The Top 300 Selling Comic Books for January 2003

This list comes from digging through sales figures, asking too many questions and using Diamond Comics information. The snotty comments in white are mine.

1  BATMAN #611  $2.25   DC  120,042  

Like I said last month, I don't care for Jim Lee's art, which puts me officially out of the loop on this book.

2  ULTIMATE WAR #3 (Of 4)  $2.25   MAR  106,417  

And I don't care for the writer on this book.  So I'm pretty much hosed on the two best selling books, and I would feel very out of the loop, until I remember that those gawdawful Wolverine issues by Larry Hama and Mark Silvestri were once number one comics, and now no one admits to remembering them.  These will be the same.

3  ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #34  $2.25   MAR  93,789

4  ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #35  $2.25   MAR  93,477  

Brian Bendis, you magnificent bastard.  I am just amazed that he is able to do a story about a new version of Venom that I want to read.  Venom is one of those characters that was mildly interesting, got driven into the ground and I never EVER wanted to see the character again.  Highly recommended for super-hero fans.

5  NEW X-MEN #136  $2.25   MAR  93,453

It's Grant Morrison.  I won't say anything wrong about his work, since he has yet to disappoint me, and this issue is no exception.  An action filled story about an uprising at the X-Men's school that starts small but is growing into one fo the best stories during his run.  Highly recommended.

6  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #49  $2.25   MAR  90,032  

Still running late (#47 came out at the end of December), but if the quality level remains the same it will be a well done, but not great, Spider-Man story.  Mildly recommended for super-hero buffs.

7  ULTIMATE X-MEN #27  $2.25   MAR  84,594

8  ULTIMATE X-MEN #28  $2.25   MAR  84,414  

Starting a new 7 part story. That just seems like a trade paperback on a serialized schedule, so buy accordingly. I dislike the art so much I just don't read the book anymore.

9  UNCANNY X-MEN #417  $2.25   MAR  83,921

10  UNCANNY X-MEN #418  $2.25   MAR  83,657

I never thought I would see the day when the longest running X-Men book is selling less that 84,000 copies in comic shops. I am enjoying the series under Austin, and feel he's putting together a good action adventure comic. The manga art is annoying older fans, but if you look at what is selling OUTSIDE comic shops, it is becoming the art style that kids like...probably because it moves the story forward instead of just making cool pinup pictures. Mildly recommended for Super-Hero fans.

11  TRANSFORMERS ARMADA #7*  $2.95   DRE  68,532

Don't know. Don't care. It's a damn toy ad.

12  ULTIMATE DAREDEVIL & ELEKTRA #4 (Of 4)  $2.25   MAR  66,107

Already out as a trade paperback as I write this, so I don't see any reason at all to buy it as a comic book. A good story, but it left me wanting more in a bad way. It was a retelling of the Daredevil/Elektra story by Miller, and it made it a little less believable to try and make it less continuity dependent. Still, it worked as a graphic novel and probably would be a lot better if I had not read the Miller stories way back when.

13  DAREDEVIL #42  $2.99   MAR  62,770

Out of the Bendis stuff I read, his Daredevil is the one that I like a tiny bit less than the others. Maybe it's because of a rough art style, or maybe it's because plot threads start and then tend to trail off into the next story. Still, a lesser story by Bendis is still better than 90% of what is on the stands, and this book is Highly Recommended.

14  WOLVERINE #185  $2.25   MAR  62,218

15  X-TREME X-MEN #20  $2.99   MAR  60,525

Oddly enough, a new launch point for the series, and one issue in, I'm already confused. Claremont mis-uses the Grant Morrison characters, gives us a fight scene that confuses the story more than helps it, and we spend time with characters who have a LOT of dialogue but seem to impart no actual character. I tried. Really, I did, but I just think this book shows why Claremont's style has become a joke.

16  JLA #77  $2.25   DC  60,405

Not out yet, but even if it was, I am rapidly losing interest in this comic because of the bland stories. The big "Return of Aquaman" felt like a waste of paper, and the issue that gave us a new team didn't have a single interesting sequence.

17  TRANSFORMERS WAR WITHIN #4  $2.95   DRE  59,253

18  AVENGERS #63  $2.25   MAR  55,447

His first storyline was a misfire on a LOT of levels, but Geoff Johns showed in a nice transition issue that he does have a good grasp of the characters in what should be Marvel's flagship book. Hopefully he can bring this series up to the level it was under Busiek and Perez, because it's been a while since I was excited to read the Avengers. Mildly recommended with rising expectations.

