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Saturday, January 22, 2005

And my vacation is over

I';ve had a bit of a break, both from work and from the web as I get caught up on a few outside projects, take time to re-charge and dig in to the novel I will be writing over the winter and spring. The way it is breaking donw is that as long as work stays at a decent level, I should get two novels written and 4 of them editied well enough to send out to different publishers. I'm also hoping that the comic strip starts up again soon....I have the next two years written, and it would be a damn shame if no one got to see them.

I'm also working on getting caught up on the Weekly News Update up to date, as if fell behind as I was working on other things. So, not so much a blog entry as an update on how much I have been behind.

The problem is, my Tivo and I have formed a pretty deep bond. It knows I like od movies, crappy sports and I'm worried that it wil simply explode in April. Have you seen the list from Turner Classic Movies for April? TONS of comedies from the 30's, and most of the better ones in their library as well. Since American Movie Classics changed (thinking that movies from 10 years ago that have been played out on other cable channels are classics, putting in ads, and the like), TCM is about the only choice when it comes to movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. You can't rent them at most video stores, local channels no longer have movies when they can fill the time with re-runs of Jerry Springer or infomercials, so that's all we've got.

Thankfully, the programmers there know how to keep us cinema buffs happy, and give us silent movies on Sunday nights.

I've also been thinking about the blog here, and what to do with it. Hopefully, I finally have an idea or two that will keep it from being forgotten, or just another waste of bandwidth.

You can comment now, so hopefully, I get a bit of feedback on it.


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