The Top 300 Selling Comics For January 2004

This list comes from digging through sales figures, asking too many questions and using Diamond Comics information. The snotty comments in white are mine.


Waiting for the trade, especially since the Ultimate books are written TO be collected in trades. I know that there is a creator backlash against the trade mentality, but it reminds me of stories of how people used to read novels in installments in magazines and newspapers. Comics need to EVOLVE into novels and the like. It's not like we read the new John Grisham novel by reading chapters in the newspapers every Saturday, do we?

2 NEW X-MEN #151 $2.25 MAR 124,012
3 NEW X-MEN #152 $2.25 MAR 118,099

It's too bad that Grant Morrison's last story arc on X-Men is being marred by Marc Silvestri's bland, poorly done art. Silvestri is unable to draw faces, and his layout is unnecessarily "busy" getting in the way of the story more often than not. Morrison's story jumps from the future to the present, showing how the Marvel Universe would end up if he was writing it, and is a fascinating look at a possible fictional future, unlike the standard dystopia, there are a LOT over elements that you nod your head and say, "Of course, it would have to be like that."

4 MARVEL 1602 #6 (Of 8) $3.50 MAR 109,132
5 WOLVERINE END #2 (Of 6) $2.99 MAR 100,111
6 ULTIMATE X-MEN #41 $2.25 MAR 99,532

I didn't care for this comic before Bendis started on it, but now I have grown to like it. Thankfully, the comic has been stripped of all the confusing and just plain odd changes made to the characters and is now a nice alternative version of the X-Men. Highly recommended, and probably a good book for the movie fans to pick up.

7 ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #52 $2.25 MAR 95,854

A great issue, as always. Quick pacing, a Spider-Man who is both likable and easy to identify with and great art by Bagley. Bagley will never be considered a "fan favorite" because his style isn't flashy, but he tells the story incredibly well and makes all of the characters LOOK their age, a huge flaw in most comics about teenagers. Highly recommended.

8 ULTIMATE SIX #6 (Of 7) $2.25 MAR 94,189
9 UNCANNY X-MEN #437 $2.25 MAR 89,897

Having suffered through two really painful story arcs (Nightcrawler's dad is Satan and She Hulk sleeps with Juggernaut) I have dropped this book. This makes it the second time I have quit reading Uncanny because of extremely stupid writing.

10 BATMAN #623 $2.25 DC 89,051

I really like the current arc, but the "100 Bullets" team. While it's not as flashy and fangeek friendly as the Jim Lee stuff, I can tell what is going on, and the people look like actual human beings. The story itself is the kind of dark crime noir that I enjoy, so this one gets to be highly recommended.

11 UNCANNY X-MEN #438 $2.25 MAR 88,490
12 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #503 (#62) $2.25 MAR 87,341

The run after #500 hasn't been one that I have liked very much. Spider-Man is best dealing with his personal problems and street level thugs, not Big Mystic Events, and Norse Gods, which is what he HAS been dealing with for too long, in my mind. Its not that they are bad stories, just that they don't seem like Spider-Man stories.

13 WOLVERINE #10 $2.25 MAR 71,374

Another great story by Greg Rucka, who seems to be the only writer who can do decent Wolverine stories anymore. This issue deals with Logan finding the head of a dangerous immigrant smuggling ring and gives him a powerful ethical dilemma, one which shows the old writer's rule of "put characters in situation where they have to make decisions." Highly recommended.

14 TEEN TITANS #7 $2.50 DC 68,142

Still a hit, even though it seems like a very average super-team book. But, it shows there is a hunger for super-team books that are at least done at a competent level.

15 SUPREME POWER #6 (MR) $2.99 MAR 67,340

The Dr. Octopus story currently running is one of the better super-villain stories that Paul Jenkins has written, seeing as how his skills tend more toward the personal rather than the super-hero stuff. The art, however, still presents a problem to me, and it seems like it is no longer exaggerating for emphasis but for its own sake.

17 JLA #92 $2.25 DC 58,008
18 X-TREME X-MEN #39 (Note Price) $3.50 MAR 57,723

The last part of the Horrid Storm mini-series. When I read things like this, I wonder if Chris Claremont even think about the plots he turns in anymore.

19 DAREDEVIL #56 $2.99 MAR 56,351

The return of Brian Bendis to the writing of this comic, and while the David Mack issues were a nice experimental story, Bendis is doing things in this comic that just make you shake your head and wonder if anyone will catch up to him. It's just that damn good. Highly recommended.

20 THE PUNISHER #1 (MR) $2.99 MAR 56,334

First issue of the new era, and I'm a little surprised that I like it so much. Ennis is done with the "black humor" of the previous series (which I loved) and is doing a straight adventure comic here, which could work just as well in any other medium. The good thing about Ennis is that while he can do great humor, his more serious work is just as good. Highly recommended.

21 X-TREME X-MEN #40 $2.99 MAR 55,034
22 SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED #1 $2.99 MAR 53,413

I like this comic. Short stories by different creators, some of which haven't worked in comics before. But then, I have liked this kind of comic every time Marvel has tried it, even though it never EVER succeeds. Highly recommended.