19  CAPTAIN AMERICA #8  $2.99   MAR  54,955

20  TRUTH #3 (Of 6)  $3.50   MAR  53,431

21  GREEN ARROW #21  $2.50   DC  52,554

A very well written romp through the history of the character without seeming like it's wallowing in nostalgia. While the first parts of the story seemed a bit random and unconnected, it seems to be pulling together now, which means once again that it will read much better as a collected book than individual issues. So, I'll reserve judgement until the story is complete, but so far, it's mildly recommended.

22  HULK/WOLVERINE 6 HOURS #1 (Of 4)  $2.99   MAR  51,498

23  SPIDER-MAN PETER PARKER #52  $2.25   MAR  49,589

I thought this was being cancelled and started over with a new number 1 issue, but the art on the issues since #50 has been bad, and the stories have been worse. Avoid this one.

24  FANTASTIC FOUR #65  $2.25   MAR  49,133

A nice, solid, entertaining comic book story. One thing about Mark Waid is that he can tell a solid story without resorting to a lot of Shock tactics. I would say this is an average comic, but if all comics were this well-done, I'd be buying even more books. Highly recommended to super hero fans.

25  MASTERS O/T UNIVERSE #3*  $2.95   IMA  49,013

26  GI JOE #14  $2.95   IMA  48,929

I so don't care about these 80's toys tie-in comics. It annoys me that they were pushed as the "saviors of the comics industry", when all they are is a nostalgia wallow for guys in their early 30's. Comics need NEW readers, not a wank off the fans who are already around.

27  HULK/WOLVERINE 6 HOURS #2 (Of 4)  $2.99   MAR  48,653

28  INCREDIBLE HULK #49  $2.25   MAR  48,089

Normally I feel this is one of Marvel's better books, with a dark, horror edge to the concept of The Hulk, but this issue ends most of the plots that have been running since Bruce Jones took over, and it just didn't feel that well done. Rushed, that's the word for it, and a lot of very confusing sections weren't explained clearly. Skip this issue and start with #50, which looks to be a start of a new story.

29  THOR #58  $2.25   MAR  42,663

Tying in to three other books, so I picked it up for the first time in years. If this issue is indictive of how it's been, I haven't missed much.

30  PUNISHER #21  $2.99   MAR  41,607

Highly recommended for those who like dark, violent humor.

31  IRON MAN #64  $2.25   MAR  41,306

Mike Grell isn't the writer on the series soon, which is too bad, since I have really liked his work on the comic, but struggled with the art. Once again, I seem to be in the minority. Oh well. I liked it.

32  GI JOE FRONTLINE #4  $2.95   IMA  41,042

33  JSA #44  $2.50   DC  40,178

DC's best super-hero team book, and highly recommended as it starts a new storyline that will last until issue #50. The series is best known for it's Big storylines, but I like the fact that it is one of the few comics to understand the power of the "cliffhanger" ending, giving the reader a shock on the last page that makes it so they HAVE to read the next issue. Highly recommended for super-hero fans.

34  DETECTIVE COMICS #778  $2.75   DC  38,293

Since Greg Rucka has left, I have slowly lost interest in this series. I wish it would have remained a gritty crime-drama of a book, but now it's a mix between crime and super-heroics that isn't working.

35  GREEN LANTERN #158  $2.25   DC  37,033

36  SPAWN #130  $2.50   IMA  36,937

Issue #121 just came out. Rumors are that the book is selling much, much lower than these numbers, since it has to be resolisted when it actually ships, knocking it down by as much as 10,000 a month. Wouldn't surprise me either, since the comic hasn't even been readable for its fans in years.

37  ROBOTECH #2 (Of 6)  $2.95   DC  36,589

38  AQUAMAN #2  $2.50   DC  36,505

39  EXILES #21  $2.25   MAR  36,109

I haven't cared for Winnick's other super-hero work, since he doesn't seem to be able to deliver the action sequences in an interesting way, but on this comic, the interpersonal stuff really shines, and the premice of a team of characters from different alternate realities jumping from one reality to another, fixing things that had gone wrong, works for me. The current story seems to ramp up the drama and still manages to entertain. Highly recommended for long time comics fans, but not really recommended for new readers.

40  X-MEN UNLIMITED #41  $3.50   MAR  35,809

41  X-STATIX #7  $2.25   MAR  33,792

The New York Times says it's one the best comics being printed, and for once, they are right. Highly recommended and why the hell aren't you buying this pop masterpiece?


Seeing the movie is about the same cost if you go to a matinee, but if you read the comic adaptation you can see the major flaws in the screenplay. Your choice.

43  WEAPON X #5  $2.25   MAR  31,811

44  ACTION COMICS #799  $2.25   DC  31,727

For the first time in a long time, this comic is outselling the other Superman comics. Not unlike the other Superman comics, however, it's bland and boring.

