The 300 Top Selling Comics for November 2002

This list comes from digging through sales figures, asking too many questions and using Diamond Comics information. The snotty comments in white are mine.

1  MASTERS O/T UNIVERSE #1*  $2.95   IMA  104,971  

OK, the fact that people want a dark gritty version of He-Man makes me wonder if there is any such thing as hope in the world.  He-Freaking-Man?  ARE YOU ALL MAD?!?!?!? 

2  DAREDEVIL TARGET #1 (Of 4)  $3.50   MAR  99,105  

Kevin Smith's new Daredevil mini-series, and if it's as good as his 10 issue run on the book, this will be worth reading.  But, as always, I'm getting it as a trade paperback.  I'm so predictable.

3  ULTIMATES #10  $2.25   MAR  98,164  

Hmm....they say issue 10 will be out in November when issue 7 hasn't shipped yet.  Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

4  NEW X-MEN #134  $2.25   MAR  97,023  

A shift in tone and another good story, which I pretty much expect from Grant Morrison as writer.  This comic has more ideas coming out of it than at any time in its history, and easily is the best written Marvel Comic on the stands.  Highly recommended.

5  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #47  $2.25   MAR  95,883  

JMS has made the book interesting, and a fun read, but I almost wish he would just move forward with his "Spider-Man is the embodiment of a Spider-something" story.  Mildly recommended for Spidey fans.

6  BATMAN #609  $2.25   DC  95,065  

Jim Lee was one of the biggest comics artists of the 90's, and I never cared for his work.  This is no different.  Big Panel pages that don't move the story forward, lots of T & A shots and trouble following the narrative.  If you liked his 90's work and don't need your comics to have a plot, pile right on.  Otherwise, pass.

7  ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #30  $2.25   MAR  91,405

8  ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #31  $2.25   MAR  91,082  

Bendis puts forth a comic that is fun to read and keeps you guessing even as it goes through the standard super-hero stories.  I like this book not just for that, but because Peter Parker actually seems like a teenager in this comic.  Highly Recommended.

9  ULTIMATE X-MEN #25  $3.50   MAR  89,390

10  ULTIMATE X-MEN #24  $2.25   MAR  89,038

Bad art.  Don't care.

11  UNCANNY X-MEN #415  $2.25   MAR  83,581  

Chuck Austin, who was primarily an artist in the 80's, has turned this comic around and made it worth reading for the first time in ages.  Now he has a Manga artist, and I think this book will start moving up again, both in sales and acclaim.  A nice mix of action, character and plots that are more than just "Who do the X-Men punch this month?"  Highly recommended.

12  TRANSFORMERS WAR WITHIN #2 (Of 6)  $2.95   DRE  82,174  

Don't know.  Don't care.

13  ULTIMATE DAREDEVIL & ELEKTRA #1 (Of 4)  $2.25   MAR  77,050  

More Bendis, this time telling Frank Miller's early 80's Daredevil story in a different way.  Could be very cool, will be a trade paperback which is when I will buy it.

14  TRANSFORMERS ARMADA #5  $2.95   DRE  73,761

15  TRUTH #1 (Of 6)  $3.50   MAR  69,445  

The story of a black man who the "Super-Soldier Serum" was tested on before Captain America, which is a great idea for a story.  With Kyle Baker doing the art, this will probably be one of Marvel's better mini-series.  Trade paperback, yadda, yadda, yadda.

16  WOLVERINE #183 (Note Price)  $3.50   MAR  66,346  

Double sized 183rd issue commemorating...well, nothing really.  Just a way to squeeze a bit more money out of it.

17  JLA #75 (Note Price)  $3.95   DC  63,560  

The return of Aquaman, which no one demanded!

18  THUNDERCATS #3 (Of 5) (RES)  $2.95   DC  63,532

19  THUNDERCATS #4 (Of 5)  $2.95   DC  63,218

And I read that there will be a crossover between this comic and Battle of the Planets.  Soon, they will all have to face Strawberry Shortcake and the Care Bears in a break dancing competition.  You know, not even Baby Boomers wallowed in their nostalgia this much.  I mean, you didn't see a dark gritty version of Howdy Doody, did you?

20  CAPTAIN AMERICA #7  $2.99   MAR  60,689  

A very good comic that would sell much better if it ever came out.  It's now 3 months behind.

21  SPIDER-MAN PETER PARKER #50  $3.50   MAR  58,113  

The last issue by Mark Buckingham and Paul Jenkins, which is a shame.  Like most of Jenkin's work, the super-hero stuff isn't all the great, but the scenes of Peter Parker and Aunt May are the best character interaction the characters have even seen.  Highly recommended, and a stand-alone issue.

22  GI JOE #12  $2.95   IMA  57,942

23  DAREDEVIL #39  $2.99   MAR  55,832  

Another great story by Bendis, the bastard.  How can he turn out as many books as someone like Chuck Dixon, yet they are all great?  It just isn't fair. 

24  X-TREME X-MEN X-POSE #1 (Of 2)  $2.99   MAR  55,043  

A two issue mini-series to try and help readers understand what's going on in this comic.  I think it says something that less than two years after the series starts, it's already so convoluted that they are "re-launching" it.

25  GREEN ARROW #19  $2.50   DC  54,767

26  AVENGERS #60 (Note Price)  $3.50   MAR  54,700  

A semi-decent conclusion to the first story arc by the new team, but the art is stiff and brings down the "Big Screen" aspect of the story.  Hopefully the new artist taking over has a less angular style and is able to make the comic feel like a big deal, rather than a rushed fill-in.

27  GI JOE FRONTLINE #2  $2.95   IMA  53,579

28  FANTASTIC FOUR #63  $2.25   MAR  50,945  

I don't think I can say enough good things about this comic.  Mark Waid is one of those writers whose original creators are so-so, but his work on long-term characters shows a respect and understanding that old fans like, yet enough innovation and excitement that it's not like reading a retread of tales gone past.  Highly Recommended for super-hero fans.

