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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Oh, there's an election

Everyone has weighed in on the election. I mean everyone. Even Wrestlecrap has told who they think people should vote for.

For someone who makes a lot of jokes about politics, and has a lot of political stuff on his site, I'm going to say something a bit surprising.

Who fucking cares?

The President only affects our personal lives in the abstract, and I believe that if I turned my TV off, only listened to CDs and didn't read the paper, I would have no clue who the President even is. It's one of those things that matters so much because we believe it matters a lot.

Vote if you feel strongly about it, but the whole "Everyone has to vote" is kind of stupid for most people. I don't vote for City Council because it doesn't affect me. I know about the State races because they do affect me. Therefor, I won't VOTE for City Council.

Voting, it's a right, but if you don't know, for the love of all that's Holy, PLEASE don't mess with things. Let's keep the ignorance in decisions to the political parties.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Another odd stat

The number of abortions being performed has gone up under Bush.

I'm trying to puzzle out what this means. It seems a bit odd that the most anti-abortion President in memory has this sort of a stat, but I also remember that when conservatives are in power, crime goes up, porn sales go up and the like.

Anyone want to venture as to why this is?

Brit Hume is a typical Faux Whore

I can't take it when friends of mine cite Brit Hume as one the "good journalists" on Faux, and accuse him of being objective And yes, to them it is an accusation. Not only is it not true, but the man has become such a right wing whore, I'm amazed he is able to show his face in public. And here's more proof of his ability to flat out dissemble to the public, and earn his money from the Right Wing.

I almost feel bad for journalists when they lose their jobs at real organizations and end up at places like Faux and The American Spectator.

About as bad I feel for strippers who are in thier late 20's and still think they are just doing it to pay off a few bills.

Dear Drudge,

No, I'm not giving you a link, because you sure wouldn't give me one and I'm a stingy bastard.

Today, you have an "article" where you decried John Kerry saying in a speech that a lot of the President's staff were able to get flu saying that Bill Clinton got one.

A couple of quick points:

1) Bill Clinton just had open heart surgery a few weeks ago, which puts him in a risk catagory that is eligable for the shot.
2) Bill Clinton isn't running for anything.
3) Just admit that you love him, and are mad that he gave his hot, hot love to Monica instead of you. It will be cleansing, and we all know it from how mad you get about him not loving you back.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

John Byrne has a knack for getting people to talk about him.

I have been doing reviews of comics since I started this silly website (and I know that I am about a month behind...give me a week and I'll be all caught up, I promice) and one of the things that always strikes me odd is that when I mention that I don't care for Byrne's style since he finished his run on The Next Men I would get letters from people outraged that I would say such things.

Now, I don't do personal attacks on comic creators. I can say that they are hacking it out, turning in sloppy work, or that it's pretty apparent that they are just doing it for a paycheck.

However, John Byrne seems to have gone completely insane lately. It's bad enough that his message board is filled with people who make me scared to go into a comic shop, but when he writes about a character in Green Arrow being diagnosed with HIV, he says:

(Suppose Speedy takes three years, "real time", to die. Currently, in DOOM PATROL, I have Nudge, who is 15 years old. Would I be compelled to have her age to 18 while the Speedy story unfolds in another title, unconnected to DP?)

He also goes on the disparage fans who don't like his work, Christopher Reeve, other creators and the like...all at the egging on of his "fans". He started with a quite decent answer about his reaction to the story...and quickly degenerates into something that makes you feel like you need to take a long shower after you read it.

So, the daily stuff fell apart?

Yes. I have been too busy to blog daily for quite some time, but I'm going to make a valiant effort to do so for the next couple of months, mostly because I am about to start working on The National Novel Month group. I will be working on a novel in November, completing it in a single month.

I have done it for the past two years, and this year's will be a sequel to the first one I wrote back in 2002.

So, get ready for me to whine about the days I can't get my word count easily, jump up and down with joy when I am doing well on my word count.

I also wonder just what to do with the blog. Some people are using theirs for weekly jokes, some of them are using them to answer questions and other are just writing political commentary. However, I am still trying to figure out what I am trying to do with this one.