45  BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS #37  $2.75   DC  31,487

Thank goodness they dropped the horrible subplot that Bane could have been Batman's brother from another mother. Too bad the story didn't improve from there.

46  SUPERMAN & BATMAN GENERATIONS III #1 (Of 12)  $2.95   DC  30,875

I used to like John Byrne's work a lot. His stories in the 80's and early 90's were some of the most entertaining mainstream comics being put out. But over the last 5 years, his art has relied more on stock poses and simplified figures, his stories have been almost insulting in how they treat the reader like an idiot, and his work is more irritating than entertaining because he could do so much better. His last series, "Lab Rats" was a sad photocopy of his Next Men series, and this is a third dip in a well that wasn't very good the second time he drew from it.

47  HAWKMAN #11  $2.50   DC  30,731

The only Hawkman series I have ever really liked because the character actually seems interesting for the first time ever. Mildy recommended for hard core super-hero fans.

48  ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #612  $2.25   DC  30,707

49  BATGIRL #36  $2.50   DC  30,431

50  SUPERMAN MAN OF STEEL #134 (Note Price)  $2.75   DC  30,431

Last issue, and while it tried to be a Big Deal, it shows why the Superman books are laungishing. A confusing half baked story poorly served by confusingly laid out art.

51  CAPTAIN MARVEL #5  $2.25   MAR  30,143

All sorts of rumors around this comic, with harsh words on both Marvel's side and Peter David's side. Oddly enough, neither of the issues that started the debate are being addressed. The price is going up (which PAD was upset about) and the comic is once again becoming so inwardly focused that new readers will be confused (Marvel's concern). For Peter David fans and a few hard core Marvel fans, I guess.

52  AGENT X #7  $2.25   MAR  29,422

53  NIGHTWING #77  $2.25   DC  29,278

I like Devin Grayson's work most of the time, but I have grown cold to this series since she started writing it. Hopefully, she's just getting her feet under her, but it's already been over half a year.

54  DARKNESS VOL 2 #2  $2.99   IMA  29,194


A tie-in to the last issue of the Man Of Steel series, which was cancelled due to poor sales. Yep, nothing like a spin-off with no promotion spinning out of a cancelled book to set the fans's toes a tappin'.

56  PARADISE X RAGNAROK #1 (Of 2)  $2.99   MAR  28,702

For hard-core fans only. Is this the last part of the many Marvel "X" mini-series?

57  BATGIRL YEAR ONE #2 (Of 9)  $2.95   DC  28,630

58  FLASH #194  $2.25   DC  27,562

The last few issues have been OK, but not great. I love Gorilla Grodd as a villian, however, so if you don't, you probably won't care very much.

59  ELEKTRA #20  $2.99   MAR  27,454

Sadly, a change in art stles from fairly realistic to more impressionistic has hurt what could have been a very good story about Elektra's redemption and becoming an actual hero. If the art was better, it would be highly recommended, but as is, it's mildly recommended.

60  ALIAS #19 (MR)  $2.99   MAR  26,997

61  ALIAS #18 (MR)  $2.99   MAR  26,625

I hate to say it, but this is Marvel's best book, and no one under the age of 18 should be reading it. Not because it is porn, but because it has a very complicated main character that belongs in adult fiction. Bendis is doing a series that couldn't have been done at Marvel 10 years ago, and pushes both creative boundaries and reader expectations. This story of a retired super-hero who is now a PI with a shrouded past gets better every month and is highly recommended.

62  POWERS #28 (MR)  $2.95   IMA  26,109

Also by that magnificent bastard Bendis, who can't seem to write a bad story. The current story is Big, Shocking and destined to get attention, but still is well done and entertaining. Highly recommended, even i fyou hate super-hero stories.

63  BATMAN LEGENDS O/T DARK KNIGHT #163  $2.50   DC  26,049

64  SPIDER-MAN LEGEND O/T SPIDER CLAN #4 (Of 5)  $2.25   MAR  25,653

Another Manga style comic for the people who like that stuff. I'll buy it as a trade paperback, where Marvel will actually sell almost this many copies in book stores. Hate to let the old skool fanboys know it, but manga trades and the like are what the new readers are buying...and that's where the industry needs to go.

65  BIRDS OF PREY #51  $2.50   DC  25,245

66  JLA/SPECTRE SOUL WAR #1 (Of 2)  $5.95   DC  24,693

These are AMAZING numbers for a $6 book featuring a character whose book has been cancelled due to low sales. Too bad it didn't come out sooner to get some attention for the Spectre comic, but I really think that the way the series was written, it was doomed to fail, saleswise. This should be just as good as the regular book, which I enjoy and most super-hero fans seem to have hated.