29  INCREDIBLE HULK #47  $2.25   MAR  49,852  

How is it that Marvel became the company to watch?  Bruce Jones ties up some loose ends in this issue, but keeps a creepy, horror feel that makes this one the best runs on Hulk since the early 60's.  Highly recommended.

30  PUNISHER #19  $2.99   MAR  46,335  

Lots of people die in violent ways.  And the book is funny.  I may be sick, but this is dark humor at its finest.  Highly recommended if you can take the over-the-top violence.

31  BATTLE O/T PLANETS #5  $2.99   IMA  43,435

32  DARKNESS VOL 2 #1  $2.99   IMA  42,028  

The first volume sucked, and this one looks even worse.  Scratchy art, tons of weird story elements that seem to be a mix of whatever the author liked on TV this week, and an amazingly profound misunderstanding of how criminals work.  I think the only good thing about this comic is that there is no way in hell it will last 20 issues without a LOT of crossovers.

33  JSA #42  $2.50   DC  41,829  

DC's best comic, a nice mix of super-hero stuff and inventive storytelling.  I recommend it every month.  Aren't you sick of me doing that yet?

34  THUNDERCATS SOURCEBOOK  $2.95   DC  41,287  

"Hey, this Thundercats this can we milk it for all it's worth?"
"How about we print a bunch of unfinished sketches, the writer's notes and whatever else we have on your desk?"
"You're kidding.  No one would buy that, it's such a painful exploitation of the fan base."
"They are Thundercats fans, the whole damn thing is exploitation, since it's based on a toy line.  I'll bet you could trick at least 41,000 people into buying it."

35  DETECTIVE COMICS #776  $2.75   DC  39,528  

First issue by the new team...and it didn't impress me.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't BAD, it just wasn't GOOD either.  We'll see.

36  SPAWN #128  $2.50   IMA  39,281  

Now a grand total of 6 months behind.  I have also read where some retailers are ordering extra copies to get a higher discount because they know they can cut the orders when Image has to allow I'm guessing that by the time this issue actually DOES come out, it sells 22,000 copies.   And that's still 22,000 too many.  A painfully bad comic that shows exactly why people quit reading comics during the 90's boom.

37  GREEN LANTERN #156  $2.25   DC  38,872

38  EXILES #19  $2.25   MAR  37,608

Judd Winnik's two comics always seem to come in right next to each other on the charts.  As much as I enjoy the playful stuff of Exiles, I can't warm to his Green Lantern work.  Oh, and if you haven't been reading Marvel books for quite a while, Exiles will be pretty damn confusing.

39  X-STATIX #5  $2.25   MAR  37,608  

The last part of the opening story, and as much as I like Paul Pope's work on comics like 100%, it was too much of a switch to have him draw the last part of the story instead of Mike Allred.  Still, a nice conclusion to a story that takes a very standard Marvel convention (the villain turns into a hero) and turns it on its head.  Highly recommended, even if you havent' read the first four parts of the story.

40  X-MEN UNLIMITED #39  $3.50   MAR  37,532

41  WEAPON X #3  $2.25   MAR  37,009

42  JLA JSA SECRET FILES #1  $4.95   DC  35,935  

A promo for the hardcover crossover.  I liked the idea of these when they started, as they were supposed to be an updated version of all of the "Encyclopedias" Marvel and DC used to do.  Now they just feel like $2 worth of filler in a $5 package.

43  THOR #56  $2.25   MAR  35,782

44  IRON MAN #61  $2.25   MAR  34,765

I just read someone else's review calling this the worst comic Marvel is putting out.  I don't agree at all, and loved the three parter that just finished up mostly because of Grell's art and how they had Iron Man so blase about Time Travel, which fits with his character in ways I hadn't thought of.  Maybe I'm blinded by Grell's past work, but I'm liking this series.  Not LOVING it, but liking it.

45  SUPERMAN #188  $2.25   DC  33,758  

On the other hand...the Superman books are boring me to tears.

46  BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS #35  $2.75   DC  33,016  

The current story is a long one involving Bane (the character that broke Batman's back in the early 90's) and how he is Batman's brother.  *clutches head*  makeitstopmakeitstopmakeitstopmakeitstopmakeitstopmakeitstop

47  HAWKMAN #9  $2.50   DC  32,950  

One of DC's better books, and it's hard to say the same thing every month, so I'll be brief.  I always hated Hawkman, and now I love the character.  HIghly recommended for super-hero fans.

48  SUPERMAN DAY OF DOOM #1 (Of 4)  $2.95   DC  32,332  

Dan Jurgens milks The Death Of Superman one more time.  You know, after a kerjillion "Doomsday" mini-series and the like, it's almost as if Jurgens was a one hit wonder who lives off his hit single for the rest of his life, like those guys who had the Macarena song...sure they have other songs, but the only thing anyone gives a damn about is "The Macarena."  And this remix of "The Death of Superman" is a waste of paper.

49  BATGIRL #34  $2.50   DC  32,160

50  PARADISE X #7 (Of 13)  $2.99   MAR  32,103

51  WOLVERINE NETSUKE #3 (Of 4)  $3.99   MAR  31,894  

I still have yet to figure out what Netsuke is supposed to mean.  Is this a Wolverine Manga series?  Is he fighting ninjas?  Is this an excuse to charge extra for a story that should be in the regular Wolverine series?  Does anyone actually care or do they buy this out of obligation?

52  BATMAN FAMILY TRACKER #1 (Of 8)  $2.95   DC  31,799  

An 8 part mini-series that will introduce a bunch of new character in the Batman books that no one will remember in a year.  Whatever happened to having new characters show up in decent stories, and if the reads liked them, they would get more appearances until finally there was enough demand for a series?  This just seems like an editor said, "Hey, you there, we need 8 new characters, whip something up by Thursday."

