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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Oh, there's an election

Everyone has weighed in on the election. I mean everyone. Even Wrestlecrap has told who they think people should vote for.

For someone who makes a lot of jokes about politics, and has a lot of political stuff on his site, I'm going to say something a bit surprising.

Who fucking cares?

The President only affects our personal lives in the abstract, and I believe that if I turned my TV off, only listened to CDs and didn't read the paper, I would have no clue who the President even is. It's one of those things that matters so much because we believe it matters a lot.

Vote if you feel strongly about it, but the whole "Everyone has to vote" is kind of stupid for most people. I don't vote for City Council because it doesn't affect me. I know about the State races because they do affect me. Therefor, I won't VOTE for City Council.

Voting, it's a right, but if you don't know, for the love of all that's Holy, PLEASE don't mess with things. Let's keep the ignorance in decisions to the political parties.


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