The Top 300 Selling Comic Books for October 2002

This list comes from digging through sales figures, asking too many questions and using Diamond Comics information. The snotty comments in white are mine. And, no, I'm not done yet. I'll finish up by this weekend.

A couple of changes. First, I am now listing the price of the comics, as I think that is very important when considering how a comic sells as well as if it is worth buying. A fluff comic at $2 will be thought of a bit differently than a fluff comic that costs $3.50. Also, I am going to be listing the company printing the book, since there are some companies who generally put out quality books, some that generally put out crap, and some fans who only buy comics from specific companies. 

The rest is just the same as it ever was.

1 BATMAN #608 $2.25 DC 113,061

The first issue by Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb.  Lee's art is something I have never much cared for, and his pages are poorly laid out and confusing for non-comics fans.  They story itself was back to Batman just being another guy who fights super-villains instead of the pervious Batman team who focused on  hard boiled crime stories.  It sells better, but I guess I am bucking the trend.

2 ULTIMATES #9 $2.25 MAR 102,829

Since #7 isn't out yet, don't hold your breath.

3 TRANSFORMERS WAR WITHIN #1 (Of 6) $2.95 DRE 99,528
4 NEW X-MEN #133 $2.25 MAR 98,092

Grant Morrison is moving toward a Phoenix story in his own way, but this issue introduced a new character, gave us insight into how Professor X is getting a Messianic complex and the inner mental workings of the characters, all in the midst of a Big Action Story.  Highly Recommended and possibly the best Super-Hero Book not by Alan Moore being published.

5 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #46 $2.25 MAR 98,001

JMS continues his run, and sales are doing quite well.  After a well-done two parter that almost came out on time, this issue is late.  However, the last few have been very good, and working more with the soap opera that is Peter Parker.  Recommended for super-hero fans.

6 ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #28 $2.25 MAR 92,099
7 ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #29 $2.25 MAR 91,953

But here's where the best Spidey action is going on.  Bendis keeps the dialogue tight, the stories crisp and makes old plot ideas seem fresh and exciting. If this is the only good thing out of the Ultimate line, it's good enough.  A Spider-Man book that doesn't just reach out to new fans, but keeps the long-time readers hooked.  Highly recommended. 

8 ULTIMATE X-MEN #23 $2.25 MAR 90,053

The last part of the Kevin Smith written mini-series, and soon he'll be taking over the reins of Spider-Man.  I'll read the trade paperback next month and let you know what I think.  What trade paperback?  ALL Marvel mini-series are destined to be trade paperbacks. 

10 UNCANNY X-MEN #414 $2.25 MAR 83,699

Chuck Austin has taken this book from a dreary echo of the stuff Grant Morrison is doing, to an unpredictable mix of interesting characters, showing that the X-Books have ALWAYS had incredible potential.  His latest issue, focusing on Northstar and making that character interesting for the first time EVER was one of the best books of the year, and makes me think that he can make this a solidly Recommended book every month.  Who knew Marvel could make their X-Men books well done comics again? 

11 TRANSFORMERS ARMADA #4 $2.95 DRE 81,766
12 THUNDERCATS #3 (Of 5) $2.95 DC 69,374
13 GI JOE FRONTLINE #1 $2.95 IMA 68,334

I know I will get a lot of flack for this, but this 80's nostalgia boom annoys me to no end.  It's running a bit slower than it was earlier in the year, but still... 

14 WOLVERINE #182 $2.25 MAR 65,937
15 SPIDER-MAN BLUE #6 (Of 6) $3.50 MAR 64,083

The last issue of the latest "retelling the early years" mini from Loeb and Sale.  I buy these as collected trades paperbacks, and don't really know why you would ever want to read them as individual comics.  The collected versions will be Highly Recommended, but this isn't exactly a jumping on point for new readers.

16 X-TREME X-MEN #19 $2.99 MAR 63,744

Claremont finishes up the story he started the book with by having a "day in the life" issue of the characters gathering for a night of eating and talking.  Lots of Claremont melodrama, but oddly readable and free of his tendency to overwrite.  If you have wanted to try this comic, this is the one to try.  Mildly Recommended.

17 CAPTAIN AMERICA #6 (RES) $2.99 MAR 60,895

Late.  #5 just came out.  It was well-done, but the delays are killing any momentum this comic has.  For a story built on suspence and immediacy, waiting 2 or more months between issues makes it hard to keep up the pace.

18 JLA #73 $2.25 DC 60,352
19 JLA #74 $2.25 DC 60,148

And the Aquaman story lumbers on toward its conclusion.  I have never been a big Aquaman fan, and this story that introduces a whole bunch of Atlantean history, two stories going on at once and cliffhanger after cliffhanger showing the JLA to be "dead" doesn't help any.   

20 GI JOE #11 $2.95 IMA 59,425
21 SPIDER-MAN PETER PARKER #49 $2.25 MAR 56,463

This book (after a bad Green Goblin 4 part story) is back on track with a quiet, personal story that Paul Jenkins seems to do better than anyone else in comics lately.  I wish he would quit doing super-hero books all together and be the person to write the "Crying Firemen" comics Marvel is doing without all the mysticism the current run of those books has.

22 GREEN ARROW #18 $2.50 DC 53,919

Still a solid, well done comic.  It doesn't have the dialogue flash of the Kevin Smith issues, but the plots make more sense and have fewer rabbits to pull out of a hat.  Mildly recommended for super hero fans.