53  AGENT X #5  $2.25   MAR  31,695

54  NIGHTWING #75  $2.95   DC  31,352  

I normally like Devin Grayson's work, but for some reason, I am losing all interest in this series.  All the elements are there (decent writer, good artist, interesting character), but it just isn't coming together. 

55  ACTION COMICS #797  $2.25   DC  31,238

56  SUPERMAN DAY OF DOOM #2 (Of 4)  $2.95   DC  30,611

57  ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #610  $2.25   DC  30,544

58  SUPERMAN DAY OF DOOM #3 (Of 4)  $2.95   DC  30,307

59  ELEKTRA #16  $2.99   MAR  30,250

60  ELEKTRA #17  $2.99   MAR  30,202  

Greg Rucka should be getting this book to sell better, if simply because he has taken a morally offensive character and is making her not just acceptable, but showing a redemption...and doing it in a way that is entertaining to read.  Not just the "bad girl" book Marvel pitched it as, but one of the better comics being done today.  Highly recommended.

61  SUPERMAN DAY OF DOOM #4 (Of 4)  $2.95   DC  30,174

62  BATMAN FAMILY ATHENA #2 (Of 8)  $2.25   DC  29,841

63  SUPERMAN MAN OF STEEL #132  $2.25   DC  29,698

64  ALIAS #16 (MR)  $2.99   MAR  29,527  

Every month I keep thinking that this is going to start a downward spiral, since it's hard to believe that it can still be this good, and then there is an issue like this one that is better than the ones before.  A simple issue, all done in flashback, with Bendis's trademark excellent dialogue and an adult story that isn't just titillation.  Highly recommended.

65  BATMAN FAMILY BUGG & DR EXCESS #3 (Of 8)  $2.25   DC  29,470

66  EVO #1  $2.99   IMA  29,375  

I have no idea in the world.  This shows that all the good comic names are taken.

67  BATMAN FAMILY SUICIDE KING #4 (Of 8)  $2.25   DC  29,337  

What's his power, the ability to write whiny diary entries and listen to Joy Division all day?

68  BATMAN FAMILY FREEWAY #5 (Of 8)  $2.25   DC  29,232  

OK, if the best "new character" they can come up with is a guy named "Freeway", someone needs to take the creators out back, slap them around and tell them just give up and write another Batman fights Calendar Man story.

69  SPIDER-MAN LEGEND O/T SPIDER CLAN #2 (Of 5)  $2.25   MAR  28,995  

Manga Spidey.  The kids like this stuff, and anything that gets kids reading comic books is OK by me. 

70  FLASH #192  $2.25   DC  28,805  

Another book where the elements involved are OK, but the final execution leaves me cold.  Maybe it's because this is all build-up to a story that starts next issue.

71  MEKANIX #2 (Of 6)  $2.99   MAR  27,740  

20 years ago, Kitty Pryde was my age, and as a 14 year old, I thought "wow, it would be cool if a girl like that was my girlfriend."  Now, she's just starting college and is trapped in annoying mini-series like this.  At least she's aging slower than me.

72  BATMAN LEGENDS O/T DARK KNIGHT #161  $2.50   DC  27,312

73  THUNDERBOLTS #74  $2.25   MAR  27,170  

This book is getting a total revamp with issue 76, so the current annoying story device of having one story arc in odd numbered issues and a different one in even numbered issues will go away.  I really think this book should have been cancelled when the creator left, as nothing since then has really been worth reading.

74  BIRDS OF PREY #49  $2.50   DC  26,808

75  POWERS #26  $2.95   IMA  26,751  

One of the best comics ever done.  If you aren't reading it, why not?  Don't like super-heroes?  It's a cop series about a city with super-heroes, so that's no excuse.  Missed out on early issues?  Big deal, each story arc is self contained and can be read separately.  Pretty much leaves apathy and stupidity as your only reasons for not buying it, THOSE EXCUSES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  Highly Recommended.

76  MARVEL DOUBLE SHOT #1 (Of 4)  $2.99   MAR  26,238

77  CATWOMAN #13  $2.50   DC  25,620  

A very well done crime series that happens to have a woman in a costume in it.  Excellently clear art and a story that reads like a good crime novel.  I like that kind of stuff, and Recommend it for people who want something a bit off the beaten path.

78  SHANG CHI MASTER OF KUNG FU #3 (Of 4) (MR)  $2.99   MAR  25,534  

Waiting until it's collected, but I'm happy to see that the original team is doing this mini-series and it is selling so well.  In the "making money for comic stores" list, it is in the top 30, which is a success by any measure.

79  CATWOMAN #12 (RES)  $2.50   DC  25,477

80  WITCHBLADE #61  $2.99   IMA  25,126  

They still publish this?  PEOPLE STILL BUY THIS???

81  ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #3  $2.25   MAR  25,097  

Another Ron Zimmerman book that tries very hard to be funny and isn't.  I think it's part of the "U-Decide" as well that no one gives a rats ass about.

82  SOLDIER X #5  $2.25   MAR  25,012

83  SPIDER-GIRL #53  $2.25   MAR  24,907  

Staring a 6 part story that has each issue end with "The End."  Tom DeFalco is writing a very standard super-hero book that would have fit in perfectly in Marvel's entertaining but bland work of the 80's and early 90's.  I enjoy this book and think that it's good book for young teens, you know, people who don't even know they still make comic books. 

84  CAPTAIN MARVEL #3  $2.25   MAR  24,536  

Three issues in and it's already getting a bit more confusing than it's worth.  You know, I LIKE Peter David's work, but he needs to remember that every comic is someone's first, and the way continuity used to work was like a prize for people who had been reading the comic before, not a barrier to keep people out.

85  ROBIN #108  $2.25   DC  24,356  


86  STAR WARS EMPIRE #3  $2.99   DAR  24,137

87  WONDER WOMAN #187  $2.25   DC  24,013

88  SPIDER-MAN TANGLED WEB #20  $2.99   MAR  23,966  

One of the best Spider-Man stories in AGES, and that's with the Spider-Man comics being good.  This issue focuses on J. Jonah Jameson, is hilarious and a perfectly put together comic book.  Highly recommended, even if you HATE super-heroes.