67  CATWOMAN #15  $2.50   DC  23,852

The one Batman related book that has kept the gritty crime series tone, which I prefered to the glossy super-hero stuff we're getting on the books now. The Catwoman series is almost the opposite of the previous series, and is highly recommended.

68  TOMB RAIDER #27  $2.99   IMA  23,768

69  WITCHBLADE #62  $2.99   IMA  23,744

Late late late, waiting on some other book that ties into them to be finished. I would think that Image folks would learn that if you are going to do a big crossover, have the parts close to done before loading up on them. But then again, I keep thinking that FOX will put on a show of both quality and class and they give me Joe Millionaire.

70  FANTASTIC FOUR UNSTABLE MOLECULES #1 (Of 4)  $2.99   MAR  23,744

Marvel's hype is that this is a "realistic" retelling of the early days of the Fantastic Four. And, since Marvel puts out collected trade paperbacks of their books about a week after the mini-series is done, I'll jus sit quietly and wait for that day.

71  LEGION #16  $2.50   DC  23,744

At one point, I was a Legion of Super-Heroes fan of epic proportions. Now, I buy it to see if it's ever going to be fun again. Why the hell do I do that? Am I just an idiot? Seriously.

72  SPIDER-GIRL #55  $2.25   MAR  23,564

73  SPIDER-GIRL #56  $2.25   MAR  23,444

In some ways, I can understand why comics fans don't like this book. It's very much like the Marvel comics of the 80's, standard formula stuff that never really wows the reader, but also never makes you think you wasted your money. I still think this would sell better if it were in a mainstream type store instead of comic shops. Mildly recommended for people who thinks comics were better ten years ago.

74  STAR WARS EMPIRE #5  $2.99   DAR  23,276

75  ROBIN #110  $2.25   DC  23,180

I have officially lost all interest that I had in the book under Chuck Dixon. Dixon would string the subplots along for ages, but the action plots made up for the slow pace. Now, the action isn't much fun to read, and the subplots don't do much for me either. Yep, this one is on the chopping block.

76  ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #4 (RES)  $2.25   MAR  23,144

This is the Joe Quesada entry into the "You Decide" challenge, and he's neither writing nor drawing it. And it's pretty much a fanboy wank of a comic, not worth more than a flip through at the shop.

77  WONDER WOMAN #188 (RES)  $2.25   DC  23,096

78  WONDER WOMAN #187 (RES)  $2.25   DC  23,072

79  SOJOURN #19  $2.95   CRO  22,868

This is the highest ranking CrossGen book, and they should prolly all be pretty proud of doing so. I find the CrossGen books to be kind of generic fantasy with really good art, and I buy them in the two monthly compendiums and think they are fine in that format, but not worth buying at $3 a pop.

80  BOTP/WITCHBLADE #1  $6.99   IMA  22,868

This is Battle of the Planets meeting Witchblade. This is me not giving a damn about either of the books and ignoring it other than pointing out to you that it exists and thinking that it's a waste of paper.

81  BATMAN ALIENS II #2 (Of 3)  $5.95   DC  22,652

Is there anyone the Aliens haven't met? Soon they will be showing up in Riverdale and putting eggs in Reggie's basement. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

82  SUPERGIRL #78  $2.50   DC  22,508

And we find out that the "Supergirl" who has showed up in #75 is the Supergirl from the Old DC universe, and she is going to die in the Crisis on Infinite Earths...yeah, I'm confused too, and the explanationtook up the entire issue. Rule #23 of comics, if you have to spend a whole issue explaining a story, the story is fan fiction and not worth reading. Thanks.

83  YOUNG JUSTICE #53  $2.75   DC  22,424

Only a few issues of this left as well, and like a few other comics, this book is being killed due to the fact that it is for an audience that just doesn't buy comic books anymore. If I were a 11- 15 year old, this book featuring teenage super-heroes would become my favorite book. As is, it's a mildly entertaining book interrupted by inside jokes that aren't all that funny anymore.

84  FABLES #9 (MR)  $2.50   DC  21,980

85  MEKANIX #4 (Of 6)  $2.99   MAR  21,860

Despite the name, a Kitty Pryde mini-series that is, despite the horrible covers, a fairly entertaining series where Claremont keeps his bad writing quirks under control. Mildly recommended for Old School X-Men fans.

86  SPIDER-MAN TANGLED WEB #22  $2.99   MAR  21,836

This Spider-Man anthology is able to show that if you give creators free reign on a company character, they can turn out great stories. I have only read one or two issues that were less than fantastic, and this one is no exception. Highly Recommended.