23 AVENGERS #59 $2.25 MAR 53,772

Geoff Johns has come on as the new writer and made this book one of the Biggest series at Marvel.  Unlike Busiek's Kang story, big things are happening in such a way that you are able to suspend your disbelief and go with the story, much like Johns's work on JSA.  Highly Recommended for Marvel fans.

24 DAREDEVIL #38 $2.99 MAR 53,252

This comic has been a solidly good read for the past 4 years (has it been that long?) and the current storyline is no exception.  Yeah, it's a super-hero book, but it reads more like a crime drama with Independent comic style art.  Highly recommended, even if you don't like super-hero books.

25 FANTASTIC FOUR #62 $2.25 MAR 51,805

What is it with Marvel?  For the most part, their comics are well worth reading, and ones I recommend without reservation.  Mark Waid's take on the FF is possibly the best since Walt Simonson's all-to-short run, and if you have ever liked this book, now is the time to sign up.  Highly Recommended.

26 BATTLE O/T PLANETS #4 $2.99 IMA 50,617
27 INCREDIBLE HULK #46 $2.25 MAR 50,267

Oddly enough, writer Bruce Jones has made the Hulk, a character with over 40 years of history, seem fresh and exciting all over again by focusing on what it must be like to have a monster inside you that you can't control.  Borrowing from horror fiction instead of super-hero fiction, the comic is another example of how Marvel has really made their books worth reading over the past few years.  Highly recommended.


Yeah, it's Alan Moore, it's a great why am I NOT recommending it?  Simple, once it's done, it'll be printed in a hard cover that will be a much better way to read the series (or, if you wait about a year a cheaper soft cover).  So, be patient and buy it as a collected volume.  You'll enjoy it more and not have to wait as long between chapters.

29 PUNISHER #17 (RES) $2.99 MAR 45,530
30 PUNISHER #18 $2.99 MAR 44,263

Garth Ennis (who wrote Preacher) has turned the Punisher into a black comedy, as is easily witnessed by this two part Wolverine story.  It's not as good as his normal work on the book, but still shows the dark underside of a vigilante whose power is that he has great big....guns.

31 JSA #41 $2.50 DC 41,844

Love this book.  Can't be objective about it.  Sorry.  Highly recommended and possibly the best mainstream DC comic being published, with enough history to make it a fanboy dream, but explains enough of that backstory as not to be utterly confusing.

32 DETECTIVE COMICS #775 (Note Price) $3.50 DC 41,471

The last issue by Mystery writer Greg Rucka, and wraps up every plot thread in a satisfying way.  His entire run on this comic showed a new way of doing Batman stories...not forgetting that Batman is a Superhero, but doing more than just tossing out random villains from the past.  He made each issue readable on its own, while still making them part of a bigger whole.  The best Batman run since the 70's, and I recommend not just this issue, but the trade paperbacks collecting his previous issues.

33 WEAPON X #2 $2.25 MAR 41,245
34 SPAWN #127 $2.50 IMA 39,662
35 X-STATIX #4 $2.25 MAR 39,051

Yep, this is what super-hero comics can be.  Almost a parody or a reinventing of Marvel stories of the 60's, with clear, kinetic art, a story with equal parts melodrama and humor, and a feel that anything could happen next.  I'm amazed that comic readers who whine that comics aren't the way they used to be haven't jumped on this book, other than the violence quotient.  Highly recommended, but don't take my word for it...the New York Times Book Review gave the first trade paperback collecting this series a glowing review.

36 GREEN LANTERN #155 $2.25 DC 39,017
37 EXILES #18 $2.25 MAR 37,808

Odd that the two books written by Judd Winnick are right next to each other on the sales chart...especially since my reactions to the two books are so different.  Green Lantern is a book that does very well with the non-superhero aspects of the story, but the super-hero stuff just leaves me completely cold.  Exiles, on the other hand, is about the only pure super-hero book I love with giddy fanboy delight because it reads like an issue of the old "What if?" comic.  

38 THOR #55 $2.25 MAR 36,734
39 MEKANIX #1 (Of 6) $2.99 MAR 35,569

Chris Claremont does a Kitty Pryde mini-series about 15 years after anyone gave a damn about the character.  Too bad, too, since this comic reminds me of the Good Stuff he did about 15 years ago as well, a strong female lead, non-traditional story with an overabundance of captions.  Mildly recommended for those of us who are a bit depressed that we were the same age as Kitty when she first appeared, and now are old enough to be her dad.

40 WOLVERINE NETSUKE #2 (Of 4) $3.99 MAR 35,433
41 IRON MAN #60 $2.25 MAR 35,422

Mike Grell draws this issue as well as writes it, and is doing a fine job of both.  A time travel story that plays on the fact that time travel in the Marvel universe isn't all that special, but should be.  Recommended for super-hero fans.

42 SUPERMAN #187 $2.25 DC 35,252

The Big Crossover Story about someone trying to kill all of Clark Kent's friends has left me so cold that I just don't care anymore.  Is it starting to look like DC needs to revamp Superman in a Big Way again?

43 HAWKMAN #8 $2.50 DC 34,879

Hawkman is by the JSA team, and for a comic that draws a lot of old DC continuity is very readable to the casual fan.  Oddly enough, the bottom line of the comic is a love story, which is rare enough in comics, but it's also a well done love story.  Highly recommended.

