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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Not bad for the White House dog

I'm pretty sure everyone on the right who says that "liberals always resort to personal attacks" forgets that Rush Limbaugh, on his TV show produced by FOX News Chairman Roger Ailes, had his own "stand up comedy" bits in a lame attempt to be Jay Leno...and one of his jokes was that the White House had a new dog, showing a picture of Chelsea.

Now, it seems that a city counselor in Kenya offered 40 goats and 20 cows for her hand. Oddly, the Clintons haven't accepted his offer, even though it would make his wishes come true. So much for those bastards claiming that they want to help in Africa.

I agree with Limbaugh and other right-wingers who say that we shouldn't be personally attacking people based on their looks. And, you can't use the "New White House Dog" joke with them.

You can, however, call them unemployed, skanky, problem drinkers.

Because that has to do with their ACTIONS, not their looks.


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