89  LEGION #14  $2.50   DC  23,880

90  SOJOURN #17  $2.95   CRO  23,757  

The best-selling CrossGen comic, and I recently met someone who loves this comic line.  A college age female fantasy reader who wouldn't have read comics before.  That's why I think this company is a good addition to comics, even if I find their stuff bland and repetitive.  Not every comic has to be for everyone you know.

91  FILTH #6 (Of 13) (MR)  $2.95   DC  23,728  

Buying it as a book, just like I should have done the Invisibles, also by Grant Morrison.

92  GHOST I/T SHELL 2 MAN MACHINE INTERFACE #2 (MR)  $3.50   DAR  23,044

93  YOUNG JUSTICE #51  $2.75   DC  22,949  

Wrapping up the plot threads of the 50th issue which has a nice mix of action and humor, but too crowded for PAD's normal characterization that makes this comic worth reading.

94  GLOBAL FREQUENCY #2 (Of 12)  $2.95   DC  22,749

95  SPIDER-MAN GET KRAVEN #6 (Of 7)  $2.25   MAR  22,559  

Another Ron Zimmerman book I am ignoring.

96  KILLRAVEN #2 (Of 6)  $2.99   MAR  22,369  

I like Alan Davis, so I will pick up the trade paperback, but Killraven was so tied to Don McGregor during its first run, I don't really want to read anyone else's version.  Hey Marvel, let Don finish his story on this book and on Black Panther as well, OK?  Please?

97  TITANS #47  $2.75   DC  21,637  

Cancelled.  And with this "Aquaboy has to quit or his wife leaves him" I wonder how it has lasted as long as it has.  Tom Peyer has done great comics work.  This is not one of those works.

98  RED STAR VOL 2 #1  $2.95   ARC  21,523

99  MARVILLE #3  $2.25   MAR  21,494  

The third of the "U-Decide" books, and possibly the worst profession comic of the decade.  Anyone who buys it after the first issue has no sympathy from me.

100  GEN 13 #3  $2.95   DC  21,323

101  FABLES #7 (MR)  $2.50   DC  21,180  

Hey, look, it's one of Vertigo's Hot Hot books!  I like it, and Willingham has lasted longer as writer on this book than he stayed with anything else he's done in 20 years.  Mildly recommended, but if you aren't buying it yet, wait for the end of a story arc to start reading.

102  EDENS TRAIL #1 (Of 6)  $2.99   MAR  20,848  

Um...anyone know what it is s about other than trying out a new kind of printing?  Marvel's plan of not giving information about upcoming comics makes it hard to know if a new comic will be worth trying or not.

103  AVENGERS ICONS VISION #4 (Of 4)  $2.99   MAR  20,639

104  STAR WARS REPUBLIC #48  $2.99   DAR  20,268

105  SUPERMAN ALIENS II GODWAR #4 (Of 4)  $2.99   DAR  20,230  

Dear everyone, no one gives a flying damn about Aliens anymore, the last good movie came out 20 years ago, and the last good comic came out 10 years ago.  Thanks for listening.

106  KISS #4*  $2.99   DAR  20,201

107  CALL OF DUTY BROTHERHOOD #6 (Of 6)  $2.25   MAR  20,106  

I think this series might have worked if they had made it a serious reality based series instead of a reality based series with GHOSTS AS MAJOR PLOT POINTS. 

108  RUSE #14  $2.95   CRO  19,926

109  WARLANDS VOL 3 #1  $2.95   DRE  19,878

110  SUPERGIRL #76  $2.50   DC  19,735  

Wow.  This book is dropping like a stone, but then again, after a typical 25 issue Peter David story, I can see why new readers didn't jump on.  But #75 was a good issue, and this one was a nice tie-in to an issue of Superman that you didn't need to read anything before or after to get.  I'm still interested in what's going on, but I don't think many other fans would be.  Sorry.

111  X-MEN ICONS CHAMBER #4 (Of 4)  $2.99   MAR  19,431

112  TOMB RAIDER JOURNEYS #8 (Of 12)  $2.99   IMA  19,298

113  BLACK PANTHER #51  $2.50   MAR  19,051

114  HARLEY QUINN #26  $2.50   DC  18,671  

New creative team, and to be honest, it shows why series based on villains just don't work.  Let Harley be a supporting character again, as she's not interesting enough to carry a book by herself.

115  CALL OF DUTY PRECINCT #5 (Of 5)  $2.25   MAR  18,528

116  HELLBLAZER #178 (MR)  $2.75   DC  17,977  

A nicely done horror comic that has gotten better with a new writer.  I don't think anyone will ever make ol' JC  as interesting as he was in the late 80's, but if you are looking for a decent horror comic, this is about the best one out there.

117  WAY O/T RAT #7  $2.95   CRO  17,901

118  CALL OF DUTY WAGON #4 (Of 4)  $2.25   MAR  17,758

119  LONE WOLF 2100 #5  $2.99   DAR  17,654  

I flipped through this book, and it's as bad as I thought it would be.  Lone Wolf and Cub was a samuri drama set in the Japan of the 1800's, updating it to a crappy SF future is a waste of time.  I know the graphic novels are a big hit, but it's time to just let it go, OK?

120  WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 #4 (MR)  $2.95   DC  17,625

121  MEK #1 (Of 3)  $2.95   DC  17,549  

Mek?  Meh.

122  PATH #9  $2.95   CRO  17,482

123  STORMWATCH TEAM ACHILLES #5 (MR)  $2.95   DC  17,273

124  Y THE LAST MAN #5 (MR)  $2.95   DC  17,207  

Another book DC is calling a huge hit, that Marvel would be canceling.  Haven't read it yet, but with all the hype, I'll pick up the trade and see what all the fuss is about. 

