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Monday, November 22, 2004

NaNoWriMo Novel 2004 by Cory Strode

NaNoWriMo Novel 2004 by Cory Strode

That's right, even though I am working up to 60 hours a week, writing a couple of columns for websites, and have a horrid case of the cold/flu/black plague, I am still doing this. Now, you can read the zombie novel that is scrambling to get out of my head.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

So, people need to get active?

One of the things that the ruling class is doing now is taking down all of the rules that they feel shouldn't apply to them, now that they run everything.

A bit of history on the the late 80's and early 90's, a group of hardball Republicans were in charge of the party, and they were consumed with doing whatever it took to win. Led by Newt Gingrich, they were very smart in using the media, and all of the tools at their disposal to make their opponants look as bad as possible. The bad thing was that the Democrats let them, and to this day haven't figured out how to play the same game as the Republicans.

The Big Scandal in the early 90's were Congressmen kiting checks through the Congressional bank. There were no overdraft charges, and it was kind of an open secret in the House that you could pretty much spend your paycheck before you got it. However, Newt and his boys decided that they were going to use this, and they did so, brilliantly. Add to that the "Contract For America", and they were able to take the Congress by portraying the Democrats as corrupt bastards who couldn't balance their checkbooks and spent like drunken sailors.

One of the rules that they passed to hammer this home was that No Republican Could Hold A Leadership Position If They Were Under Indictment. This was mostly to make some of the more corrupt Chicago Democrats who chaired committees look like scumbags. They were, and it was a good rule.

Except that now, Texas Representative Tom DeLay is under investigation, and may be under indictment. So, what did the Republicans do?

They changed their rules.

And they did it with a voice vote so that they wouldn't have to be on the record about it.

THE DAILY DELAY: Votes on DeLay Rule is tracking what Republicans have said about their votes, but we need to keep the pressure up. Call, write or e-mail your Republican Representative and ask them how they voted on the rule change. Put in the message that you know how much they got from DeLay (which is only on The Daily Delay) and you are wondering if it means that their votes can be bought.

Time to quit sitting around and complaining. Let's start the fight TODAY.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Agent of Change

Hey! Look! I've got ads now!

I'm a whore, I'm a whore!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Someone gets it

Urban Archipelago is a website that goes into detail on the most overlooked story of the election: The divide between urban and rural.

For all the "red state/blue state" talk, it's far easier to see from the county by county results that the Republicans have finally become the party of rural America. This started under Bush Senior, who lied to audiences by saying that he was a big fan of county music and his favorite snack was "pork rinds." Yeah, a lot of Northeastern Yale graduates spend their weekends on the porch, watching the bug zapper, listening to Toby Keith and dipping Twinkees in gravy.

And no, I still don't have a lot of time. I'm putting this link hjere forme so that I can read it later. I'm knee deep in writing my November Novel, which I'm hoping to put up on the cite later tonight, if I get caught up on my word count. I just rounded 30L, and won't stop tonight until I get to 34K later tonight.

That's right, I've lost my tiny little mind.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

For more proof the world isn't worth saving.

I bring you pong fanfiction.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Just to show what the Right Wing thinks of those of us who don't agree with it

The author of this lovely number says he is attempting to be satiric in the second paragraph of his essay.

In this case, he violates the two laws of satire:

1) If you are trying to be satiric, SAYING you are being satiric defeats the purpose
2) Satire should be funny.

The article is another in the endless stream of "America is better off without all of them city folk" that seems to be the latest bastion of the right wing after seeing that no one who lives in an urban area and has a decent education voted with them. The killer quote to me is:

BUSH USA is predominantly white; devoutly Christian (mostly Protestant); openly, vigorously heterosexual; an open land of single-family homes and ranches; economically sound (except for a few farms), but not drunk with cyberworld business development, and mainly English-speaking, with a predilection for respectfully uttering "yes, ma'am" and "yes, sir."

I love how he discounts the internet and technology in his rant. Yep, you're right, the damn internet is the cause of so many problems. If only we could get rid of it and go back to the good old days of nothing but white people, darkies knew their place and people were polite.

Yet, if you watch shows like "The Daily Show", "Real Time With Bill Maher" and other discussion shows not on Faux news, thje right wing guy is the one who is yelling at the host, calling people names, or challenging people to deuls. The right wing is a bunch of angry, sore winners, and they are dancing around like the biggest guy in 4th grade when he scores a basket. Every time I have been cut off in traffic, it's been by someone with a Bush sticker on their bumper or a Jesus fish on their overly huge vehicle, using up the resources God gave them. Right Wing radio is the one where the host call people names, insult their opponants, and generally spead anger and hate.

I agree with him, though. Let's LET the states that voted for Kerry leave. They are the ones with the fastest growing businesses, the science that is keeping things moving forward and pay most of the taxes. You can have Mississippi's school system, Texas's air and he industry of Arkansas. Good luck finding a college that actually takes time out from prayer for a moment of science. Oh, and with all of the red states off the dole (states who voted for Bush get more Federal money than they pay into the system), maybe we can have a decent health care system that doesn't make CEOs rich. You can go start fights with all the Moslem countries, and we'll sell you the weapons (since our colleges develop the technology that makes them).

You can bet that if this scenario did happen, the red states would be a third would country within 20 years. And then begging the rest of us for medicines that they can't develop....and I would love to say "Why nto just pray for a cure. It worked for Lazerous, didn't it?"

That didn't take long

The first few resignations from the White Houe have started, the most interesting of which is John Ashcroft, who was a highly devisive figure. I am already reading other blogs who are saying that this is a silver lining to the election cloud. These people are not very bright, as the Attorney General is usually where a right wing President makes a sop to the religious base, thinking that if you put a snake handling guy who speaks in tongues in charge of law enforcement, it's a good thing.

I haven't figured that out yet. Is it because God will tell him where the criminals are? Will Jesus guide him as to which companies should be investigated for wrongdoing?

It seems that the Bush people have certain requirements of an Attorney General:

1) Must be able to speak directly to God.
2) Bad singer who writes his own songs.
3) Thinks it is incredibly important to know what you are doing with your filthy little genitals, while not very important to know if corporations are overcharging billions in government contracts.
4) Able to use Criso for annointing oil.
5) Fear of Calico Cats

Still, knowing the religious affiliations needed to work for a "Faith Based" White House, I have some suggestions:

1) John Edwards: Not the politician, but the guy who used to talk to dead people on TV. Maybe he can get victims of crime to name their killers from beyond the grave.
2) Oral Roberts: Not all the great when it comes to fighting crime, but he could save us all billions on health care by switching the government from HMOs to faith healing
3) Ned Flanders: Oh, you KNOW he had 1500 Bush/Cheney signs on his lawn.
4) Tommy Chong: If there is a man who knows how the Bush Administration wants to set priorities, it's Tommy Chong, who was busted using provisions of the Patriot Act on the anniversary of 9/11. Screw catching terrorists, we got Tommy Chong off the street! We can all sleep safe at night

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bartcop's Blog

Bartcop is my favorite liberal site, and does a lot of stuff that I wish I had time to do. He does a nearly daily mix of next stories, jokes and outrage.

Tonight he's doing a blog, to keep track of the election on TV, and for me tonight, it's a godsend. I'm at work, stuck on dail-up, without cable and trying to do my job, keep track of the election and get ahead on the NaNoWriMo novel I'm working on (and I'll start posting it on the site by this weekend, you have no idea how busy I am this week).

But read Bartcop for a good version of what is going on tonight. He rocks my socks.

Just a question

Anyone want to put some money down on Alan Keyes winning in IL? I need a good, solid bet to win.