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Friday, April 07, 2006

Just a thought while watching the White House Press Conference.


That was amazing. The arguement that Scotty the Underbear gave was that if the President leaks something, it's good for the nation, if anyone else does it, they need to go to jail...and are possibly enemy combatants.

I swear that if someone went into a coma on 1/1/2001 and woke up now and just watched the news, they wouldn't believe it. Every scary, horrible thing that Conservatives said Clinton would do in regards to freedom and liberty has now been done by the person they fought so hard to get into office. I even got an e-mail from someone who just quit his membership in the NRA because the NRA filed suit to stop the Mayor of New Orleans from taking people's guns, but dropped the suit IMMEDIATELY when they discovered it was an executive order to confiscate guns in New Orleans after Katrina.

I really think that Bush's people (most of which got into power the first tiem under Nixon) believe that the President is Judge Dredd.... HE IS THE LAW!!!

This is a grave danger to the Constitutional division of powers, and is the beginning of a creeping Monarchy. Strip away the rhetoric and the difference between Bush's Congress and the Soviet Era Politbureau does not exist.

One thing for all of us to think about: Accorsing to Scotty the Underbear, President Bush decided the American People needed to know that Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent in order to get back at someone who said that the information he was giving the American people was false. And, furthermore, the way the President informs the American people is to have the Vice-President's Chief of Staff call a series of right-wing pundits and told them to get the information out in the most damaging way possible.

We have major legal violations here. Major. We have multiple Constitutional offenses here.

This isn't a sloppy blow job from a lonely chubby girl with a crush. This is Big Time.

And how we handle it, shows who we are as a country.

And I won't even get intot he fact that this week has shown that if Osama Bin Laden was a 14 year old girl a web cam, we would have found him in a heartbeat, but he's still out there, patiently planning his next move...maybe. Maybe not, seeing as how, for all intentants and purposes, he won. We pulled out of Saudi Arabia like he commanded us to do, we have gotten rid of the most powerful secular leader in the Middle East, and we've given him a new way to rally hatred for the West.

Thanks President Bush. Not only have you done all of that, but if current economic trands continue, the economy MIGHT be back where it was when you took office by the year 2012.


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