125  100 BULLETS #40 (MR)  $2.50   DC  17,121  

I am hearing from people that when I say "I read the first few issues and didn't care" that I am missing out on a much improved book.  Again, the trade paperbacks are there, and I'll be trying them out.

126  GOTHAM GIRLS #4 (Of 5)  $2.25   DC  16,750

127  WAR STORY THE REIVERS (MR)  $4.95   DC  16,370

128  XIN LEGEND O/T MONKEY KING #1*  $2.99   HAR  16,028

129  BTVS #51 VIVA LAS BUFFY (1 Of 4)*  $2.99   DAR  16,028

130  YOUNGBLOOD BLOODSPORT #2  $2.99   ACO  15,857  

OK, this is the comic that Rob Liefeld said he finished a couple of years ago and was just waiting to release...and the first issue isn't out yet, this issue isn't out yet.  Why do we make fun of Liefeld?  Crap like this.  Rob, I hear Burger King is hiring, but you might lose that job too, since you would have to actually show up and do something, and YOU CAN'T SEEM TO DO THAT IN COMICS.

131  SPECTRE #23  $2.75   DC  15,724  

I like this book a lot.  It's cancelled.  If you pick up this issue there is so much back story you'd be lost.  I still like it, though.

132  SCION #30  $2.95   CRO  15,372

133  DOOM PATROL #14  $2.50   DC  14,811  

I like this book and am really kind of amazed DC is sticking with it with sales this low.  It's weird, but not Grant Morrison weird, and is basically a Robotman series with the rest of the Doom Patrol as supporting characters.  Watch for the artist to get a hot series in the next couple of years, and these issues becoming hard to find.  Mildly recommended for people who like odd stuff.

134  JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES #13  $2.25   DC  14,659

135  SIMPSONS COMICS #76  $2.50   BON  14,535  

Month in, month out, a highly entertaining comic and lots of fun for Simpsons fans.  Highly recommended and I wish more licensed books were half as good as this one.

136  POWER COMPANY #10  $2.75   DC  14,383

137  BONE #51  $2.95   CAR  14,288  

Do you get the feeling that Jeff Smith is just kind of marking time now, and really didn't want to come back to comics after working in animation for a year or two?  I do when I read this once excellent and now very draggy comic.

138  LUCIFER #32 (MR)  $2.50   DC  14,193

139  AZRAEL AGENT O/T BAT #96  $2.95   DC  14,136  

4 issues to go.  Does ANYONE still read this comic?  Remember when Denny O'Neill's name meant it would be a good comic?  OK, except for the crap he wrote while at Marvel...and a lot of his work at DC in the 70's...and most of his stuff in the 90's...OK, he's had a few good comics, though, hasn't he?  Other than Greeen Lantern/Green Arrow and The Questions, right?  Anyone?

140  BEAUTIFUL KILLER #3 (Of 3)  $2.99   BLA  14,098


142  ROUTE 666 #6  $2.95   CRO  13,642

143  LADY DEATH  EVIL ERNIE #1  $3.50   CHA  13,461  

Not coming out due to company bankruptcy.  I wouldn't have bought it anyway.

144  FIRST #25 (Net)  $1.48   CRO  13,147

145  NEGATION #12  $2.95   CRO  13,033

146  CRUX #20  $2.95   CRO  13,005

147  MYSTIC #30  $2.95   CRO  12,976

148  SIGIL #30  $2.95   CRO  12,663

149  MERIDIAN #30  $2.95   CRO  12,435  

Looks like most of the CrossGen stuff has stabilized at around the 12,000 copy level.  If that's enough for them to survive with trade paperback sales, good for them, but I would think that their overhead would make these books unprofitable.  Oh, and like I said above, they aren't my cuppa tea, but if you like fantasy novels, you'll prolly like these comics, and the art is very well done and nicely reproduced.

150  HUNTER AGE OF MAGIC #17 (MR)  $2.75   DC  12,273

151  SAVAGE DRAGON #105  $2.95   IMA  12,197

152  HELLSPAWN #19  $2.50   IMA  12,140  

Has an issue of this come out in the past 3 years?  If it did, did anyone care?  Mr. McFarlane, I think your 15 minutes are up, please either start drawing comics again or just leave us all alone.

153  STRANGERS IN PARADISE VOL III #55  $2.95   ABS  11,969

154  ZERO GIRL FULL CIRCLE #1 (Of 5) (MR)  $2.95   DC  11,883  

The first Zero Girl mini-series was very typical Sam Keith weirdness that I have loved since The Maxx, but the ending just didn't work for me.  Maybe with this sequel, he'll fix that.  But, unlike last time, I'll have the patience to buy it as a collected trade.


Is this where she finally takes her top off?  Because I don't think anyone gives a damn about anything else involving Lara Croft anymore, and in most fanboys' minds, a topless Lara Croft would be the greatest treasure of all.  Want proof?  I got over 25 hits last month for people on Google looking for "Lara Croft Naked" or some variation thereof.

156  BATMAN GOTHAM ADVENTURES #56  $2.25   DC  11,683

157  BART SIMPSON COMICS #10  $2.50   BON  11,465  

This is exactly how NOT to do a licensed comic.  Each issue is filled with wacky stories that put the Simpsons characters in silly, contrived "parodies" of other comics or TV shows.  Love the main Simpsons book, avoid this one like it's infected.  You should too.

158  FUTURAMA COMICS #10  $2.50   BON  11,275  

With the series not producing any new episodes and just burning off the ones they have had left over from the past three years, soon this will be your only source for new Futurama stories.  It's a shame because it's a great TV series, but the comic sis just as good and just as entertaining.  A TV spin-off that's worth buying and highly recommended.

159  GRENDEL RED WHITE & BLACK #3 (Of 4) (MR)  $4.99   DAR  10,999  

Just like last month, I can't give an objective review.  The last Grendle mini-series was the best collection of comics short stories I have read since the glory days of RAW.  And I have a Grendle, it's highly recommended and since it's all short stories, you don't need any back story to pick it up and try it on for size.