44 BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS #34 $2.75 DC 34,077
45 ACTION COMICS #796 $2.25 DC 33,783
46 SPIDER-MAN LEGEND O/T SPIDER CLAN #1 (Of 3) $2.25 MAR 32,754

Another spinoff of the Marvel Mangaverse mini-series, which actually sells very well outside comic shops to kids.  And anything that gets kids to pick up comics is a good thing.  I just don't have to read it, do I?

47 BATGIRL #33 $2.50 DC 32,697
48 PARADISE X #6 (Of 13) $2.99 MAR 32,471

They are still doing these mini-series?  For LONG time fans only, since they have stuff in this "possible future" series of mini-series that even I have forgotten.  

49 ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #609 $2.25 DC 32,347
50 CAPTAIN MARVEL #2 $2.25 MAR 31,906

U-Decided not to pick up the second issue, which is too bad, since it's one of the better super-hero books around. Hopefully Peter David will go back to telling good stories, rather than seeing how many in jokes and puns he can work into each comic.

51 SUPERMAN MAN OF STEEL #131 $2.25 DC 31,668
52 TOMB RAIDER #25 $2.99 IMA 31,160
53 AGENT X #4 $2.25 MAR 31,137
54 NIGHTWING #74 $2.25 DC 31,058
55 WITCHBLADE #60 $2.99 IMA 30,142
57 FLASH #191 $2.25 DC 29,305
58 ELEKTRA #15 $2.99 MAR 28,537
59 ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #2 $2.25 MAR 28,412
60 ALIAS #15 (MR) $2.99 MAR 27,881
61 GREEN ARROW SECRET FILES #1 $4.95 DC 27,858
63 THUNDERBOLTS #73 $2.25 MAR 27,372
64 BATMAN LEGENDS O/T DARK KNIGHT #160 $2.50 DC 27,349
65 GLOBAL FREQUENCY #1 (Of 12) $2.95 DC 27,316
66 MARVILLE #2 $2.25 MAR 27,270
67 SHANG CHI MASTER OF KUNG FU #2 (Of 4) (MR) $2.99 MAR 26,988
68 BIRDS OF PREY #48 $2.50 DC 26,976
69 KILLRAVEN #1 (Of 6) $2.99 MAR 26,818
70 SOLDIER X #4 $2.25 MAR 26,762
71 CATWOMAN #12 $2.50 DC 26,524
72 MICRONAUTS #3 $2.95 IMA 25,654
74 SPIDER-MAN TANGLED WEB #19 $2.99 MAR 25,540
75 SPIDER-GIRL #52 $2.25 MAR 24,907
76 FILTH #5 (Of 13) (MR) $2.95 DC 24,885
77 SPIDER-MAN GET KRAVEN #5 (Of 7) $2.25 MAR 24,738
78 ROBIN #107 $2.25 DC 24,546
79 LEGION #13 $2.50 DC 24,218
80 CALL OF DUTY BROTHERHOOD #5 (Of 6) $2.25 MAR 23,867
81 SOJOURN #16 $2.95 CRO 23,856
82 YOUNG JUSTICE #50 (Note Price) $3.95 DC 23,833
83 STAR WARS EMPIRE #2 $2.99 DAR 23,596
84 WONDER WOMAN #186 $2.25 DC 23,358
85 GEN 13 #2 $2.95 DC 23,347
86 TITANS #46 $2.75 DC 21,662
87 CALL OF DUTY PRECINCT #4 (Of 5) $2.25 MAR 21,662
88 SUPERGIRL #75 $2.50 DC 21,470
89 AVENGERS ICONS VISION #3 (Of 4) $2.99 MAR 21,436
90 X-MEN ICONS CHAMBER #3 (Of 4) $2.99 MAR 21,255
91 CALL OF DUTY WAGON #3 (Of 4) $2.25 MAR 21,063
92 RUSE #12 $2.95 CRO 20,272
93 RUSE #13 $2.95 CRO 20,159
94 HARLEY QUINN #25 $2.50 DC 20,012
95 STAR WARS REPUBLIC #47 $2.99 DAR 19,978
96 FABLES #6 (MR) $2.50 DC 19,831
97 LIBERTY MEADOWS #28 $2.95 IMA 19,639

Like most people, I dismissed this as a "Bloom County" rip-off, but I forgot that Bloom County has been gone for over 12 years, and this is drawn better and doesn't dabble in politics.  Highly recommended, and one fo the true funny comic books being published.

98 BLACK PANTHER #50 $2.50 MAR 19,424

Yes, it gets great reviews.  Yes, I have read it.  No, I don't like it.  The story style is too insular and the interesting ideas are contained in stories that strike me as half thought out.  It's as if the creator said, "I have a great idea, but no time to actually flesh it out into a well crafted story."  Obviously, people disagree with me.

99 TOMB RAIDER JOURNEYS #7 (Of 12) $2.99 IMA 19,356
100 OUT THERE #14 $2.95 DC 18,960

A comic by the team that did Crimson, and while their work isn't splashy and the story is never HUGE, it's a nicely entertaining comic worth reading.  By now, you should get the trades, since the story has pretty much gathered momentum and takes very little time for new readers.

101 WAY O/T RAT #6 $2.95 CRO 18,576

Possibly the most fun I have had reading a comic since I was 12.  Tom Strong is Alan Moore's attempt at a super-hero book without all the angst and baggage of the past 40 or so years, and it succeeds by having great stories, archetypical characters and a sense of pure joy on each page.  Highly recommended for ALL readers.

