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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Someone gets it

Urban Archipelago is a website that goes into detail on the most overlooked story of the election: The divide between urban and rural.

For all the "red state/blue state" talk, it's far easier to see from the county by county results that the Republicans have finally become the party of rural America. This started under Bush Senior, who lied to audiences by saying that he was a big fan of county music and his favorite snack was "pork rinds." Yeah, a lot of Northeastern Yale graduates spend their weekends on the porch, watching the bug zapper, listening to Toby Keith and dipping Twinkees in gravy.

And no, I still don't have a lot of time. I'm putting this link hjere forme so that I can read it later. I'm knee deep in writing my November Novel, which I'm hoping to put up on the cite later tonight, if I get caught up on my word count. I just rounded 30L, and won't stop tonight until I get to 34K later tonight.

That's right, I've lost my tiny little mind.


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