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Friday, July 14, 2006

Comic Con Pickup Lines

The big GEEK PROM (Sandy Eggo Comic Convention) is just a few days away, and while I can't go this year, I'll prolly be going next year if I can get my job situation taken care of soon enough to save up for it, so, I am going to start a list of:

Comic Con Pickup Lines I have found (or written):

-I am glad to see you, but sadly, it is a lightsaber in my pocket
-I'd love to see what you look like wrapped in mylar
-Hey, want a Giant Sized Man Thing?
-You don't understand, we would ALWAYS sleep together until they ret-conned that story away in the Crisis
-I'd grade you as Prisine Mint, wnna get slabbed?
-Wow, your figure has GREAT articulation!
-My spider sense isn't the only thing tingling
-Wanna slide down the Bat Pole?
-Wanna see my Big Red "S"?
-Chain Mail bikini, huh? I have some salve for after you realize what a bad idea that was.
-Wanna be in my next slash fic?
-I've got an Infinite my pants!
-I'd give anything to see you dressed up like Zatanna.
-Got any geek in you? Do you want to?

Anyone else?


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