87  FILTH #8 (Of 13) (MR)  $2.95   DC  21,403

88  SOLDIER X #7  $2.25   MAR  21,355

89  GHOST I/T SHELL 2 MAN MACHINE INTERFACE #4 (MR)  $3.50   DAR  20,803

Issue #1 just came out. So who knows if #4 is any good, other than psychics who spend their time reading comics from the future...which is a silly way to waste that kind of ability.

90  ROBOTECH SOURCEBOOK  $2.95   DC  20,731

91  Y THE LAST MAN #7 (MR)  $2.95   DC  20,719

While waiting for the trade paperback, which my comic shop blew off getting because they don't pay attention to sales, and the story is almost as good as people have been saying. The idea behind the series is that a disease has killed off all men but one, and we follow that man. The characters are driving the story, and they seem to be interesting, with unexplored depth. Mildly recommended, but that could change as I read the rest of the story arc.

92  STAR WARS REPUBLIC #50 (Note Price)  $5.99   DAR  20,707

93  SHANG CHI MASTER OF KUNG FU #5 (Of 6) (MR)  $2.99   MAR  20,707

94  TITANS #49  $2.75   DC  20,635

One more issue and then it's cancelled and started over again. And this issue just feels like a writer TRYING to do a big story, but can't seem to get us interested in one.

95  GOTHAM CENTRAL #3  $2.50   DC  20,227

An incredibly well-done police procedural, with dark, moody art and stories that feel like good police novels do. Highly recommended and should be selling much better, so Go Buy It!

96  GLOBAL FREQUENCY #4 (Of 12)  $2.95   DC  19,675

97  GEN 13 #5  $2.95   DC  19,051

Not every 10 cent comic gets people to buy the book regularly. Especially when the comic is as unreadable as this one.

98  RUSE #16  $2.95   CRO  18,558

99  BRATH PREQUEL  $2.95   CRO  18,462

Some info for people, A Prequel is a way to do another movie when the main characters died in the movie, and you can't make a sequel. And Brath looks like a very typical Conan ripoff, which I'm shocked it took CrossGen so long to try. Oh, it won't be any good, but I was sure they would have tried one back during their first year.

100  TOMB RAIDER JOURNEYS #9 (Of 12)  $2.99   IMA  17,910

I would think that if Tomb Raider sales are this low, the bloom is off the rose and no one much cares. I haven't cared for any of the Tomb Raider comics, since they seem to be based more on making sure there are good shots of her chest and ass thn making sure there is a story worth reading.

101  RED STAR VOL 2 #2  $2.95   ARC  17,778

102  BLACK PANTHER #53  $2.50   MAR  17,754

103  CSI CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION #1 (Of 5) (MR)  $3.99   IDW  17,502

I am horridly addicted to this show, but $4 for a comic about it, which the coolest thing about the series is how they use camera trick and lack of characterization to focus solely on the fact of a case and its solution would be hard to bring off in a comic book. Still, it's by Max Allen Collins, so if anyone can pull it off, he can.

104  HARLEY QUINN #28  $2.50   DC  17,250

Wow. How the mighty have fallen. When it started, this series was a top 20 book, but inconsistant art and stories that don't fit the character have killed it. The recent issues forget that they character needs to be goofy fun in order to work.

105  TOM STRONGS TERRIFIC TALES #6  $2.95   DC  17,178

The last one I saw was #3. It was damn good, but that was months ago. Will the ABC books ever get on a schedule of any kind?

106  HELLBLAZER #180 (MR)  $2.75   DC  17,094

107  MARVILLE ORIGINVILLE #5  $2.25   MAR  17,094

Marvel, take note, inside jokes spread out over 6 issues won't sell, even with titty covers. This is your proof.

108  100 BULLETS #42 (MR)  $2.50   DC  16,914

109  KISS #6*  $2.99   DAR  16,866

110  KILLRAVEN #4 (Of 6)  $2.99   MAR  16,674

I wish I knew why Alan Davis wasn't a huge artist star. His art is amazing, his stories are usually just as good if not better than most writers, yet no one buys his stuff unless he's drawing a member of the X-Men. I'll be buying this in the collected trade, but with sales this low, I may have to just buy the individual issues instead of waiting.

111  WARLANDS VOL 3 #3  $2.95   DRE  16,494


113  WAY O/T RAT #9  $2.95   CRO  16,386

114  WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 #6 (MR)  $2.95   DC  16,302

Nothing that bills itself as a "version" with a decimal point number that isn't a computer program is annoying and worthy of scorn. This is a perfect example of that.

115  PATH #11  $2.95   CRO  15,942

116  MARVEL DOUBLE SHOT #3 (Of 4)  $2.99   MAR  15,786  

A nice surprise, as the first story was an exploration of how Reed Richards sees the connection between God and Science. 

