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Thursday, January 24, 2008

What I'm thinking about today

-The car is making a noise I don't like. I'm hoping it is because ti is 20 below and not because the brakes need work.

-I may actually get one of the big projects at work done today. Then the editing of it starts.

-So far this year I have put together a low budget movie pitch, been invited to write a TV pilot, have two web comic ideas that may see print by the summer and have a friend pushing me to start a podcast.

-I'm a typical American in that I don't believe I will ever get out of debt.

-I was a much bigger fan of the Psychadelic Furs than I thought.

-Am I the only one who thinks that Bill Clinton is giddy that he's back on the campaign trail? People have forgot that he was SUCH a fighter and they are shocked he's an attack dog...just like Edwards's wife.

-BTW, if Obama thinks he's getting attacked now and it's a bad thing, just wait until the right wing slime machine puts them in his sites.

-I should run for President if it can nab you a wife like Dennis Kuscinich's.

-All things considered, things are going decently. A few big setbacks in the last week, but not half as bad as last year.


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