103 PATH #7 $2.95 CRO 18,271
104 PATH #8 $2.95 CRO 18,237
105 HELLBLAZER #177 (RES) (MR) $2.75 DC 18,067

The writer of "Lucifer" has taken over the book, and while he has a better grasp of the main character than the previous writer, no one has really figured out what makes ol JC until someone does, this will just be an average horror comic that is waiting for someone to make it something special as it was under Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis.

106 STORMWATCH TEAM ACHILLES #4 (MR) $2.95 DC 17,751

Another attempt to cash in on the high sales of The Authority, this time by having someone try that approach on a comic that was where The Authority came from.  It fails.  

107 GOTHAM GIRLS #3 (Of 5) $2.25 DC 17,728
108 PROMETHEA #23 (Note Price) $3.50 DC 17,694

Alan Moore's most challenging comic series ever, and possibly the most intelligent comic on the stands.  Moore gives his theories of magick, myth and the power of both in a story that almost no longer qualifies as a narrative.  Highly recommended, but most people will be confused just reading a single issue.

109 WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 #3 (MR) $2.95 DC 17,660

How long until they cancel it and relaunch it again?  Not that it helped this time.

110 APACHE SKIES #4 (Of 4) (MR) $2.99 MAR 17,219

I  have to hand it to Marvel for trying Westerns, and John Ostrander is the only comics writer who can do a Western that feels like a REAL Western.  Hopefully, Marvel will reprint the mini as a trade paperback for a try at mainstream bookstores, as I think it would have a better chance of success there.  But, since this is the last issue, you either bought the mini or you didn't.

111 HOOD #6 (Of 6) (MR) $2.99 MAR 16,993
112 GREEN LANTERN EVILS MIGHT #3 (Of 3) $5.95 DC 16,959
113 BTVS #50 HELLMOUTH TO MOUTH (4 Of 4) (Note Price)* $3.50 DAR 16,326
114 SPECTRE #22 $2.75 DC 15,976

It's hard to review this comic.  J. M. DeMatties always infuses all of the books he works on with themes of spirituality and redemption, and this book is overflowing with them, almost to the point of getting in the way of the plot.  Not a comic for people who want to see Hal Jordan beat up the bad guys, but I would recommend it for people to at least try once to see if it is their style of book if they don't go for the mainstream stuff.

115 SCION #29 $2.95 CRO 15,704
116 ELEKTRA GLIMPSE & ECHO #4 (Of 4) $2.99 MAR 15,467

Wow...I had no idea this Elektra mini-series would do so poorly.  It's done in an indy art style and I was going to buy it as a trade paperback, but with sales this low, I doubt it will be reprinted.

117 DOOM PATROL #13 $2.50 DC 15,455

Great art, semi-decent story, but I can't really recommend it, since it isn't really anything I can rave about.  An average comic that might appeal to some people who like books that straddle the line between Vertigo and mainstream DC.

118 B-SIDES #2 (Of 3) $2.99 MAR 15,060
119 POWER COMPANY #9 $2.75 DC 14,947

I'll give Kurt Busiek credit...rather than blaming readers for not buying the book and plowing on to cancellation, he's telling people that he's going to change the comic to make it more readable and to get people to give it another try.  As is, it's a pretty typical super-hero team book that isn't much better or worse than the many super-hero team books of the early 90's.  If you like that, it's OK.  Otherwise it's nothing to get excited about.

121 SIMPSONS COMICS #75 $2.50 BON 14,800

Recommended.  Just like every other month.  And there aren't any reruns in the comic.

123 Y THE LAST MAN #4 (MR) $2.95 DC 14,517

This is a surprise hit for DC, with "sold out" reports, reprintings of issues 1 & 2 and all the  hype.  And it doesn't break 15,000 copies.  Someone explain to me how a book down at #123 (and was solicited after stores "sold out" of #1) is considered a monster hit.  That strikes me as pretty blatant spin control.

124 ROUTE 666 #5 $2.95 CRO 14,246
125 NEGATION LAWBRINGER #1 $2.95 CRO 14,099
126 AZRAEL AGENT O/T BAT #95 $2.95 DC 14,053
127 LUCIFER #31 (MR) $2.50 DC 13,974

Another series I am getting as trade paperbacks.  It's not as great as I had heard, but it is entertaining enough, and out of the mainstream in a way that makes it unpredictable.  I just wish Vertigo would tell people working for them that they don't have to rip off Neil Gaiman.

128 ATHENA INC #4* $2.95 IMA 13,477
129 21 DOWN #2 $2.95 DC 13,420
130 CRUX #19 $2.95 CRO 13,409
131 NEGATION #11 $2.95 CRO 13,307
132 MYSTIC #29 $2.95 CRO 13,160
133 SIGIL #29 $2.95 CRO 13,002
134 LIMBO CITY #2 $2.95 DRE 12,979
135 FIRST #24 $2.95 CRO 12,787
136 FATE O/T BLADE #3 (MR) $2.95 DRE 12,765
137 MERIDIAN #28 $2.95 CRO 12,674
138 MERIDIAN #29 $2.95 CRO 12,652

It looks to me like CrossGen's sales have stabilized at around 13000 - 14000, which is OK for a company that has no super-heroes, nice production values, some good art and bland fantasy stories.  I applaud their move into mainstream bookstores, and their Edge and Forge reprint series, and wish more companies would do so.  But, after reading their books it's pretty clear to me that I am not their audience (their audience is people who love Ren Fest and the latest Tolkien rip-off 5 novel series).  But if you are, these are tolerable.

