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Thursday, June 10, 2004


Running behind on my word count (wanted to be at 15000 by the end of the day), but with keeping a full-time job, being blind on Monday, and all the other things that go with having a life, I am running behind. I should be caught up on Saturday, since Friday is a day I am unable to write due to outside committments.

My goal for the month is 50K, which is what I am able to get every November. It is easily within my grasp, and I imagine that with my dronings, the comics page and the Weekly News Update, I am getting around that every month anyway, but I want to dedicate that much time and work to my fiction as well as the other writing.

If I can keep the pace up for a month, and then edit the next month, and then write the next month and so on, I should be able to get three to five novels done a year. I realize that sounds like a lot, but most of the professional writers I read about on the subject, say that if they get 2000 words, it is a good day. I'm going for 500 less than that while keeping a very stressful job and a lot of outside writing. It will be interesting at least.

The novel itself was kind of sedate today, no big surprises as I wrote, which is not a normal day. Usually, when I am "in the zone" the characters dictate what is going to be happening, but this novel is a mix of two genres....I might even post the first chapter up on the site in the next few days if I get time to edit it this weekend.

The comic strip continues to wait for the artist to start drawing it again. I have the next year's worth of strips written, but at the pace it is going at now, most of the ones I wrote last month won't be drawn until 2005 or even 2006 if it takes another hiatus. Makes it hard for me to write, knowing that I am writing that far into the future. Who knows, by then, I will have been run over by a banana truck, and any of the monkey jokes I do would be in poor taste.

It's weird writing something you may never see used. Now I know how most screenwriters feel.


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