117  LONE WOLF 2100 #7  $2.99   DAR  15,557

118  BTVS #53 VIVA LAS BUFFY (3 Of 4)*  $2.99   DAR  15,305

119  SANDSCAPE #1  $2.95   DRE  15,233

120  BATMAN GOLDEN STREETS OF GOTHAM  $6.95   DC  15,065  

Another Elseworlds, but to be honest, I have no idea what the plots are for these anymore.  Maybe it's time to start bringing in people who will work on things OTHER than Batman in a different time period.

121  WAR STORY CONDORS (MR)  $4.95   DC  15,041

122  LIMBO CITY #1 (RES)  $2.95   DRE  14,993

123  STORMWATCH TEAM ACHILLES #7 (MR)  $2.95   DC  14,969

124  SPECTRE #25  $2.75   DC  14,873  

Also cancelled, and another book I enjoyed, but it doesn't seem to be what the readers wanted.  JM DeMatties took the idea of Hal Jordan as the Spectre and made it a very personal comic about redemption.  It was like many of his other comics, and that can be a good thing for people who like his work, but confusing for non-fans.

125  SANDMAN PRESENTS BAST #1 (Of 3) (MR)  $2.95   DC  14,405

126  SCION #32  $2.95   CRO  14,357

127  LONE WOLF 2100 RED FILES  $2.99   DAR  14,357

128  DOOM PATROL #16  $2.50   DC  14,117  

I see this is slowly climbing the sales charts now that readers know it isn't going to be cancelled right away.  I don't think it will ever be a successful book, since it's too weird for standard comic fans, but not odd enough to be Vertigo.  I like it, but not enough to tell other people to buy it.

129  CROSSOVERS #1  $2.95   CRO  14,117  

A super-hero parody that is about 20 years too late.  I don't think a super-hero parody is the best way to launch a new imprint since that well was run dry a LONG time ago.

130  HELLBLAZER SPECIAL LADY CONSTANTINE #2 (Of 4) (MR)  $2.95   DC  14,081

131  JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES #15  $2.25   DC  13,949

132  SIMPSONS COMICS #78  $2.50   BON  13,913  

The other good TV adaptation, just as funny is not better than the TV show.  Highly recommended.

133  SLEEPER #1 (MR)  $2.95   DC  13,829

134  LUCIFER #34 (MR)  $2.50   DC  13,637

135  CRUX #22 KEY ISSUE (Net)  $1.48   CRO  13,577

136  POWER COMPANY #12  $2.75   DC  13,289  

You have to give DC credit for trying with this comic at least.  The launch was one of the dumber ideas they've ever had (buy 7 books in a week to get the origin of the team members), but the art and story are very good once you pick up the comic.  It's kind of a standard super-hero team book with a mix of old characters and new.  The kind of comic that fans loved in the 80's, but has slipped off the radar since.  Mildly recommended for super-hero fans.

137  AZRAEL AGENT O/T BAT #98  $2.95   DC  12,893  

Two issues until it's over.  50 issues since anyone gave a damn.

138  NEGATION #14  $2.95   CRO  12,436

139  MEK #3 (Of 3)  $2.95   DC  12,436

140  ROUTE 666 #8  $2.95   CRO  12,436

141  MYSTIC #32  $2.95   CRO  12,376

142  FIRST #27  $2.95   CRO  12,088

143  SAVAGE DRAGON #107  $3.95   IMA  11,956  

Still plugging along as the last of the Image books still done by the original creator, and who would have imagined that?  Of course, I hate Erik Larson's art, and his stories are 70's style goofy slugfests, so I'm not big on the stories either.

144  EDENS TRAIL #3 (Of 6)  $2.99   MAR  11,920  

A casualty of Marvel's policy of not giving much information about upcoming comics in Previews.  Before it came out I had no idea what it was about, other than it was going to be printed in an odd way and it had Japanese influenced art.  I would imagine they could have sold at least another 5 to 10,000 copies if they had given us an inkling of what the story was or why we would be interested in it.

145  RA SALVATORE DEMON WARS TRIAL BY FIRE #2 (Of 5)  $2.95   CRO  11,896

So, CrossGen's first "creator owned" series is one by an old D&D author who hasn't really had a good selling novel in a decade.  But, since CG publshes mainly fantasy with a super-hero sheen on it, this should fit well with their fan base.  I'm not interested, tho.

146  SIGIL #32  $2.95   CRO  11,896

147  HUNTER AGE OF MAGIC #19 (MR)  $2.75   DC  11,692  

I hear that this is DC Publisher Paul Levitz's favorite comic.  I lost interest back in the Books of Magic series and haven't really missed it.

148  MERIDIAN #32  $2.95   CRO  11,668

149  DOMINION #1  $2.95   IMA  11,620

150  HELLSPAWN #21  $2.50   IMA  11,500  

Does this ever get published anymore?  And if so, does anyone buy it?  And if so, do they READ it?

