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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Comics Journalism

Why is there no actual journalism in comics?

I go to the websites and blogs and they pretty much either reference each other or print press releases and CALL them news. Sure, we've got a couple of comics "gossip pages", but one has become a dumping ground fo0r preview art, and the other one, while good, freely admits he doesn't do journalism because no one cared when he did so.

The Comics Journal used to do it, but hasn't really done it well in years and seems to muddle about in their little area of interest. has some retail issues brought up, but they don't do any digging into things. I thought CGS did a good job with their special episode on the Civil War delays and it was one of the best episodes they have ever done...because it felt like what good journalism should be.

I'm not talking about the petty "Why does John Byrne hate Marvel" stuff, but serious issues that come up and are something a journalist could dig into like:

-What happened with the clause in DC's contract with Diamond that stated they could buy them outright in 10 years if certain conditions were either met or not met?>

-What are the payment problems with some small press publishers, are they not selling enough copies or is it holding back on paying creators?

-What are sales like for companies who aren't exclusive with Diamond?

-What's the truth behind Wizard's "attendance figures"?

-Do late books hurt sales, not anecdotal evidence, but hard numbers and dollar figures with all of the different things that fall under it looked at?

None of these are gossip or dirty laundry, but they are stories that would take someone with some journalism training, tenacity and an outlet for their stories. Is there going to be actual comics journalism, or will we comics fans keep getting a press release about a new writer on "Blow Hole Man" and have to CALL it news?

Or, conversely, am I the only person who cares about this?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Right wing ethics watch

Just a few here:

The "creator" of unfunny comic strip Mallard Fillmore arrested for DUI. It ruins my faith in the old belief that drunks are funny, since Mallard Fillmore has never been funny.

One of the more influential (and crazy) right wing websites has an editorial that tofu makes you gay! Who needs science when you have whatever came to you the night before in a scary dream!'s a DEVIL FOOD!!! Satan gave us soybean curd to make us all gay! OMFG!

I know it's boring, but Bush has appointed an admitted criminal to oversee an area of government he committed the crime in. This time it's the National Institute of Health. Maybe I could get a job by committing the right crime..I want to work in the Treasury, I rob a bank, I want to work in the Defense Department I lie to Congress about illegal arms shipments...