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Monday, April 11, 2005

Cory!! For Pope!

Yes. I am in the running for Pope.

More on this as it develops.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

In "Jesus God won't people leave anything alone news:

The Cookie Monster Advocating Eating Healthy.

What next...Foster Brooks coming back from the grave to tell us not to drink so much? Bing Crosby telling us to quit beating our kids? Hulk Hogan telling us that he was only taking vitamins in the 80's?

Please let Cookie Monster continue to be a's not like he's a damn role model.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Always the either or proposition

There have been a bunch of news stories about a study that Cognitive Therapy Trumps Antidepressants. his isn't based on anything other than my very limited understanding of how human beings inter-relate, but wouldn't the best of all possible worlds be a combination of both cognitive and Anti-depressants? It's been proven that depression has a bio-chemical basis, but it can be triggered by past events and other I would think that the right mix of both would do wonders for people.

However, the medical insurance companies would much rather just have therapists pass pills, as Cognative Therapy takes time. LOTS of time. Time billed by the hour, while a pill can be given with little to no consultation.

Just a thought.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Starting some weekly reviews

In an attempt to actually USE this blog, I'll be posting a few quick reviews of comics I've read, as well as some other stuff. Here's hoping I can get the time to give this damn blog some love.

Flash 220: Geoff Johns can do stuff I really like in JSA, but why does this book always feel like it's falling just short of being good? This issue was all set-up to let us get to to know Flash's Rogue's Gallery AGAIN.

Pulse #8: I know it's trendy to bash Bendis, but this issue was the best I read this week. Jessica Jones is offerend a LOT of money to join Hydra, and with just a simple conversation, Hydra is interesting. Don't know where the story is going, but it's leaves the questions there in such a way that I want to know more.

Outsiders 22: Issue long fight scene tying up plot threads and showing that Infinite Crisis has been in the planning for quite a while...or Winick is good at mkaing it seem like his stories have a point. Either way, a perfectly average super-hero comic.

Spectacular Spider-Man 26: I think I would have enjoied fucking a toxic waste barrel more than the "Gwen Stacy's Kids" stories. I hope this stuff gets shoved in the same box as the Spider-Clone, Gwen's Clone and The Rocket Racer, never to be opened again.

Astonishing X-Men: A transition issue in the story, and while it wasn't BAD, it seemed like it was all exposition, and very little of the snappy Whedon dialogue that usually brings the book above average.

Legion of Super-Heroes 4: More world building, and a fill-in artist already. Still, Waid keeps things going with smart dialogue and a nice twist. So far, I'm liking this Legion re-boot.

Secret War 4: With this book being quarterly, it's not holding together all that well for me. It's also moving pretty damn slow to be wrapping up next issue. I can't judge it singularly, but will have to wait and read it all at once.

Fantastic Four 524: The last issue by Waid and Wieringo, and it's pretty clear that they both love these characters. A nice tribute to the characters with a very "Silver Age" plot.

Countdown: Meh. The entire plot structure seems like it was copied directly from Identity Crisis #1, where we spend an entire issue learning about a character, just to see them die, so that the death has more impact. Most fanboys will be loving this, but I just saw it as very lazy writing, and I really expected better for Johns and Rucka.