151  BATMAN GOTHAM ADVENTURES #58  $2.25   DC  11,440

152  STRANGERS IN PARADISE VOL III #56  $2.95   ABS  11,296

153  CODENAME KNOCKOUT #20 (MR)  $2.75   DC  10,996  

Cancelled with #24.  I picked up the first few issues, and while they were OK, it seemed like it was wavering between a very broad spy spoof and a attempt at a deep character study, two genres that don't work well together.  Still 24 issues is pretty good nowadays.

154  FUTURAMA COMICS #11  $2.50   BON  10,948  

Highly recommended, a very funny comic based on a very funny TV show that actually captures the mood and humor of the TV show it's based on.

155  CLOCK MAKER #1 (Of 12)  $2.50   IMA  10,912

156  GRENDEL GOD & DEVIL #0 (MR)  $3.50   DAR  10,024  

One new issue before starting into reprinting one of the better Grendel stories.  Not that a person with a Grendel tattoo can be objective about such things, but I really wish Dark Horse would let us know that this is a reprint from isswue #1 onwards.

157  INVINCIBLE #1  $2.95   IMA  9,975

158  FATE O/T BLADE #5 (RES) (MR)  $2.95   DRE  9,831

159  TAROT WITCH O/T BLACK ROSE #18 (MR)  $2.95   BRO  9,579  

Is it just me, or is Jim Balent's breast fixation getting creepier by the month?  I swear he should just turn this into a book about two breasts who fight other breasts and he'd be much happier.  It's too bad, because his Catwoman work was actually very good, and drawn with a lot of skill.

160  VENTURE #1  $2.95   IMA  9,471

161  AMERICAN CENTURY #22 (MR)  $2.75   DC  9,459  

Starting a new story, but this comic lost me around issue 12, and I have yet to jump back into the plot. 

162  VAMPIRELLA #17 REG ED  $2.99   HAR  9,375

163  ZERO GIRL FULL CIRCLE #3 (Of 5) (MR)  $2.95   DC  9,207  

Sam Keith's work is always interesting, and i liked the first Zero Girl mini-series.  This will be another one I buy as a collected trade paperback.

164  VAMPI #25 REG ED  $2.99   HAR  9,111

165  FIREBREATHER #1 (Of 4)  $2.95   IMA  9,015

166  ALAN MOORES COURTYARD #1 (MR)  $3.50   AVA  8,955  

Love Alan Moore, but most of the stuff from Avatar turns my stomach.  You see how I am going to be so torn...

167  NOBLE CAUSES FAMILY SECRETS #4*  $2.95   IMA  8,751

168  21 DOWN #5  $2.95   DC  8,751

169  XIN LEGEND O/T MONKEY KING #3 REG CVR  $2.99   HAR  8,523  

Haven't seen this comic yet, but boy do I LOVE monkeys!

170  VIOLENT MESSIAHS LAMENTING PAIN #3 (Of 4)  $2.95   IMA  8,415

171  AUTOMATIC KAFKA #7 (MR)  $2.95   DC  8,391

172  HAWAIIAN DICK #2  $2.95   IMA  8,271

173  POWERPUFF GIRLS #34  $2.25   DC  8,187

174  SHONEN JUMP VOL 1 #3 MARCH 2003  $4.95   VIZ  7,851  

The first issue sold 250,000+ copies outside the comic shop world.  Does there need to be more proof that if comic publishers took some time and figured out how to sell their work, they could get high numbers of readers?  This anthology (which American publishers say don't sell) features Dragonball Z, which is actually declining in ratings, and pulls a quarter of a million readers?  Sorry, but a Spider-Man or X-Men magazine should do that well and anyone who can't sell that many copies just isn't trying.

175  USAGI YOJIMBO #63  $2.99   DAR  7,515

176  VERTIGO POP LONDON #3 (Of 4) (MR)  $2.95   DC  7,419

177  QUEEN & COUNTRY #13 (MR)  $2.95   ONI  7,239  

Buying it as a trade.

178  SUPERBOY #147 FACSIMILE ED  $6.95   DC  7,215  

The good thing about DC reprinting their 100 page specials from the past is that you get to see what comics used to be like.  Now, I sure wouldn't recommend this stuff for anyone except nostalgia buffs, since the stories are silly at best and just randomly goofy at worst, but it is fun to see what comics used to be like. 

179  KNIGHTS O/T DINNER TABLE #75  $3.99   KZR  7,155  

Love love love this book, which has a wonderful strip about role playing gamers, lots of articles about role playing games and gives you 100 pages for $4.  Highly recommended for gamers, since the strips are some of the most entertaining stuff being done in comics anymore.