160  21 DOWN #3  $2.95   DC  10,856

161  FATE O/T BLADE #4 (MR)  $2.95   DRE  10,847

162  LIMBO CITY #3  $2.95   DRE  10,628

163  VIOLENT MESSIAHS LAMENTING PAIN #2 (Of 4)*  $2.95   IMA  10,448

164  KABUKI GHOST PLAY  $2.95   IMA  10,419

165  B-SIDES #3 (Of 3)  $2.99   MAR  10,219  

I still haven't seen the first issue of this.  Did Marvel even print it with orders this low?

166  TECH JACKET #1  $2.95   IMA  10,096

167  AMERICAN CENTURY #20 (MR)  $2.75   DC  10,039  

Howard Chaykin's book is now limping along both in sales and story-wise.  The first year was a GREAT book filled with action, tight plotting and Chaykin style art, and now the art is more sketchy and the stories don't grab me anymore.   Maybe it should have been a 12 issue limited series.

168  SHONEN JUMP VOL 1 #1  $4.95   VIZ  10,010  

This is the new Japanese anthology coming to the US, this one with Dragonball Z and the like...and this is an AMAZINGLY high debut for a manga book.  I'm not who it is aimed at, but I would think that for most kids $5 a week is a bit steep.  But who knows, hopefully it will bring in new fans.

169  FOREVER MAELSTROM #1 (Of 6)  $2.95   DC  9,944  

There are a LOT of mini-series from either Vertigo or Wildstorm on the list this month, all down around this sales level

170  VAMPIRELLA #15 REG ED  $2.99   HAR  9,944

171  ATHENA INC AGENTS ROSTER #1  $5.95   IMA  9,877

172  AUTOMATIC KAFKA #5 (MR)  $2.95   DC  9,811

173  ARKANIUM #3  $2.95   DRE  9,792

174  TAROT WITCH O/T BLACK ROSE #17  $2.95   BRO  9,640

175  VERTIGO POP LONDON #1 (Of 4) (MR)  $2.95   DC  9,269

176  POINT BLANK #4 (Of 5) (MR)  $2.95   DC  9,164

177  MIDNIGHT MASS #8 (Of 8) (MR)  $2.50   DC  9,126

178  BLACK SUN #3 (MR)  $2.95   DC  9,022

179  POWERPUFF GIRLS #32  $2.25   DC  8,974  

This comic is actually going up in sales, slowly.  When I started going over sales figures for the site, it was down around the Archie level, and now it's up here.  Imagine how well it would sell outside of comic shops?

180  FIGHT FOR TOMORROW #3 (Of 6) (MR)  $2.50   DC  8,794

181  DEFIANCE #5  $2.95   IMA  8,784

182  NOBLE CAUSES FAMILY SECRETS #2*  $2.95   IMA  8,736

183  PURGATORI SANCTIFIED #1  $2.99   CHA  8,727

184  RESISTANCE #3  $2.95   DC  8,508

185  LAB RATS #8  $2.50   DC  8,375  

Last issue.  Remember when a John Byrne book would sell?  It was about the same time he gave a damn about his work and wasn't just hacking it out to fill 24 pages a month with his hastily rendered figures in overly padded stories. 

186  MUTANT EARTH #4*  $2.95   IMA  8,195

187  USAGI YOJIMBO #62  $2.99   DAR  7,643

188  QUEEN & COUNTRY DECLASSIFIED #1 (Of 3) (MR)  $2.95   ONI  7,643  

A new mini-series by Greg Rucka, who has done great work on comics like Detective and Elektra.  His Queen and Country series is a hard boiled spy series and should sell better.  And you guessed it, I'm buying this when it is collected in book form.


190  OH MY GODDESS #92 TRAVELER (2 Of 5)  $2.99   DAR  7,539

191  KNIGHTS O/T DINNER TABLE #73  $3.99   KZR  7,291  

Love this comic.  First off, it's a 100 page book about half comics and half gaming articles, but even if you haven't gamed in years, the stories are funny and overcome some of the worst art in comics.  Highly Recommended for RPGamers and people who know them.

192  BLADE O/T IMMORTAL #73 FALL FROST (1 Of 6)  $2.99   DAR  6,797

193  CEREBUS #284  $2.25   AAR  6,455  

16 issues left, and flipping through, I see that Sim is doing a story with a Woody Allen character.  Never mind that no one has seen a Woody Allen movie in the past decade.

194  GUARDIAN ANGEL #4  $2.95   IMA  6,417

195  MAGE KNIGHT STOLEN DESTINY #2 (Of 5)  $3.50   IDW  6,170

196  SCOOBY-DOO #66  $2.25   DC  6,122

197  SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #117  $2.19   ARC  5,904

198  LOVE & ROCKETS VOL 2 #6 (MR)  $3.95   FAN  5,694  

In the 80's this was the one comic people would point to as "This is pure quality".  So, I picked up the first 8 collections and have yet to make it through the first one.  Maybe it got a lot better, but I just didn't much care for it.  Sorry.

199  PARADIGM #3  $3.50   IMA  5,542

200  SUPER MANGA BLAST #27 (MR)  $5.99   DAR  5,409  

The only manga anotholgy I still read, mostly for the Brilliant "What's Michael" strip, but 3 by 3 Eyes is also incredibly well done.  Highly recommended for manga fans and people who want to see what all the fuss is about.

201  DRAGONBALL PART 5 #6 (Of 7)  $2.95   VIZ  5,248

202  BIG DADDY DANGER #4 (Of 9)  $2.95   DC  5,038  

Yow!  This has to be the worst selling DC comic not about a cartoon series EVER.  It continues the time-honored tradition of comics jumping on a fad long after people have lost interest, this time, Pro Wrassling.  And Pro Wrasslin comics didn't sell well even when wrasslin was hot, and the real wrasslers were licensed.