23 FANTASTIC FOUR #509 (#80) $2.25 MAR 50,260

So, Ben Grimm (the Thing) hovers between life and death, and Reed Richards decides to go to Heaven to get him back, just as if he were going to go to any other of the "scientific realms" he has gone to. A shocking idea for a comic book, and I will be really interested to see where this goes, since Mark Waid is a creator who CAN pull off the very unlikely. This is one of the few Marvel books that evokes the old style and feel of a Stan Lee comic without slavishly imitating one. Highly recommended.

24 THE PUNISHER #2 (MR) $2.99 MAR 49,183
25 INCREDIBLE HULK #65 $2.25 MAR 49,049

The Bruce Jones style of storytelling is starting to get a little slow, and I don't like the idea that they have brought back a character from the dead who was a MAJOR death in the comic. Still, it is one of Marvel's more interesting comics, and they haven't gone back to "Hulk Smash", so I'll stay along for the ride.

26 INCREDIBLE HULK #66 $2.25 MAR 48,560
27 TRANSFORMERS/GI JOE #5 (Of 6) $2.95 DRE 47,544

Still falling down the sales charts. I'll be a happy man when all of these 80's nostalgia comics fall by the wayside. Why? They are about TOYS THAT CAME OUT 20 YEARS AGO. When all you have to sell is nostalgia, you are on borrowed time, and these aren't even nostalgia for old COMICS.

28 HULK GRAY #5 (Of 6) $3.50 MAR 45,193

Like the other Loeb/Sale collaborations, I'm waiting until it is collected in a trade, as they read better that way.

29 OUTSIDERS #8 $2.50 DC 45,131

The companion book to Teen Titans, and I don't care for it as much. The storylines are already feeling a bit endless, and it's more soap opera than super-hero team...and the super-hero part of the comic is very weak, like most of Judd Winnick's super-hero stuff.

30 JSA #56 $2.50 DC 44,713
31 JSA #57 $2.50 DC 43,982

Not only is this my favorite DC comic, but now it is in the middle of a VERY well done crossover with Hawkman. Expertly plotted, and like most JSA stories, it feels important as you read it. Highly recommended.

32 CAPTAIN AMERICA #22 $2.99 MAR 41,266

Odd in that I like the Bachalo art, but the story is a bit of a muddle. Maybe it will clear up later, but the Marvel Knights Captain America book just hasn't had a very good batting average.

33 WONDER WOMAN #200 (Note Price) $3.95 DC 38,007
34 EXILES #40 $2.99 MAR 37,277
35 EXILES #41 $2.99 MAR 37,072

A comic for hard core Marvel fans, but if you can get past the fact that it is about a team of people from different universes, hopping from messed up universe to messed up universe, it's actually a fairly solid super-team comic. Judd Winnick has left, and Chuck Dixon is working on the comic, but this is the one book where he shows that he CAN write good comics. It's too bad he doesn't put this much ability into his other assignments, because if you can get past the premise, this is a recommended comic.

36 SUPERMAN BIRTHRIGHT #6 (Of 12) $2.95 DC 36,831
37 SUPERMAN #201 $2.25 DC 35,986

As DC revamps the Superman comics, this has art that is a LOT like Michael Turner, and a story featuring a Wildstorm version of Superman. It's not BAD, just feels like it was a comic from 7 years ago. Still, at least they are trying something with the moribund Superman line.

38 GREEN ARROW #34 $2.50 DC 35,986

After a number of very bland issues, the current storyline featuring the Riddler isn't half bad. It's still not as good as the Kevin Smith stuff, but it's not bad enough to drop the comic.

39 EMMA FROST #7 $2.50 MAR 35,807
40 WANTED #2 (Of 6) (MR) $2.99 IMA 35,745
41 DETECTIVE COMICS #790 $2.75 DC 35,505
42 HAWKMAN #23 $2.50 DC 35,140

The other part of the JSA crossover, and the last storyline by the creative team, and they are going out with a bang. Hawkman is not a character I have much cared for, but this creative team got me to like him, and this last story is their best work on the book (even if it just reads like an issue of JSA with a Hawkman cover on it) Highly recommended for super-hero fans.

43 MYSTIQUE #9 $2.99 MAR 34,579
44 HAWKMAN #24 $2.50 DC 34,463

Remember a year ago when this was selling over 150,000 copies, and the publisher was talking about introducing a bunch of comics based on their massive sales. They are now selling 1/5th the number of copies, which shows that basing your whole publishing strategy on nostalgia is long term loser.

46 ACTION COMICS #811 $2.25 DC 33,920
47 FLASH #206 $2.25 DC 33,367

The last part of the "post 200" storyline, setting up a new status quo (giving Flash a secret identity and a non-superhero job), and while I don't care for HOW it was done, I'm willing to give it a chance. It has also become a very dark themed comic, which is in opposition to the style Mark Waid had on the comic, where bad things would happen, but the end of the story would brighten things...and I don't like the new harder edged, darker villains. But that's a preference of mine, and the comic is a solidly average super-hero book.

48 THANOS #4 $2.99 MAR 32,993
49 THANOS #5 $2.99 MAR 32,432

Nostalgia fest, for people who think that comics were never better than in the 70's.

