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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Guess who is a conspiracy theorist?

Donald Rumsfeld!

Sure, he's had problems keeping his job, and for about 6 months before the election, they didn't let him out into the light, but while he was over in Itaq, he said:

"I think all of us have a sense if we imagine the kind of world we would face if the people who bombed the mess hall in Mosul, or the people who did the bombing in Spain, or the people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the plane over Pennsylvania and attacked the Pentagon, the people who cut off peoples' heads on television to intimidate, to frighten – indeed the word 'terrorized' is just that. Its purpose is to terrorize, to alter behavior, to make people be something other than that which they want to be." he saying that terrorists shot down the plane?

I'm So Confused!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Another reason why I suck

OK. For the record, I finished the novel in November. I just haven't posted it yet because I've been horridly busy with a bunch of non-writing related things. I have still been sending out the Weekly News Update (a week late most of the time) and I lost the disk that the comics reviews were on, so I'm here on a Saturday night, working on getting them done again.

But the site just isn't all that exciting to me lately. I'm writing some exciting stuff, more columns, more reviews, more fiction and such, but the site seems to just be laying here.

That is about to change.

Starting in January, I'm going to revamp all of the major pages, streamline things for myself, and get back to working on the page on a consistant basis,since it is fun, and I do like doing it. However, like most people not getting paid for their webapges, it's a bit of a luxury and time is even more of a luxury.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Are you watching the new shitty version of Tough Enough?

Contestant Daniel Puter = crazy.

I hope he wins, just so they can use his insanity as a gimmick.

Fox didn't do quite as well as they said.

Just a placeholder for me on this article. I'll have thoughts on it tonight.