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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Election Predictions

So…it’s finally time. After a seemingly endless campaign, we get the Iowa caucus. Having been to a caucus, to declare a “winner” is just damn silly. People don’t vote, no delegates are chosen, and the process is amazingly complex. But, they will declare winners tonight, so here are my predictions:


Clinton wins, Obama comes in 3rd and Edwards gets second and becomes the “big winner” in that the media hasn’t been paying attention to him for the last few months, and he’ll be interviewed everywhere. One of the lower polling candidates (Dodd, Biden, Richardson) will drop out of the race in the next three days.


Huckabee wins and all everyone talks about is how Romney collapsed. Ron Paul gets a smaller number than expected and his followers claim the process is rigged. McCain comes in second, and Romney has his Howard Dean moment, limps along for a while and is gone in a few weeks, never to show up on the national stage again. Rudy is ignored by everyone, Thompson drops out within the next three to five days.

Last prediction? We know who the nominees are by the first week of February and everyone loses interest for the next six months.


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