50 MYSTIQUE #10 $2.99 MAR 32,361
51 VENOM #10 (Note Price) $2.99 MAR 31,586
52 ADVS O/SUPERMAN #624 $2.25 DC 31,462
53 GI JOE #26 $2.95 DEV 31,417
54 THOR #73 $2.99 MAR 31,141
55 SILVER SURFER #5 $2.25 MAR 31,052
56 DC NEW FRONTIER #1 (Of 6) $6.95 DC 30,527

A new mini-series that focuses on DC's Silver Age...again. I'm just wondering how many times DC can go back and re-tell these stories before there are NO new ways to tell them.

57 TRANSFORMERS ENERGON #19 $2.95 DRE 30,268
58 IRON MAN #76 $2.99 MAR 30,197

And in this story about Tony Stark being up for Secretary of Defense, I keep thinking that by the time they actually get started dealing with the ramification, they'll have to change the President he works for. EVEN IF BUSH IS RE-ELECTED.

59 GREEN LANTERN #173 $2.25 DC 30,099
60 BIRDS O/PREY #63 $2.50 DC 29,725
61 NIGHTWING #89 $2.25 DC 28,835
62 BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS #49 $2.75 DC 27,419

The Last Bane Story, or so they say. It wasn't all that great, but I think it is a good idea to retire this character for a while, since every time he shows up, they make massive changes to why he is a menace (or ally) to Batman.

63 WEAPON X #16 $2.99 MAR 27,009
65 WEAPON X #17 $2.99 MAR 26,439
66 ROBIN #122 $2.25 DC 26,413

Up almost 40 places since the new creative team took over, and while the stories are better, they STILL run into the problem of giving Robin mystic villains to fight. I wish they would just stick with the kind of villains that work best with Batman, normal criminals who have personality quirks rather than mystic masks that devour life forces and such.

67 BATMAN DEATH & MAIDENS #6 (Of 9) $2.95 DC 26,404
68 Y THE LAST MAN #18 (MR) $2.95 DC 26,341

The highest selling Vertigo book, and also a big hit in the trade paperbacks (which is how I read it). It also has a strong premise and a solid creative team, so its good to see this kind of work doing well.

69 SUPERMAN SECRET IDENTITY #1 (Of 4) $5.95 DC 25,754
70 BATGIRL #48 $2.50 DC 25,718
71 POWERS #36 (MR) $2.95 IMA 25,433

Highly recommended as they continue to tell the back story of the main character. What started as a police procedural in a super-hero world is becoming a unique way of looking as super-heroes, kind of like a darker version of "Astro City" with Bendis's expert dialogued and solid art, this is a top notch book, even if you don't like super-hero comics.

72 SPIDER-MAN/DOC OCTOPUS OUT O/REACH #3 (Of 5) $2.99 MAR 25,388
73 FABLES #21 (MR) $2.50 DC 25,326
74 X-STATIX #18 $2.99 MAR 25,246

The last part of what would have been the Princess Diana storyline, and I'm kind of glad this story is over, since it hasn't been up to the normally high standards of the comic. A super-hero team that is more of a group of media stars, stories that strattle the edge between satire and adventure and an art style the at once distances you and pulls you in make this a highly recommended comic.

75 GI JOE COBRA REBORN $4.95 DEV 25,219
76 CATWOMAN #27 $2.50 DC 25,023

The Gulacy art is not as good as his 70's work, or much of his more recent mini-series, but since he has to put out the comic on a monthly basis, I would imagine he's having to cut a few corners. Still, the crime noir plots and Gulacy's photo style artwork is solid and this book is mildly recommended.

77 LEGION #29 $2.50 DC 24,908

Every Legion team wants to do their Darkseid story, and this is the one for the current creative team, with a lot of plot elements from the classic "Great Darkness Saga" and a whole lot of time travel make this a little above average, but still for Legion fans only.

78 BATMAN LEGENDS O/T DARK KNIGHT #175 $2.50 DC 24,195
79 STAR WARS INFINITIES ROTJ #2 (Of 4) $2.99 DAR 24,017
80 CAPTAIN MARVEL #18 $2.99 MAR 23,011
81 CAPTAIN MARVEL #19 $2.99 MAR 22,824

This comic by Peter David is very frustrating, since there are good ideas in the comic, but they tend to get shoved out of the way by the endless subplots (Cap was "insane" for almost 2 years) and lack of resolution. Sadly, it means that this comic is for hard core Peter David fans only.

82 AUTHORITY VOL 2 #9 (MR) $2.95 DC 22,797
83 PLASTIC MAN #2 $2.95 DC 22,681

A undiscovered gem, right here. Kyle Baker's art is a JOY to read, and the comic is fun in a way that few comics get to be fun. Silly plots, lots of visual gags, and an all out attempt to just tell funny stories means that this is one of the best versions of this character to see print, and prolly the best one since Jack Cole created the character in the 40's. Highly recommended.

