archives to work. I'm going to work on it later, since it is taking time away from the novel writing.