139 ARANIUM #2 $2.95 DRE 12,606
140 HELLSPAWN #18 $2.50 IMA 12,595

They still publish this?  The last I saw it listed in Previews, it was going to have a Miracleman appearance...over a year ago in issue #16.  And STILL no one cared.  

141 SAVAGE DRAGON #104 $2.95 IMA 12,335
142 HUNTER AGE OF MAGIC #16 (MR) $2.75 DC 12,267

I hear this is a favorite of the brass at DC, so it's not in cancellation trouble.  I lost interest in the book when it was "Books of Magic", and the relaunch did nothing to regain my interest.  Sorry.

144 BATMAN GOTHAM ADVENTURES #55 $2.25 DC 11,826

The one character who escaped Chaos's bankruptsy, probably because of the upcoming movie.  I never much cared for Chaos's books, but at least they were trying something new, and their fans REALLY liked them.  

146 CODENAME KNOCKOUT #18 (MR) $2.75 DC 11,634

Doomed, and cancelled within 4 issues, IIRC.  It was an OK book, but never seemed to be one that escaped being too silly to be taken seriously and too serious to be really funny.  

147 GRENDEL RED WHITE & BLACK #2 (Of 4) (MR) $4.99 DAR 11,600

I have a Grendel Tattoo on my right bicep, so don't expect me to be unbiased about this series.  Just buy it and see why it's one of my favorite fictional characters of all time.

148 POINT BLANK #3 (Of 5) (MR) $2.95 DC 11,001
149 AUTOMATIC KAFKA #4 (MR) $2.95 DC 10,831
150 BLACK SUN #2 (MR) $2.95 DC 10,763

DC has always had a problem with promotion and getting people interested in their new books, but sales this low on new books from them makes me think that it's time to shake up the promotion and advertising departments to find some people who will get us interested in what they are doing.

151 MAGE KNIGHT STOLEN DESTINY #1 (Of 5) $3.50 IDW 10,628
152 RESISTANCE #2 $2.95 DC 10,560
153 NOBLE CAUSES FAMILY SECRETS #1 (Of 4)* $2.95 IMA 10,368

Image's super-team/family concept that got some decent reviews when it ran the first time.  I might check it out when it is a trade paperback, but for the most part, most new super-hero books don't get me excited, since people are rarely doing anything new with the idea.  If I'm wrong about this one, e-mail me and let me know what I'm missing.

154 VAMPI #24 REG ED $2.99 HAR 10,334
155 FIGHT FOR TOMORROW #2 (Of 6) (MR) $2.50 DC 10,300

I think this is the Vertigo Kung Fu comic made to look like a Japanese comic.  Uninterested in the comic.  Sorry.

156 VAMPIRELLA #14 REG ED $2.99 HAR 10,153
157 LADY DEATH DARK ALLIANCE #5 (Of 5) $2.99 CHA 10,119
158 RADIOACTIVE MAN #106 $2.50 BON 10,108

A super-hero parody that's actually funny by the people who do the Simpsons comics.  Highly Recommended, and one of the first comics I read when it comes out because I KNOW it'll be fun.  

159 WITCHBLADE #1/2 $2.99 IMA 9,904

Make The Stupidly Numbered Issues Go Away!!!!


The trick is that the comic isn't coming out.  The treat is that it would have sold better than Lab Rats.

161 POWERPUFF GIRLS #31 $2.25 DC 9,226
162 MIDNIGHT MASS #7 (Of 8) (MR) $2.50 DC 9,147
163 LAB RATS #7 $2.50 DC 8,660

If this isn't the last issue, it's the next to last issue.  I saw one of my reviews of this book was linked to the DC message board...and my opinion hasn't changed.  This is a bland comic that might have done well in the 80's when comics were less than a buck, but when it's $2.50 a slapdash effort that can be reading about 5 minutes and forgotten in 10 is just not going to cut it.

164 100% #5 (Of 5) (MR) $5.95 DC 8,253

80's nostalgia hasn't hit the Turtles yet.  Of course, they have pretty much been trying to bring the comic back continuously since the cartoon ended.  

166 3 LITTLE KITTENS #2 (Of 3) $2.95 BRO 8,174
167 OH MY GODDESS #91 TRAVELLER (1 Of 5) $2.99 DAR 7,699
168 USAGI YOJIMBO #61 $2.99 DAR 7,598
169 CRUSADES #20 (MR) $2.95 DC 7,575

The last issue, and it's pretty easy to tell that artist Kelly Jones had lost interest in this issue, as it looks rushed and sketchy, without his trademark impressionistic work.  The story is wrapped up well, resolving the main story points and giving the book a satisfying conclusion.  I'll miss this book, but the sales show that there just wasn't any interest in it.

170 VERTIGO POP TOKYO #4 (Of 4) (MR) $2.95 DC 7,541
172 KNIGHTS O/T DINNER TABLE #72 $3.99 KZR 7,259

I recommend this comic every month to past and present RPGamers, and this month is no exception.  A very funny comic that overcomes really bad art (and I think they simply have a series of stock poses they use now and just cut and paste what they need) to be wonderfully entertaining if you know anything about D&D type games and their players.