84 SOJOURN #31 $2.95 CRO 22,548
85 AQUAMAN #14 $2.50 DC 21,675
86 ELEKTRA #31 $2.99 MAR 21,230
87 ELEKTRA #32 $2.99 MAR 21,176

The current creative team has given the comic a feel like no other comic on the stands, as Elektra is an amoral character in a world that resembles an action/adventure novel more than a comic book. No costumed villains, just solid plotting and strong art. The only problem is a feeling of "sameness" to each of the story arc, due to the fact that they aren't really creating unique enough antagonists. Until they do that, this comic is just mildly recommended.

88 SPIDER-GIRL #68 $2.99 MAR 20,544

Another nostalgia fest from Marvel, this time for the kind of comics Marvel put out in the 80's, with soap opera subplots, lots of costumed villains and the old Stan Lee "Illusion of change". The comic is fun, in an old school kind of way, and is recommended for younger readers and people who want to wallow in the past.

90 HAWKEYE #4 $2.99 MAR 20,464

I SO wanted to like this comic, as Hawkeye is one of the Marvel Characters I think could carry a series but no one has tried. This series is just a mess. BAD art, and a meandering story that has taken 4 issues to get him into his costume, it feels like an older author trying to do the Bendis pacing, without understanding how it works. Avoid.

91 SPIDER-GIRL #69 $2.99 MAR 20,384
92 STAR WARS REPUBLIC #60 $2.99 DAR 20,197
93 RUNAWAYS #10 $2.99 MAR 20,108

One of my favorite Marvel books, telling the story of a group of teenagers who find out their parents are super-villains as they discover they too have powers. One of the few comics featuring teenage character who ACT like teenagers, and a interesting premise make this highly recommended.

94 ARROWSMITH #5 (Of 6) $2.95 DC 20,090
95 STAR WARS EMPIRE #16 LAST MAN (1 Of 3) $2.99 DAR 19,885
96 TOMB RAIDER #36 $2.99 IMA 19,547
97 BATMAN CITY O/LIGHT #4 (Of 8) $2.95 DC 18,781
98 TEEN TITANS GO #3 $2.25 DC 18,264
99 LIBERTY MEADOWS #35 $2.95 IMA 18,157

Also recommended, as this is a new version of the newspaper strip (which ended because the artist was tired of dealing with the restrictions of being in newspapers). It's a unique strip in that the art is incredibly good and suffered from being reduced, and is also VERY funny. If more newspaper strips were this good, people would give a damn about them again. Highly recommended.

100 GLOBAL FREQUENCY #11 (Of 12) $2.95 DC 17,730
101 GOTHAM CENTRAL #15 $2.50 DC 17,596

Another of those comics that Internet fans love, and most comics fans don't go near for some reason. I think it is the best of the Batman related comics, as it deals with the police who work in Gotham City, and this is part of a Joker Story which shows just how normal people react to the Joker during one of his battles with Batman. Drawn in a dark, moody style, it is highly recommended.

102 NAMOR #11 $2.99 MAR 17,401
103 ROSE & THORN #2 (Of 6) $2.95 DC 17,027
104 KISS KISS BANG BANG #1 $2.95 CRO 16,474
105 HUMAN TORCH #9 $2.99 MAR 16,163

Canceled with issue 12, and with the current story, I just have to wonder why Karl Kesel got it so wrong. His first story arc showed a great understanding of the character, but this story arc just seems silly. Too bad, since the Human Torch was my favorite character when I was just starting to read comics, and I'll always have a fondness for ol' Johnny Storm.

106 HULK NIGHTMERICA #5 (Of 6) (RES) $2.99 MAR 16,154
107 ROBOTECH INVASION #1 (Of 5) $2.95 DC 16,109
108 FREAKS O/T HEARTLAND #1 $2.99 DAR 15,851
109 SENTINEL #11 $2.99 MAR 15,744

Canceled with issue 12. Looks like those Tsunami comics just didn't make much of a wave, did they? Bwa-ha-ha! Oh come on, YOU try making jokes about this stuff and see how well YOU do.

110 SMALLVILLE #6 $3.95 DC 15,281
111 HELLBLAZER #192 (MR) $2.75 DC 15,094
112 ULTIMATE ADVS #6 $2.99 MAR 15,014

The last of the "U-Decide" books, over a year late, and I doubt anyone can tell you what this one was about. Another publicity stunt gone awry at Marvel.

113 TALES O/T VAMPIRES #2 $2.99 DAR 14,791
114 HERO #12 $2.50 DC 14,631

Highly recommended! A series that is also a bit of an anthology, as the old "Dial H For Hero" dial has been updated, and is now a dial that makes the bearer a super-hero...and deals with what happens to their life when it happens. Going from humor to tragedy and everything in-between, this is one of the more inventive series by DC, and each story arc has been incredibly well-written. Try a few issues and you'll be hooked as well.

115 VOLTRON VOL 2 #1* $2.95 DEV 14,560
116 COMMON GROUNDS #1 (Of 6) $2.99 IMA 13,812

A new series by the writer of the self-published (and only available by mail order) Holy Crullers series, which is set in a chain of doughnut shops that cater to super heroes. An odd premise, but it allows the writer to do "slice of life' super hero stories, much like Astro City. A nice change of pace, and recommended for super-hero fans.

