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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I said that I was going to try to blog on a daily basis on my main page, and while I am getting no comments, maybe if I blog more, more people will start to notice the damn thing. Even though everyone on the planet HAS a blog, and some pyscho fuckers have blogs and on-line journals. That's writing time away from the novels and other stuff that I really should spare, but, what are you going to do, as the wisest man of them all (Homer Simpson) says.

I have been reading a lot about "the power of blogs", which strikes me as a bit silly. ANYONE can publish a blog. If I can do it, anyone can. If I say that the Bush Documents are REAL because I have a typewriter that uses superscript in my basement that I bought from an old Army post, does that make it true? Does it make it worth reading? Obviously, people are so enamoured of the whole idea of citizen news reporters that they are forgetting that news is more that just saying "Someone said this and this is what I think of it." News is facts, and the careful examination of the facts to make sure that they ARE facts.

The state of news in the US is easily at its worst since the robber barons of the early 20th Century when people would use newspapers to inflame the public for economic and political purposes. For a time, there was a feeling with newspapers that they were the beacons of truth, they would give people facts and dig for the real story. That changed after Watergate, mostly because you had a new crop of politicians wjho decided that that would never happen again. They shut down access, used leaks as strategy and reduced reporters to guys who simply print press releases.

Now, it's even worse, partly because the right wing has made BILLIONS of dollars by claiming that reporting facts is "liberal" and doing what you are told is news. I swear to whatever power I believe in at this moment that if Bush came out tonight in a speech and claimed the world was flat, the story would read:

Bush calls shape of Earth into doubt.

Last night, President Bush laid out his agenda to prove that the world is flat. He showed a lot of evidence that has not been seen before, and told a large crowd of supporters that he would not longer allow the scientists to lie to the American public about such important things. "It's you world, and you need to know what it looks like!" Bush said.

Scientists are disputing Bush's claim, saying that his evidence is flawed and showed their own evidence. This situationh will continue to be discussed by both parties and shows a division in the American Public

The story should read:

Bush Says world is flat.

President Bush claimed the world is flat in a speech last night before a hand picked crowd of supporters. This claim is totally unsupported by all known facts, and after examining Bush's evidence, it has been found lacking by experts in the field.

But it won't.

On another website related bit (yeah, I'm SO meta about it all), I have the July comics reviews done and am working on the graphic novel reviews yet to do, so they will both be up tomorrow, as the first Weekly News Update I have REALLY liked in a while. I might also hide the links to the on-going novel here in my blog just to give people something extra for reading this...especially since I'm only going to post the first chapter in a place that most readers can find it.

I haven't done a "Droning" for quite a while, mostly because there are so many people pissing and moaning on the internet that for me to do it, it either seems outdated or like I'm just part of the chorus. However, I'm starting to get revved up again about doing them, so I should have one out within a week or so. I am getting SO PISSED about the Presidential Campaign that I don't know how much longer I can just by and watch it.

Is that enough of a post for you?


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