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Monday, June 14, 2004

Just an observation

I read where Rush Limbaugh announced late Friday (so as not to be included in the news cycle) that he is divorsing his third wife. That bastion of Family Values shows again that he can't seem to put his money where his beliefs are. He makes $300 million on his new contact...and his wife still couldn't put up with him. I knew something was up when Limbaugh got in trouble for drugs, and after he said that he had been through rehab twice to try and kick the habit...and his wife said she had no idea he had the problem. When you go to rehab, you are there for 28 days. She didn't know he was gone for 28 days? That's NOT a close marriage.

Now, there are endless jokes about this, but I just wonder if this is one of the effects of Gay Marriage: His was so endangered by gay marriage that it couldn't withstand the assault!


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