Interlude three

Transcript of First Down with Phil Mattson, August 15th, 2005.

Guests: John Lightner, Capt. Richard Paulson and Liliane Alam.

Host: I'm Phil Mattson, let's go for a First Down! Tonight, the only story we seem to be covering anymore is the terrorist attacks on the US. They started in Missouri, but now are spreading to the neighboring states, and the footage we are getting from they is simply horrifying. Some of the video shot has shown people who were pronounced dead getting up and attacking people, and in some cases, well, there's no nice way to say this, so send the kids out of the room, eating people. Biting them, tearing at their skin and eating them. We aren't showing that here on CSNBS, but our competition is and people are panicking. Today, the President said that he has the nation's top scientists working on a way to counteract the terrorists biological weapons, and is asking the Congress to grant him powers above and beyond the ones they approved just two weeks ago in order to have the military replace police departments and put the nation in, I never thought I'd say this, martial law. Let's see the footage.

(Video clip of President's speech)

Host: I have John Lightner, Senator from Illinois, Welcome Senator.

Lightner: Good to be here, Phil.

Host: Captain Richard Paulson of the St. Louis Police Department, nice to have you here, Captain.

Paulson: Nice to be here.

Host: And finally, military spokesman for the White House Liliane Alam.

Alam: Thanks for inviting me Phil. It's good to see that you are keeping the lights on here.

Host: Yes, we are. The news that over half the cable channels are being shut down for use as national emergency channels is something we talked about last night. Are the people in the White House going to allow us to keep broadcasting?

Alam: Of course, we would never do anything to abridge freedom of speech, one of the most important rights in the Constitution.

Lightner: I find it amazing that a spokesman for a President who has suspended major parts of the Constitution can say that they would never abridge rights. I have taken literally hundreds of calls from my constituents telling me about their property being seized, the military taking over places of business...


Host: ...terrorist attacks. We here in the news business are still waiting for the proof we were promised two months ago that would prove that Iraq was behind this. How do we know this isn't just some excuse to have the military in the streets, running things?

Alam: That is just more paranoid dissemination from the liberal media. They don't understand, America is under attack. The United States is at War, and we have to fight back using every weapon at our disposal. Not to be rude, Phil, but we have the enemy in the streets, attacking normal citizens, killing them, and you want to keep the military from protecting Americans?

Paulson: That's not what you're doing.


Paulson: ...leader told me that we were to turn in all of our weapons, go home and stay the hell out of their way. We didn't even have that bad a problem until the military showed up. We had a good system of making sure the dead were processed as they came into the morgues, and people were taking out the ones that were roaming. Now, they just seem to be increasing, and the military is more concerned about making sure people stay in their homes.

Host: Reports are coming in from all over about that. I hear, I hear that when people try to go North, they are stopped at state borders. I don't care what's going on, don't people have a right to move about the country freely? I mean, you know, it's true that the zombies can't take the cold. What's wrong with waiting it out in a cabin in Frostbite Falls Minnesota? Or Canada?

Alam: Canada has closed its border, and we are looking into military options to re-open the border for essential trade. And the reports of people not being allowed to leave their states is pure liberal fearmongering. Why are these people allowed to spread their stories, collaborating with the terrorists? Is your network reporting that?

Lightner: They should report it, because it is true. You can't just lie on TV like that. In a security briefing just two days ago...


Lightner: ...not right, and we in Congress will fight you on this.

Host: I haven't heard of anyone being killed trying to leave their state, but there are more and more reports about it every day. Is they White House saying those stories aren't true?

Alam: We have turned back people who were not able to prove who they were, so they could not pass the criminal background check, Which Congress Approved, by the way, and we have had to arrest a number of suspected terrorist agents.

Paulson: People who disagree with you aren't terrorists.

Alam: If we tried to arrest everyone who disagreed with the President, we wouldn't be able to function as a nation.

Lightner: We aren't! Over 1 million people arrested in the past 6 months! We're building prison camps, prison camps, and not allowing reporters or the Red Cross to see them. What is happening in these prison camps?

Paulson: They are killing the people there, that's what is going on. I lost two officers who told a soldier they wouldn't give up their gun because they were going to protect their home, and they were arrested right there...

Alam: That is an unfounded rumor...

Paulson: I saw it! With my own eyes! That's not a rumor, Lady, that's truth!

Host: Everyone needs to calm down so we...


Alam: ..nothing yet. These things are making rivers of blood, and not just metaphorically. They kill and kill and kill and a bunch of inbred morons with guns won't be able to stop them. You people need to shut up and do what you are told, or we're going to lose this country.

Lightner: If we do that we have lost the country!

Alam: We should have spent more money to get rid of you, you <censored>. If they listened to me, you'd have a shaved head and be <censored> zombie chow.

Lightner: It's your fault, all of you! You did this, not some bunch of Arabs you want to scare people with. That's why you're locking everyone up. You did this to us!


Host: We have lost our satellite feeds, so we'll go to commercial and see if we can get any of our guests back on the air.

Transcript ends. During commercial, CSNBS bandwidth was procured by the US Government under the LIFE Act for use as an emergency Broadcast channel.

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