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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fine. I get the message

I agree with all of the protesters. It's time for the end of socialized medicine. The old people who are scared of Government Run Health Care have convinced me.

So, we'll be ending Medicare on 8/31/2009. Oh, and VA coverage as well. Sorry soldiers, but we must protect YOU from the evils of socialized medicine.

What? You didn't realize that was socialized medicine?

Sorry, it's too late. We've all taken what you said to heart and agree with you.

Oh, you NEED medical coverage? There are plenty of private firms you can buy insurance with. How much? Last time I checked it was around $2500 a month, but it's not run by the Government, so that's what you asked for.

What do you MEAN you can't afford it? Well, sorry, but there IS catastrophic care, that might only be $500 - $700 a month for someone over 65, but hey, you can take all the money you got with the Bush tax cuts to pay for it!

You mean your taxes went UP under Bush? Oh, that's because you're not rich. But you dutifully fought for those Bush Tax Cuts and HATE Obama for raising your taxes (which he cut), so....why did you support them again?

Never mind, not important, you have month and then you are free, FREE of all of that evil Socialized Medicine. You won! Hurry for you!

Oh, I suppose you could get a JOB and hope that your employer offers health care, but to be honest, the economy's in the shitter, and people who are older, well, they just aren't as likely to get hired. They make premiums for everyone else go up, but I'm sure you'll find something.

So relax, kick back and take pleasure in the fact that YOU WON!

Hurray for YOU!