117 WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 #18 (MR) $2.95 DC 13,465
118 LUCIFER #46 (MR) $2.50 DC 13,064
119 SIMPSONS COMICS #90 $2.99 BON 12,903

I say it every month, and this month is no different. This comic is as good as the TV show, and in some weeks it is better. A must read for Simpsons fans.

120 TWO STEP #2 (Of 3) (MR) $2.95 DC 12,886
121 BATMAN ADVS #10 $2.25 DC 12,877

That is prolly the worst name for a story that I can possibly imagine. I read the comic (and it's a solid little horror/mystery tale) and still have NO IDEA IN THE WORLD WHY IT IS CALLED THAT. I would also imagine that there are a lot of unsold copies on the stands as people looked at the title and went, "What the flaming blue hell is THAT?!?!?"

123 JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVS #27 $2.25 DC 12,325
124 WAY O/T RAT #21 $2.95 CRO 12,120
125 FALLEN ANGEL #7 (MR) $2.50 DC 12,040

This is the comic that shows that Peter David IS still a good writer. None of the endless subplots, none of the in-jokes or undercutting the drama, just a straight ahead premise of a mysterious main character in a very dark part of the DC universe. The art is also some of the best at DC, and this comic is actually highly recommended.

126 BRATH #11 $2.95 CRO 11,995
127 LOSERS #8 (MR) $2.95 DC 11,692
128 SUPERMAN METROPOLIS #12 (Of 12) $2.95 DC 11,666

Less than 12,000 copies. And this is the guy who is taking over one of the Superman books to lift sales. I don't know how to break it to DC but...

129 NEGATION #26 $2.95 CRO 10,953
130 MARK MILLARS UNFUNNIES #1 (MR)* $3.50 AVA 10,713

An adults only version of funny animals. This might be a great idea if Squeak the Mouse hadn't done the same thing 20 years ago. Or even if Itchy and Scratchy hadn't shown the cruelty and violence of the funny animal genre in an over-the-top satiric way. Or R. Crumb's Fritz the Cat's deconstruction of the entire genre in the 60's. But hey, you go, folks.

132 LONE WOLF 2100 #11 $2.99 DAR 10,704
133 CRIMSON DYNAMO #5 $2.50 MAR 10,677

The only Epic comic that will get to be concluded. And it was pretty bland stuff with passable art. The Epic Anthology from last month showed that there WERE some good things coming from Epic before it was shut down, but this was just more of the same.

134 STORMWATCH TEAM ACHILLES #19 (MR) $2.95 DC 10,579
135 TAROT WITCH O/T BLACK ROSE #24 (MR) $2.95 BRO 10,383
136 HUMAN TARGET #6 (MR) $2.95 DC 10,223

You might look at this and say, "Wow, I thought this comic was a hit" and wonder why it only sold 10,000 copies. It's a hit because these are REORDERS, and that makes this a pretty huge success. As long as Marvel doesn't flood the market with Ultimate comics, and keeps the standards high, it could be the one thing Marvel has never had - A successful send line of comics.

138 STAR WARS TALES #18* $5.99 DAR 10,027
139 ROB ZOMBIE SPOOK SHOW INTL #4 (Of 5) (MR) $2.95 MVC 9,938

Well, that's not quite right, since they have announced it is an ongoing series...and the book has ended up being a lot of weird fun. It shares Mr. Zombie's love of 70's horror flicks, Mexican wrasslin masks and the like, and it purports to be written by Mr. Zombie himself. Even if it isn't, it a fun little horror comic, and is recommended for people who like horror books

141 WANTED #1 (Of 6) (MR)* $2.99 IMA 9,582
142 DEMON DRIVEN OUT #5 (Of 6) $2.50 DC 9,493
143 CURSED #4 (Of 4) $2.99 IMA 9,395
144 CAPER #4 (Of 12) (MR) $2.95 DC 9,368
145 CSI BAD RAP #5 (OF 5) (MR) $3.99 IDW 9,048

Still a solid TV spinoff, but still too priced high for me to say it is worth buying, so if you are a hard core fan, just wait until the trade.

146 MY FAITH I/FRANKIE #1 (Of 4) (MR) $2.95 DC 8,914

Wow...I know it's not a typical DC book, but these sales are just HORRID for a first issue. I wonder why DC does stuff like this when they don't have a market outside of comic shops, since it isn't going to sell to typical comic shop fans.

148 POSSESSED #6 (Of 6) (MR) $2.95 DC 8,745
149 SLEEPER #12 (MR) $2.95 DC 8,727

Last issue of the first series, and I guess they are doing "seasons" of 12 issues each to try and get the book to sell better. It's too bad more people aren't giving this comic a's a great idea, with solid writing and is highly recommended.

151 SUPERMAN/BATMAN #5 $2.95 DC 7,899

Re-orders, re-orders, re-orders...that's how you can tell a HUGE hit from a book that retailers HOPE will sell.

152 SHONEN JUMP VOL 2 #2 FEB 2004 $4.99 VIZ 7,133

Again, 600,000 on newsstands and grocery stores, and only 7000 in comic shops. Nothing explains the disconnect between comic shops and the general reading public more than this to me.