173 EVIL ERNIE HORROR #1 (MR) $4.50 CHA 6,784

As the publisher has gone out of business, don't be waiting by the door of your comic shop for this.  Why did they go out of business?  Their lead character is in a big deal return by major talent (for Chaos) and it can't crack 7,000 copies.  That answer your question?

174 DRAGONBALL Z PART 5 #10 (Of 10) $2.95 VIZ 6,501
175 GIRL GENIUS #8 $3.95 STF 6,490

Phil Fogio is a wonderful cartoonist, and every comic he makes is very fun to read, and this is no exception.  Highly recommended even for non-comics fans.

176 30 DAYS OF NIGHT #3 (Of 3) (MR) $3.99 IDW 6,467
177 SCOOBY-DOO #65 $2.25 DC 6,365
178 CEREBUS #283 $2.25 AAR 6,343

Does anyone still read this in comic format?  I get it as trade paperbacks and can't imagine waiting between issues anymore.

179 PARADIGM #2 $3.50 IMA 6,309
180 BIG DADDY DANGER #3 (Of 9) $2.95 DC 6,286

Do you think DC is rethinking making this a 9 part mini-series?  With sales like this on the third issue, this puppy is dead in the water.  Maybe it would have sold better if they would have done a wrasslin comic when wrasslin was hot.  

181 HOLY TERROR #2 (Of 4) $2.95 IMA 6,037
182 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #116 $1.99 ARC 5,924

Archie's highest selling comic.  Amazing, isn't it?

183 SUPER MANGA BLAST #26 (MR) $5.99 DAR 5,506

Just about the only Manga anthology left, and filled with some of the best Japanese comics to make it to the US.  Highly Recommended, and don't worry about coming in the middle of a story, as Dark Horse does a very good job of bringing new readers up to speed.

184 DRAGONBALL PART 5 #5 (Of 7) $2.95 VIZ 5,382
185 CANNON EXAXXION STAGE 2 (2 Of 5) #10 (MR) (Note Price) $3.50 DAR 5,110
186 RANMA 1/2 PART 11 #8 (Of 11) $2.95 VIZ 5,031
187 SHI ILLUSTRATED WARRIOR #4 (Of 7) $2.99 CRU 4,862

Who can ask for more?  It's a dead man's party leave your body at the door, leave your body and soul at the door!

Oh, and I know nothing at all about this comic.  But that's a damn good song.


Yep, a comic with poetry and song lyrics as full page spreads.  It's like reading a teenage girl's diary without the redeeming though that eventually the creator will grow out of it.

191 HATE ANNUAL #3 (MR) $3.95 FAN 4,692

Highly Recommended, as Peter Bagge returns to the character of Buddy Bradley and showing that comics can do both social satire and slapstick comedy.  When Bagge started, most of his humor was very "over the top" by overdoing reactions and filling books with puke he is almost doing domestic comedy with a definite underground spin to the style.

192 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS BLACK & WHITE #4 (Of 6) $2.99 KZR 4,669
193 BANZAI GIRL #2 (Of 4) $2.95 SIR 4,658

A comic about a girl who dresses like a manga character and then draws about herself.  I dated a girl who would only draw pictures of herself, and it got insufferable to tell her "Yes, that does look like you" when in my mind I kept thinking that the word Narcissism was invented just for her.  I guess someone else finally figured out how to make money doing it.

194 WITCHBLADE BOTP CVR #55 (Net) $3.00 IMA 4,602

And this is about the best selling special cover in ages.  It's prolly about $6  at your local comic shop and will be worth about $2 in three months, as no one gives a royal damn about special covers anymore.

195 GI JOE 2ND PTG #1 (O/A) $2.95 IMA 4,455
196 DOGWITCH #1 (MR) $2.95 SIR 4,443
197 GOLD DIGGER #36 $2.99 ANT 4,217
198 ALL NEW TENCHI MUYO PART 2 #1 (Of 5) $2.95 VIZ 4,115
199 GUN FU #1 $3.50 AXI 3,980

This is a story about shooting people while wearing a Gi.  Or probably just about shooting people.

200 CARDCAPTOR SAKURA #33 $2.99 TKP 3,968

A decent crossover if you didn't buy it when it came out.  Hellboy is one of the true shining lights of Dark Horse's increasingly spotty output, and this crossover with Savage Dragon is the only story involving that character that I have liked.  The best thing about it?  You don't need to know anything about either character to enjoy the story.  Highly recommended.

202 DORK TOWER #21 $2.99 DOR 3,799
203 CASTLE WAITING #16 $2.95 OLI 3,641

Harvey Pekar tells the story of a Vietnam Vet in a plain, unblinking manner, showing the good and bad of the war and the people who fought it.  Pekar's flat, narrative style suits the subject matter and lets us draw our own conclusions about the main character and his actions.  Highly recommended and a damn shame it didn't sell better.

205 HOPELESS SAVAGES GROUND ZERO #4 (Of 4) $2.95 ONI 3,561
206 DEXTERS LABORATORY #32 $2.25 DC 3,437
207 KODT ILLUSTRATED #15 $2.99 KZR 3,437
208 INU YASHA PART 7 #3 (Of 8) $2.95 VIZ 3,414

I'm buying it in collected trades, but this and Ranma 1/2 are the only two books currently be publishing by Rumiko Takahashi, the best Manga creator of light humor/action strips.  This is not one of her best books, which still puts it ahead of most manga.  Highly Recommended, but in collected form.


A parody of Dilbert.  As if that's necessary.