203  CANNON GOD EXAXXION STAGE 2 (3 Of 5) #11 (MR)  $3.50   DAR  5,019

204  RANMA 1/2 PART 11 #9 (Of 11)  $2.95   VIZ  4,934

Still going, still funny, still recommended for anime fans who like light comedy.

205  WARREN ELLIS SCARS #1 (MR)  $3.50   AVA  4,915


207  SHI ILLUSTRATED WARRIOR #5 (Of 7)  $2.99   CRU  4,753  

After about 5 years of nothing but pin-up books, this once hot comic comes back and no one cares.  Just a reminder to comics creators, keep your work in front of people or you end up down here in the sales basement. 

208  BATTLE ANGEL ALITA LAST ORDER PART 1 #3  $2.95   VIZ  4,715

209  NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #100*  $4.95   ANT  4,668

210  EVIL ERNIE MANHATTAN DEATH TRIP #1 (MR)  $3.50   CHA  4,601

211  DORK TOWER LOTR SPECIAL  $2.99   DOR  4,468

212  TERRY MOORES PARADISE TOO #11  $2.95   ABS  4,459

213  DUNGEONS & DRAGONS BLACK & WHITE #5 (Of 6)  $2.99   KZR  4,440

214  GOLD DIGGER #37  $2.99   ANT  4,202

215  10TH MUSE #3*  $3.50   AVA  4,145  

The comic based on Reno Mero who was "Sable" in the WWF, back before the women wrestlers had to know how to wrestle.  You know, Mr. T knew more about wrestling than Sable did.  I wonder if she thinks back on her demands for a higher salary or she would quit as she asks people if they want fries with that and staring longingly at pictures of Anna Nichole and envies her career.

216  ALL NEW TENCHI MUYO PART 2 #2 (Of 5)  $2.95   VIZ  3,955

217  PUBO #1 (Of 3)  $3.50   DAR  3,945 this the worst titled comic of the month?  I'll tell you what, the images that pop into my head when I hear this title are pretty damn sick.

218  CARDCAPTOR SAKURA #34  $2.99   TKP  3,755

219  INU YASHA PART 7 #4 (Of 8)  $2.95   VIZ  3,451

220  AGE OF BRONZE #15  $3.50   IMA  3,441

221  KODT ILLUSTRATED #16  $2.99   KZR  3,441

222  EVERYTHING CAN BE BEATEN (O/A) (MR)  $3.95   SLA  3,413

223  LADY DEATH  EVIL ERNIE PREMIUM ED #1  $9.99   CHA  3,403  

La la la, Chaos went away and their books are still listed because Diamond is too lazy to pull them... 

224  LOONEY TUNES #96  $2.25   DC  3,346

225  ARCHIE #530  $2.19   ARC  3,318

226  TICK BIG XMAS TRILOGY #1  $3.95   NEW  3,156

227  LADY DEATH  EVIL ERNIE FOIL EDITION #1  $20.00   CHA  3,156

228  TICK BIG XMAS TRILOGY #2  $3.95   NEW  3,147

229  TICK BIG XMAS TRILOGY #3  $3.95   NEW  3,118

230  DAVE DORMANS WASTED LANDS #0  $2.95   ROL  3,090


A nice little trifle of a comic that comes along with a new issue every year or so.  Oddly, when I read this book, the only thing that pops into my head is, "I'm sure that everyone involved is pitching this stuff to an animation studio."

232  BETTY & VERONICA #182  $2.19   ARC  2,995

233  DOGWITCH #2 (MR)  $2.95   SIR  2,918  

I don't know if this is furry porn or just the dumbest idea for a comic in the past few years.  Either way, it's got the worst title of any comic on this list.


Remember, if Warren Ellis's name is in the title, pass on buying it.  It's just the law.

235  KODT EVERKNIGHTS #3  $2.99   KZR  2,861

236  ENNIS & MCCREAS DICKS 2 #3 (Of 4) (MR)  $3.50   AVA  2,852

237  BLACK TIDE #3*  $3.50   AVA  2,814

238  BETTY #120  $2.19   ARC  2,785

239  NIGHTMARES & FAIRY TALES #3  $2.95   SLA  2,766  

The new series by Gloomcookie's writer/creator Serina Valentino, and is a darker mix of magic, fairy tales and horror.  In some ways it is better than Gloomcookie, due to the lack of cuteness, but is still highly recommended.

240  AP HOW TO DRAW MANGA #20  $4.95   ANT  2,766

241  CARTOON CARTOONS #14  $2.25   DC  2,747  

The characters on Cartoon Network sell thousands of other products in much higher numbers.  DC has to work on getting these books to the general public or they are just wasting paper.

242  SABRINA VOL 2 #39  $2.19   ARC  2,738

243  NODWICK #18  $2.99   DOR  2,728

244  BETTY & VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST #111  $3.59   ARC  2,709


Cancelled due to the company going under because of poor sales.  As is evidenced by this one only selling 2,700 when it was a "limited run" of around 10,000.

246  VERONICA #134  $2.19   ARC  2,681

247  METAL HURLANT #3 (MR)  $3.95   HUM  2,633  

The original name of Heavy Metal in France.  Now, does anyone read Heavy Metal anymore except stoned college students who forget to shower regularly?

248  ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST #139  $3.59   ARC  2,633

249  BASTARD #12 EMPRESS (2 Of 4) (MR)  $3.95   VIZ  2,519

250  CERES CELESTIAL LEGEND PART 4 #2 (Of 4)  $3.50   VIZ  2,500

251  KISSING CHAOS NONSTOP BEAUTY #2 (Of 4) (MR)  $2.95   ONI  2,472


Do they publish anything BUT Cavewoman pin-up books?  I haven't seen a non-pinup book for the character since the mid 90's.

253  ARCHIE & FRIENDS #65  $2.19   ARC  2,443

254  PALOOKA VILLE #16 (RES)  $4.75   DRA  2,415  

Seth is one of the most incredible talents in comics, but his books don't read well at ALL is single issues.  The current story, "Clyde Fans" is about a Canadian fan company in it waning days, fascinating to read, but frustrating due to its slow pace, and the reader wanting to go through the whole story in one sitting.  Just wait and buy them when they are collected. 