153 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #132 $2.19 ARC 7,062
154 WALKING DEAD #4 (MR) $2.95 IMA 7,017

ZOMBIES! My zombie story and comic idea was much better. Thieving bastards. Now I have to wait for the next zombie wave before I can pitch it again.

155 WILDGUARD CASTING CALL #5 (Of 6)* $2.95 IMA 6,946
156 REIGN O/T ZODIAC #6 $2.75 DC 6,795

Two issues to go. Too bad that Keith Giffen didn't really figure out a way to get people interested in this, since the talent involved is pretty solid. But, if it's not set in the main DC Universe, it's going to be a hard sell, especially if it doesn't have the Vertigo fanbase to prop it up while it finds its legs.

157 SHIELD SPOTLIGHT #1 (MR) $3.99 IDW 6,759
158 WAKE THE DEAD #3 (Of 5) (MR) $3.99 IDW 6,697
159 POWERPUFF GIRLS #46 $2.25 DC 6,358

OK, the games aren't that great, but if the comic is based on the game, how exciting can it be to move blocks around until a door opens up?

161 REX MUNDI #8 $2.95 IMA 5,958
162 REALM O/T CLAW #2 (Of 6)* $2.95 IMA 5,940
163 TALES O/TMNT #1 $2.95 MIR 5,877
164 BLOODSTREAM #1 (Of 4) (MR) $2.95 IMA 5,690
165 DONALD DUCK & FRIENDS #312 $2.95 GEM 5,681
166 DUEL MASTERS #3 $2.95 DRE 5,664

It didn't sell at Dark Horse, it's not selling here. No one wants to buy ANOTHER comic based on a collectible card game for kids.

167 UNCLE SCROOGE #326 $6.95 GEM 5,557
168 BLADE O/T IMMORTAL #86 (MR) $2.99 DAR 5,548
169 MICKEY MOUSE & FRIENDS #261 $2.95 GEM 5,379
170 SCOOBY DOO #80 $2.25 DC 5,307
171 KAMIKAZE #4 (Of 5) $2.95 DC 4,969
172 SUPERMAN/BATMAN #4 $2.95 DC 4,933

More re-orders. Guess people really like the Superman and the Batman teaming up and the fighting and the *glaven*.

173 WALT DISNEYS COMICS & STORIES #641 $6.95 GEM 4,916
174 ICANDY #5 $2.50 DC 4,871

Good LORD those are low sales for a DC book that isn't based on a cartoon. I'm kind of shocked they actually released this issue. Yet another case of DC not really thinking about how to market a hard to sell comic, in my opinion (which means absolutely nothing, I know).

175 CEREBUS #298 $2.25 AAR 4,524

In two issues CEREBUS DIES!

Oh, it's not a spoiler, since Dave Sim said as much back in 1981. So get off my back. DAMN.

176 ULTRAMAN TIGA #5 (Of 10) $3.99 DAR 4,506
177 SUPERMAN #200 (Note Price) $3.50 DC 4,399
178 KNIGHTS O/T DINNER TABLE #87 $3.99 KZR 4,337

A great, fun comic that is a must buy for people who play role playing games or know someone who plays role playing games. The fact that they have gotten so much humor (and so many characters) out of a very simple premise shows that the creative team is top notch, even if the art is cut and paste. Highly recommended.

179 BLACK HOLE #11 (MR) $4.95 FAN 4,239

I didn't know this comic was still going...Charles Burns is one of the talents that Fantagraphics pushes as "one of the greatest artists in comics", but it is impossible to judge his work in regular comic book form, since it is continued stories that take YEARS to be told.

181 SUPER MANGA BLAST #37 (MR) $5.99 DAR 4,025

The manga anthology I like reading, and with 3 by 3 Eyes, What's Michael and others, this is the best way to see if you like the genre, and read some of the best stories it has to offer. Highly recommended.

182 SOUL O/SAMURAI #3 (Of 4) (Note Price) $5.95 IMA 4,016
183 GOLD DIGGER #49 $2.99 ANT 3,749
184 DORK TOWER #26 $2.99 DOR 3,713

I know this is another gamer comic, like Knights of the Dinner Table, but I just can't get into it. It is more of a soap opera with a few gags, and when it gets into the gaming, it is VERY gamer specific.

185 DESPERATE TIMES #0 $3.50 IMA 3,687
186 SUPERMAN/BATMAN #3 $2.95 DC 3,607
187 STAY PUFFED #1 (MR)* $3.50 IMA 3,544

The Marshmallow man! Hah! Why do I feel like Fozzie Bear making jokes like this?

188 SYN #4 $2.99 DAR 3,535
189 SCOOTER GIRL #5 (Of 6) (MR) $2.99 ONI 3,402
191 BANZAI GIRL ANNUAL #1 $3.50 SIR 3,250

This is the comic by a girl who draws herself having all kinds of manga adventures. I guess Banzai Girl is better than "Narcissus Girl".

