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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

John Byrne loves comics fans

Every so often, as a comic book fan, I check in on John Byrne's forum just to see how nuts he is.

DC just did a story that undid the Doom Patrol series he did, where he started it by saying, NO one else's version of these characters will factor into DC continuity. It all starts with ME!" Never midn that the characters have HUGE ties to other books. Never mind that the characters have a 40 year history.

It failed, like all of his books do now, due to low sales, LIKE ALL OF HIS BOOKS DO NOW, and DC decided to fix the problem he created. So, he throws another tanturm to his worshippers.

Money line?

"Because SOME FANS ARE DUMBER THAN DIRT -- and they are the ones TPTB had taken to listening to!!"

Yeah. But I bet if you could move more than 19,000 comics off a shelf, someone would listen to you and the fans would be smart again, right?


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