210 LOONEY TUNES #95 $2.25 DC 3,358
211 ARCHIE #529 $1.99 ARC 3,335
212 GLOOM COOKIE #14 (MR) $2.95 SLA 3,324

Dammit, people, we can get this comic selling better than this.  This is a wonderfully done series that blends fairy tales, soap opera, and fantasy in a modern setting in a way that has something for everyone.  One of the best alternative comics coming out on a regular basis, and deserving of better sales.  In fact, if you buy it and don't like it, I'LL take your copy and send you any comic of the same price in return.

213 GUNDAM WING LAST OUTPOST #4 (Of 12) $2.99 TKP 3,234
214 PVP #7 $2.99 DOR 3,188

For all the creator's bluster about "Alternative comics suck except for the ones I like", he only sells 100 more copies than the most vile splatterporn I have ever seen.  And this strip is another insular strip aimed at people who work on or play computer games, much like Dilbert is aimed at people who work in cubicles.  At least Dilbert is read by people, I guess.

215 TICK & ARTIE #2 $3.95 NEW 3,177

Dear NEC...if you haven't realized it yet, if it's a Tick comic not be Ben Edlund, we don't care.  Really.  Trust me on this.  The 3177 people who bought this, they won't read it, they are just too lazy to remove "All Tick Comics" from their pull list.

216 BONEYARD #8 $2.95 NBM 3,109
217 TIM VIGILS WEBWITCH #3 (Of 3) (MR)* $3.50 AVA 3,087

I was thinking to myself that comics need more violent splatterporn based on an inherent fear of women.  Thank God Tim Vigil has come back to fill that gaping void.

218 BETTY & VERONICA #181 $1.99 ARC 3,075

Is there a reason for this comic?  I remember the Ripley's paperbacks from the 70's, and the comic "strip", but I cannot imagine any of the stories being more than just "wow, that's weird.  I wonder if it's bullshit or not."

220 KISSING CHAOS NONSTOP BEAUTY #1 (Of 4) (MR) $2.95 ONI 3,053
221 ENNIS & MCCREAS DICKS 2 #2 (Of 4) (MR) $3.50 AVA 3,030
222 INCAL #13 (MR) $2.95 HUM 3,019

Proving that the word "classic" is utterly meaningless now.

224 HOW TO DRAW MANGA #19 $4.95 ANT 2,985

This how to comic has now lasted longer than most manga translations.  Instead of doing a monthly comic, why not just put out a big book, put it in bookstores and make some real money?  Obviously the demand is there...

226 BETTY #119 $1.99 ARC 2,894
227 SABRINA VOL 2 #38 $1.99 ARC 2,894

Any Warren Ellis comic with his name in the title is not worth reading.  Trust me on this one.  I read too many "Strange Kiss" miniseries to get that wrong.

229 VERONICA #133 $1.99 ARC 2,793
230 BETTY #118 $1.99 ARC 2,770
231 ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST #138 $3.29 ARC 2,770
232 ARCHIE & FRIENDS #63 $1.99 ARC 2,702
233 NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #99 $2.99 ANT 2,702
234 NEON GENESIS EVANGELION PART 7 #6 (Of 6) $3.50 VIZ 2,680
235 HOLIDAY FUN DIGEST #7 $2.19 ARC 2,623
236 CERES CELESTIAL LEGEND PART 4 #1 (Of 4) $3.50 VIZ 2,612
237 BASTARD #11 EMPRESS (1 Of 4) (MR) $3.95 VIZ 2,600
238 ARCHIE & FRIENDS #64 $1.99 ARC 2,589

Oh, and if you found this page by looking to Archie Porn, go buy a copy of Cherry Poptart and LEAVE ME ALONE.

239 PALS N GALS DOUBLE DIGEST #71 $3.29 ARC 2,510
240 BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #134 $2.19 ARC 2,510
242 GOON #1 $2.95 ALB 2,442
243 SPACEHACK #1 (Of 3) $2.99 KZR 2,420

Another spin-off of Knights of the Dinner Table, for people who like comics showing someone's RPG adventures.  I'll stick to Knights, since it is stories about the people who play RPGs instead of re-enactments of the adventures.

244 JUGHEADS DOUBLE DIGEST #90 $3.29 ARC 2,363
245 CICI MINI-SERIES #3 (Of 4) (MR) $2.50 SPI 2,182
246 ONE PLUS ONE #2 (Of 5) (MR) $2.95 ONI 2,171

Every issue should be #2.  Ha!

247 TUESDAY #1 (Of 2) $2.95 KIM 2,126

Based on the not so famous Boomtown Rats song, "I don't hate Tuesday as much as Monday."

248 BIG O PART 2 #4 (Of 4) $3.50 VIZ 2,103
249 LOUIS RIEL #8 $2.95 DRA 2,092
250 LAUGH DIGEST #179 $2.19 ARC 2,080
251 JUGHEAD W/ARCHIE DIGEST #179 $2.19 ARC 2,024

He prolly digests a lot of burgers and malts from Pop's Choc'lit Shop.  Ha!  I slay me!

OK, but YOU try saying something interesting about Archie comics every month for 3 years.  There's has even BEEN an interesting Archie comic since Cheryl Blossom moved out of Riverdale.

252 BATTLE POPE WRATH OF GOD #3 (Of 3) (MR) $3.50 FUN 2,024
254 GENUS #56 (A) $3.50 RAD 1,956
255 ZAK RAVEN ESQ #1* $3.50 AVA 1,922

He's a lawyer.  He's got a stupid name.  He fights crime.  Tonight on UPN.