192 WYNONNA EARP HOME O/T STRANGE #2 (Of 5) $3.99 IDW 3,233
193 LOONEY TUNES #110 $2.25 DC 3,197
194 DEMO #3 (Of 12) (MR) $2.95 AIT 3,170
195 ROMP ONE-SHOT (MR) $6.95 IMA 3,126
196 HULK GAMMA GAMES #2 (Of 3) $2.99 MAR 2,992

Does anyone know what this is? I can't even find it on Marvel's website. But then I'm not all that bright.

197 GIFT #4 (MR) $2.95 OVE 2,912
198 SERENITY ROSE #2 $2.95 SLG 2,912
199 CVO ARTIFACT #3 (Of 3) $3.99 IDW 2,796
200 EKOS PREVIEW ED $4.00 ASP 2,743
201 ARCHIE #545 $2.19 ARC 2,689
202 TEEN TITANS #6 $2.50 DC 2,689
203 EL CAZADOR #4 $2.95 CRO 2,645
204 DOGWITCH #9 (MR) $2.95 SIR 2,556
205 KODT ILLUSTRATED #30 $2.99 KZR 2,520

I like Knights of the Dinner Table, but not this comic so much. It lacks the character humor of the main book, and really only appeals to hard core fans.

206 ARCHIE AND FRIENDS #79 $2.19 ARC 2,511
208 BETTY & VERONICA #197 $2.19 ARC 2,458
209 JOE LANSDALES DRIVE IN #3 (Of 4) (MR) $3.50 AVA 2,413

And why is it super-limited? Because only 2300 people give a damn.

211 SABRINA VOL 2 #54 $2.19 ARC 2,351

I read where they are going with a manga style for this comic soon...which is so odd to me, since most of the Shojo manga seems very much like Archie comics with more sweat drops and odder clothing. But what do I know, since I haven't been a 14 year old girl in quite a long time.

212 STREET FIGHTER #1* $2.95 IMA 2,342
213 BETTY #134 $2.19 ARC 2,342
214 CARTOON CARTOONS #26 $2.25 DC 2,289
215 ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST #149 $3.59 ARC 2,208
216 ALICE IN SEXLAND EXTREME #5 (A) $3.95 ERO 2,208

I am sick of the word "Extreme" to describe things...and besides, how can this be more extreme than it already is?

218 VERONICA #149 $2.19 ARC 2,155
219 BATMAN #622 $2.25 DC 2,146

The untold story is that when they put these three characters in the same comic, they discovered that no one gave a damn about them anymore.

221 NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #112 $3.50 ANT 1,986
222 PS238 #5 $2.99 DOR 1,968
223 KODT EVERKNIGHTS #10 $2.99 KZR 1,941
225 BOMBABY SCREEN GODDESS #1 (Of 4) $3.50 SLG 1,897
226 STREET FIGHTER #4* $2.95 IMA 1,861
228 LAUGH DIGEST #190 $2.39 ARC 1,799
229 ARCHIE MYSTERIES #33 $2.19 ARC 1,772
231 PALS N GALS DOUBLE DIGEST #82 $3.59 ARC 1,692
232 DEAD AT 17 #3 (Of 4) (MR) $2.95 VIP 1,647

Actually, I was pretty much dead around #10, but I have to go all the way to #300, no matter how much people wish I would stop. Just like Dave Sim with Cerebus! Hah!

233 KINDERGOTH #1 (MR) $2.95 BLO 1,612

OK, I like gothy comics as much as this next guy, but Kindergardeners in torn fishnets and hair like Robert Smith of the Cure is just Child abuse, people!

234 JUGHEAD W/ARCHIE DIGEST #190 $2.39 ARC 1,612
235 GRUMPY OLD MONSTERS #2 (Of 4) $3.99 IDW 1,612
236 MILK #38 (A) $3.50 RAD 1,603
237 JLA/AVENGERS #3 (OF 4) $5.95 MAR 1,558
238 DICKS XMAS SPECIAL #1 (MR) $3.50 AVA 1,532


240 FURRLOUGH #131 $2.99 RAD 1,345
241 EVIL EYE #11 (MR) $3.95 FAN 1,327
242 HEAVEN SENT #1 $2.99 ANT 1,318
243 MANGA CALIENTE #1 (A) $3.50 ERO 1,291
244 DRAGON ARMS CHAOS BLADE #1 $2.99 ANT 1,291

Bad enough we have a book called "Dragon Arms", but now there's a spin off? Next up will be "Orc Hilton", "Super Elf 8" and "Ramada Hobbit."

245 HOT MOMS #2 (A) $4.95 ERO 1,256
246 FUTURAMA COMICS #1 $2.50 BON 1,175

Geez...what is this, re-order month? Did 300 new comics even come out?

247 POGOSTICK #2 (MR) $4.95 FAN 1,158
248 JOE LANSDALES DRIVE IN WRAP CVR #3 (Of 4) (MR) $3.95 AVA 1,158
249 TEEN TITANS #5 $2.50 DC 1,149
250 BLOWJOB #8 (A) $3.95 ERO 1,131
251 LUFTWAFFE 1946 #16 $5.95 ANT 1,104
252 ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #51 $2.25 MAR 1,095
254 STREET FIGHTER #3* $2.95 IMA 1,069
255 DAWN 2003 CON SKETCH BOOK LTD S&N ED (MR) $12.00 LIN 1,069
256 MATRIXXX #2 (Of 3) (A) $3.95 ERO 1,060

Oh goodie. A porn version of the Matrix. Still, it can't be as bad as Matrix Revolutions.