256  ALICE IN SEXLAND #7 (A)  $3.50   ERO  2,367  

Stop buying this crap.  Making kids stories into porn is just something a brain dead horny 14 year old would do...

257  ARCHIES MYSTERIES #25  $2.19   ARC  2,339

258  ARCHIE DIGEST #194  $2.39   ARC  2,244

259  JUGHEAD #148  $2.19   ARC  2,206

260  GOON #2  $2.95   ALB  2,186

261  ONE PLUS ONE #3 (Of 5) (MR)  $2.95   ONI  2,148

262  THREE DAYS IN EUROPE #1 (Of 5) (MR)  $2.95   ONI  2,129  

Oni is well known for putting out critically acclaimed comics by rising talents.  What they are not known for is publicity, as I have no clue in the world for the two books above are about or who they are by.

263  CICI MINI-SERIES #4 (Of 4) (MR)  $2.50   SPI  2,129

264  LURID #2 (MR)  $2.99   IDW  2,053

265  LAUGH DIGEST #180  $2.39   ARC  2,006

266  BIG O PART 3 #1 (Of 4)  $3.50   VIZ  1,977

267  MARC HEMPELS NAKED BRAIN #3 (Of 3)  $2.95   INS  1,920  

An incredibly funny comic from the creator of Tug and Buster.  Laugh out loud funny, and possibly the most fun I've had with a humor comic since early issues of Milk and Cheese.  Highly recommended.

268  DREAMWAVE FALL 2002 PREVIEW BOOK (O/A)  $1.00   DRE  1,901  

Want to see all the new Transformer books coming out this fall?  Really?  Then go away and leave me alone because you scare me.

269  WARREN ELLIS SCARS WRPRND #1 (MR)  $3.95   AVA  1,892

270  MILK #32 (A)  $2.99   RAD  1,844

271  YOUNG WITCHES VOL 5 LEGACY #5 (A)  $3.95   ERO  1,844

272  SPACEHACK #2 (Of 3)  $2.99   KZR  1,816  

A Knights of the Dinner Table spin-off featuring characters from someone's SF Role Playing Game.  When this stuff is taken seriously, I fall asleep.  And to be honest, when I played Role Playing Games, the SF games were always the most boring.  Of course, it could be that the person running the game had no imagination at all, but I'll just remember that SF RPGs are pretty much like roleplaying semi drivers in space.

273  AMELIA RULES #9  $2.95   REN  1,797

274  SUPERCAR #0 (Of 5)  $2.95   MIS  1,749

275  NHS SWIMSUIT SPECIAL 2002  $4.50   ANT  1,740  

*clutches head*  No...more...swimsuit...comics...  You people do know that Playboy has actual pictures for another 49 cents, right?

276  SKAGGY THE LOST #1 (Of 4) (MR)  $3.50   SLA  1,702

277  LAUGHTER O/T DAMNED #1 (MR)  $2.65   AMP  1,645  

The comic about people who actually pay to see Galliger.  Or Galliger II.

278  OCTAVIA #1  $2.95   AMR  1,626

279  LUFTWAFFE 1946 #3  $5.95   ANT  1,607

280  ZENDRA VOL 2 #5 WICKED WISH (Of 6)  $2.95   PEN  1,607  

And my wish is that I don't have to put up with the word "wicked" anymore.

281  SILENT MOBIUS PART 11 BLOOD #5 (Of 5)  $2.95   VIZ  1,597

282  JASON & ARGOBOTS #3 (Of 4)  $2.95   ONI  1,597

283  MY MONKEYS NAME IS JENNIFER #5  $2.95   SLA  1,569  

I thought the rule was that comics with monkeys in them always sold.  Guess this book needs more poo flinging.

284  PS238 #0  $2.99   DOR  1,559

285  ENNIS & MCCREAS DICKS 2 OFFENSIVE #3 (Of 4) (MR)  $3.95   AVA  1,550

286  FURRLOUGH #119  $2.99   RAD  1,502

287  SQUEE #1 (STAR14181)  $2.95   SLA  1,426

288  SEXUAL POSITIONS O/T KAMA SUTRA #1 (A)  $3.50   ERO  1,388  

OK, if you are going to buy a comic book version of this very well-known and WELL ILLUSTRATED sexual position book, you need to find out where the actual bookstore is, instead of just going to the comic shop.

289  EVIL EYE #10  $3.50   FAN  1,369

290  VAGABOND #13 (MR)  $4.95   VIZ  1,359

291  DILDO #1 (A)  $3.50   ERO  1,359

292  FINDER #29 (MR)  $2.95   LIG  1,359

293  TEENAGERS FROM MARS #4 (Of 8) (MR)  $2.99   TEE  1,359  

Aren't they all?  Of course, other than the title, I don't think there is enough of a premise here for 8 issues.  Could just be me, but after the initial joke, you're left with the same plot as 100s of crappy 60's drive-in movies.

294  FADE FROM BLUE #4 (Note Price)  $1.50   SEC  1,321

295  PROJECT ARMS PART 1 #3 (Of 16)  $3.25   VIZ  1,312

296  HEAD #3 (A)  $3.50   ERO  1,274

297  DUNGEON #3  $2.95   NBM  1,264

298  BANZAI GIRL LTD ED SKETCHBOOK  $7.95   SIR  1,264  

Banzai Girl strikes me as kind of the ultimate vanity book...she draws a comic about herself, sells special photo covers of her drawing herself and now is selling sketches she has done of herself.  Instead of calling herself Banzai Girl, she should just call her comic "Look at me!  Look at me!"

Jesus, did I used to date her?

299  OGENKI CLINIC VOL 9 #8 (A)  $2.95   ICE  1,226

300  BLUE EYES VOL 2 #1 (Of 5) (A)  $3.95   WLP  1,217

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