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Monday, April 03, 2006

A quick roundup

Is Scotty the Underbear about the leave to spend more time with his family...or Jeff Gannon? I would say yes, since he is routinely getting his ass kicked in the press room now, and the Bushies want people who snarl at the press, telling them, to fuck off, must like the VP. In fact, with the White House under siege by bad poll ratings, I can see them going hard to the Cheney side of things.

John McCain no longer has any credibility at all. Is this the same guy who said the Republican Party needs to break free of the influence of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and now he's making nice with them? Guess the Straight Talk Express is now the Business As Usual Express.

Are we due for a terrorist attack in November of 2008? Maybe if a Democrat wins.

Condi Rice accidentally tells the truth. Thank goodness she had a day to explain that she didn't know what she was saying a bit later, or we might think she had a clue.

Meanwhile, Basic Instinct 2 bombs. No one on the planet surprised. Hopefully this spares us any more stories about how naked Sharon Stone is in the movie.


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