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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Christian = Republican?

A good article from the New York Times about an evangelical preacher who pushed for people to get politics out of the Church.

The part of the article that fascinates me, and one I wish they would have followed up on, is that after he finished his 6 sermon teaching about how the church should not tie itself to war or a single political party, he lost around 1000 of his 5000 members.

First, Mega-churches don't build communities, since there is NO WAY a pastor can know and work with all fo the members. That's an entertainment center, not a church. Second, the Republican Party's strategy of tying itself to the Evangelican Christian community is one of the trend sin politics that I fear the most. Not because I hate Christians, but the fact that they have tied themselves to a single party, and it makes for less political discussion, and more "I'm right, you're evil" shouting matches.

It's a good article, however, and shows how both the Repobicans and the BIG Churches have fed off of each other, and now may be in trouble because their goals are vastly different.


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