256 JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC #1 (STAR14546) $2.95 SLA 1,888
257 JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC #2 (STAR15066) $2.95 SLA 1,843
258 JACK THE LANTERN #0 (Of 5) (MR) $2.99 CAS 1,820

I've said it before, I will say it now.  NO #0 ISSUE NOT BY R. CRUMB HAS EVER BEEN WORTH READING.  So just stop making them.

260 HALO & SPROCKET #3 $2.95 SLA 1,775
261 CHARM SCHOOL #6 (MR) $2.95 SLA 1,719

I think the world would be a better place if more comics fans went to Charm School.  Or at least "taking a shower and wearing clothes that fit" school.

262 LUFTWAFFE 1946 #2 $5.95 ANT 1,685
263 SNAPDRAGONS #2 $2.99 DOR 1,662
264 PROJECT ARMS PART 1 #2 $3.25 VIZ 1,651

I can't even make up a joke that makes me laugh as much at the title of this comic.  I need help, don't I?

265 MENAGE A TROIS #1 (A) $3.50 ERO 1,639
266 KILLBOX PRIMER #1 $2.99 ANT 1,639
268 ENNIS & MCCREAS DICKS 2 #2 OFFENSIVE CVR (Of 4) (MR) $3.95 AVA 1,605

Instead of having people flipping the bird as an "offensive" cover, why not go all out and offend people by saying that if they buy this "premium" issue, they have the IQ of a can of Beefaroni?

269 POP GUN WAR #5 $2.50 ABS 1,605
270 SILENT MOBIUS PART 11 BLOOD #4 (Of 5) $2.95 VIZ 1,594
271 A G SUPER EROTIC ANTHOLOGY #5 (A) $4.99 ICA 1,572

Who driving car?  On no!  Bear driving car!  Super Erotic Anthology as a title means that the stories will be PORN, not erotica.  And porn comics always remind me that I can rent real porn for the same price or less, and not have to put up with some teenage boys fetish dreams poorly drawn...since I can get movies with redheads in fishnets, corsets, garters and top hats.  Did I say that outloud?  Will I ever get over my sick Zatanna fetish?

Probably not.

272 ZENDRA VOL 2 #4 IN BLIND DAYS (Of 6) $2.95 PEN 1,572
273 ATLAS #2* $3.50 AVA 1,560
274 TIGRESS HIDDEN LANDS #1 $3.50 AMR 1,526
275 FURRLOUGH #118 $2.99 RAD 1,492
276 VAGABOND #12 (MR) $4.95 VIZ 1,436

With sales this low, I sure hope they aren't paying a lot for this license.  And am I the only person who after watching about three episodes decided that there was one decent joke in the show and it wasn't worth repeating for 7 seasons?

278 LIKEWISE #1 (MR) $4.95 SLA 1,402
280 BLOWJOB #4 (A) $3.50 ERO 1,357

Only 1357 comics fans want a....oh, I give up.  I make this joke every month and the comic isn't even worth the amount of time it has taken me to write this review.  

281 FURRY NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #2 (Of 2) $4.99 SHA 1,334
282 ARSENIC LULLABIES OCT 2002 #3 $2.65 ASI 1,312
283 WARRIOR NUN AREALA #11 $2.99 ANT 1,300

I don't think they will be making any more toys or video tapes about this character now.  That's right, the Bad Girl trend is stone cold dead. 

284 SQUEE #3 (STAR14223) $2.95 SLA 1,289
285 DECOY #4 STORM O/T CENTURY (Of 4) $2.95 PEN 1,278

Marvel reprinting the sold out issue with two other comics for 75 cents more than the original comic.  Why are people pissed off about this again?  "But I don't want those other two books!"  You're getting two extra comics for 37 and a half cents each...Jesus God, People, I don't mind if you bitch about Marvel, but to bitch about this is 23 different kinds of annoying as hell.

287 HEARTCORE #1 (A) $2.95 STU 1,255
288 TIGRESS TALES #5 $2.95 AMR 1,244

I have no idea what this comic is like, but I'm guessing that they were expecting sales to be a bit better on a Halloween Special.  

290 ELIZABETH BATHORY #1 (A) $3.50 ERO 1,232
291 OGENKI CLINIC VOL 9 #7 (A) $2.95 STU 1,210
292 LENORE #9 (STAR14989) $2.95 SLA 1,176

So, what advice would I give a comic fan reading the list down this far?  If a comic book has the author's name in the title, leave it on the shelf.

294 ZOIDS #9 $5.95 VIZ 1,165
295 VAMPIRE YUI VOL 5 #2 $2.95 STU 1,142
296 SANDWALK ADVENTURES #5 $2.95 ACT 1,131

"So, what's it like being dead?"  
"Think I can get 5 issues out of asking questions to a corpse"
(decomposes a bit more)
"Well, it's still better than most of what's on the WB."

298 GREEN GINGER #1 (A) $3.50 RAD 1,097

Yes, the comic that dares to show spices covered in food coloring.  You won't believe your eyes as you see Blue Wasabi!!

299 WARHAMMER MONTHLY #60 $3.50 GAM 1,051
300 BIPOLAR #3 $2.95 ALT 1,040

It's great...oh, wait, it it's it sucks...dammit it's blows goats...I can't decide!!!!

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