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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


The Cheney story is mutating from the easiest news story to make jokes about since Monica Lewinski to a story that kind of shows just how fucked up the White House is and the utter entitlement that the people who current live there feel.

-The press conference today where Underbear Scotty didn't mention that the man Cheney shot had a heart attack from some of the buckshot lodging in his heart is typical. The White House didn't announce when the shooting at taken place and Scotty said he didn't have information on it...and when Letterman et al weighed in on it, Bush and his people started making fun of what had happened.

-Cheney didn't have a hunting permit and while most people who get caught by a game warden like that in Texas have to be taken into custody and charged with a crime, he got a citiation and the local prosecutor said that they may not go after him.

-They may have had 'a couple of beers' on the hunt. My father was a hunter, and I know people in Texas. 'A couple of beers' = utterly shitfaced.

-Cheney's people waited an hour before notifying the local authorities that someone had been shot.

-The sherrif's deputy who came to interview Cheney about the incident was turned away by the Secret Service.

-The White House's official opinion was that the person who was shot was at fault.

It all fits the pattern. Deny, claim ignorance, play to the late night comedians, coverup and minimize and then, when all else fails, blame the victims.

Creepy. Just creepy.


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