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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The "blogoshpere"

There is a lot of talk about blogs, but most of it is only on blogs. Let's face it, when you are writing on the web about the web you are going to get an echo chamber effect pretty fast. Blogs were the "big story" of this political season, asd every political figure who broke out credited the internet for their notice, as if it hadn't happened before. They seem to forget the Jesse Ventura was the first politican who used mailing lists instead of traditional ads, and with only two maort TV ads, won in Minnesota.

Then in 2000, Bush and the Republicans (through their massive media shills like Limbaugh and Drudge) used the net to spead all sorts of misleading information abotu Gore, turning him into a "liar" so much that it went from Drudge to Limbaugh to Fox to CNN, to the New York Times to the debates without anyone pausing to fact check. Yes, the author of Love Story SAID he based the character on Al Gore. Yes, Al Gore DID have a lot to do with the Love Canal hearings. Yes, Al Gore DID author the legislkation that allowed the creation of the World Wide Web (not the Internet, which he never said).

What is even more fascinating to me are the high profile blogs that begin and then are abandoned. Gary Hart had one when he tested the political waters and then left it behind when it was clear the Dems had a nominee. Bill Maher started one before he got his HBO series, and now that he's back on TV, has left it behind.

Now, Andy Kaufman has one even though he is dead.

Wonder how long it will last?

Or how long this one will last.


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