257 FILLER BUNNY #1 I FILL UP 15 PAGES $2.25 SLG 1,024

More re-orders, this time of Johnan Vasquez's stuff that I can't read no matter how hard I try. It makes my head hurt. BIG HURTING!

258 GENUS MALE #3 (A) $4.99 RAD 1,024
259 A G SUPER EROTIC ANTHOLOGY #9 (A) $4.99 ICA 1,006
260 BOOB TUBE ONE-SHOT (A) $5.95 ERO 997
261 AVENGERS/JLA #2 $5.95 DC 988
262 MONSTER CLUB #9 $3.50 APC 971
263 JUNCTION 17 #4 (Of 4) $2.99 ANT 971
265 SHANDA THE PANDA #39 (MR) $4.99 SHA 917
266 TEEN TITANS #4 $2.50 DC 917
267 SEAMONSTERS & SUPERHEROES #2 (Of 3) $2.95 SLG 917
268 HEAD #6 (A) $3.50 ERO 908

Only 900 comics fans want head? Damn. I'd want Head every time it was available!

And yes, I use that joke very time this comic makes the top 300 list and you can't stop me.

269 WARHAMMER MONTHLY #77 $3.50 GAM 908
270 TRUE STORY SWEAR TO GOD #7 $2.95 CLI 908

I am buying this as a collected book, and this is the kind of comic I like to see as an indy. It's just the story of a man who met his wife under odd circumstances, and he does a comic about how they dated...and it's amazingly sweet and personal. Most autobiographical comics are a wallow in bad behavior or unlikablity, but this one is like sitting in a pub listening to a master storyteller tell you his life story over a couple of beers. Highly recommended.

271 NEW X-MEN #150 (Note Price) $3.50 MAR 891
273 JLA/AVENGERS #1 (Of 4) $5.95 MAR 873
274 DILDO #4 (A) $3.95 ERO 846

I pray that this is a porn comic, because if it is a new super-hero book, it will prove that there is a God and he hates me.

276 ELVIRA #129 $2.50 CLA 837
277 THIEVES & KINGS #43 $2.95 IBP 828
278 MR MOTO WELCOME BACK MR MOTO #1 (Of 3) $2.95 MOO 810

Wow. So few comics out this month that they actually got down to listing signed Dynamic Forces comics. Which I hate the idea of, because when a shop gets these in and someone is wanting to sell theirs, they have NO idea what they are worth...and for the most part the people selling them paid big money for them instead of getting them as a "personalized" autograph. Autographs being worth money rub me the wrong way, I guess.

280 DARKHAM VALE #5 (Of 10) $3.50 APC 784
281 JACK STAFF #12 (RES) $3.50 DNE 775
282 ROBIN #121 $2.25 DC 775
283 ASSEMBLY #3 (Of 4) $3.50 ANT 766
284 ROB ZOMBIE SPOOK SHOW INTL #3 (Of 5) (MR) $2.95 MVC 766
285 SILVER COMICS #1 $2.95 SIL 766
286 JEWISH HERO CORPS #1 $3.95 JUD 757

OK, at this point I don't think I can't make a single joke about this comic without offending someone, but if the "Afro-centric" comics of the 90's didn't sell, did ANYONE think that this book would sell?

Fine. I'll do one.

They may SAY the cover price is $3.95, but most of the people who bought it know a guy who will sell it to them for $2.50.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

287 SIMPSONS COMICS #55 $2.50 BON 748
288 SIMPSONS COMICS #56 $2.50 BON 748
290 AVENGERS #76 (RES) $2.25 MAR 730
291 GIANT SHANDA ANIMAL #8 (MR) $4.99 SHA 721
292 LEGENDS FROM DARKWOOD #2 (Of 3) $3.50 ANT 721

Re-orders of a very odd comic by the artist of Lenore. I liked it, but not as much as Lenore...and I wish it wasn't $3 for 20 or so pages.

294 TALES O/T VAMPIRES #1 $2.99 DAR 704
295 FLASH #205 $2.25 DC 695
296 TUESDAY #3 (MR) $2.95 KIM 686
297 FEMFORCE #122 $6.95 AC 686
298 F*** FRIENDS COLL ED #1 (A) $8.95 SMA 677

I wonder if the actually comic has the title censored. It would find it funny enough to buy the book if it was hard core porn and yet they blocked out offensive language.

299 TWILIGHT X STORM #6 $3.50 ANT 668
300 RAIJIN COMICS #41 (MR) $5.95 GUT 668

Guess it's not a weekly anymore...and we come to the last comic on the list, which clocks in at 668 copies. I didn't know Diamond SOLD anything that got so few orders. For the past few months, the #300 book was clocking in at over 1000, so either sales are down or there just wasn't a lot of work released this month. Still, it's NOT a good sign for people who say that comics are rebounding.

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