180  OH MY GODDESS #94 TRAVELER (4 Of 5)  $2.99   DAR  7,046

181  TECH JACKET #3  $2.95   IMA  6,818

182  NEVERMEN STREETS OF BLOOD #1 (Of 3)  $2.99   DAR  6,602

183  BLACK SUN #5 (Of 6) (MR)  $2.95   DC  6,446

184  RESISTANCE #5  $2.95   DC  6,422  

I  think the resistance is to Buying This Comic.

185  BLADE O/T IMMORTAL #75 FALL FROST (3 Of 6) (MR)  $2.99   DAR  6,422

186  GIRL GENIUS #9  $3.95   STF  6,422

187  QUEEN & COUNTRY DECLASSIFIED #3 (Of 3) (MR)  $2.95   ONI  6,386

188  STRAY BULLETS #29 (MR)  $3.50   EL  6,338  

Love both of the books above, but buy them in collected version so that they are easier to read.

189  FIGHT FOR TOMORROW #5 (Of 6) (MR)  $2.50   DC  6,278

190  CEREBUS #286  $2.25   AAR  6,182  

Still moving along toward the final issue.  I buy it in collected books, but I flipped through a recent issue and couldn't find anything remotely resembling a page of comic book art.  It's all text.  Hey Dave, did you misinterpret how many issues you had left and now need to do it all in prose, or do you really like typing up your stuff so much you don't want to draw it?

191  FOREVER MAELSTROM #3 (Of 6)  $2.95   DC  6,074  

And I'll give $5 to anyone who knows what this comic is about without looking it up in Previews.  I think DC needs to work on getting a publicity team when a comics junkie like myself has no idea what a book is about.

192  SCOOBY-DOO #68  $2.25   DC  5,690

193  SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #119  $2.19   ARC  5,522

194  SUPER MANGA BLAST #29 (MR)  $5.99   DAR  5,246  

Dark Horse's Manga anthology, and probably my favorite now that Pulp has been cancelled.  the What's Michael strip is sheer genius, and now that they have added Appleseed, this is pretty much a must buy for me.  Highly recommended for manga fans or people who want a good sample of japanese comics..

195  DRAGONBALL PART 6 #1 (Of 8) (Note Price)  $3.50   VIZ  5,078

196  METAL HURLANT #4 (MR)  $3.95   HUM  4,802  

Remember when Heavy Metal was based on a cool French magazine and wasn't just soft-corn porn with a SF sheen and pics of the publisher's girlfriend?  Neither do I, but this has the name of that old French magazine and has soft-core porn with a SF sheen.

197  POISON ELVES #71 (RES)  $2.95   SIR  4,742  

Because this book hasn't died and gone away, I have proof that there is a God and he hates me with the same passion Pete Townshend has for looking at child porn.

198  CANNON GOD EXAXXION STAGE 2 (5 Of 5) #13 (MR)  $3.50   DAR  4,730

199  PARADIGM #5 (MR) (Note Price)  $2.95   IMA  4,694

200  RANMA 1/2 PART 11 #11 (Of 11)  $2.95   VIZ  4,622  

I still read this comic on a monthly basis, even though Viz has cut the prices of their compilations and it probably reads better in collected volumes, simply because I have been doing so since the series started.  A fun martial arts sit-com of a book that takes a while to know all of the characters, but once you get a grasp of what's going on, it's a nice 15 minutes of entertainment every month.

201  BATTLE ANGEL ALITA LAST ORDER PART 1 #5  $2.95   VIZ  4,454

202  GOLD DIGGER #39  $3.50   ANT  4,045  

The story of the women on Joe Millionaire.

203  MAGE KNIGHT STOLEN DESTINY #4 (Of 5)  $3.50   IDW  3,757

204  WARREN ELLIS SCARS #3 (Of 6) (MR)  $3.50   AVA  3,721  

Cory's Rule of Warren Ellis comics:  If his name is in the title, it is horridly painful and probably completely unreadable.  This is no exception.

205  BIG DADDY DANGER #6 (Of 9)  $2.95   DC  3,709  

Anyone think that the editor who green lighted this comic is currently in someone's office begging not be fired?  This is easily the lowest sales on a DC comic that isn't marketed to little kids EVER.  There is absolutely no way it can be making any money.

206  ALL NEW TENCHI MUYO PART 2 #4 (Of 5)  $2.95   VIZ  3,577

207  LOONEY TUNES #98  $2.25   DC  3,253

208  INU YASHA PART 7 #6 (Of 8)  $2.95   VIZ  3,241

209  KODT ILLUSTRATED #18  $2.99   KZR  3,205

210  ALAN MOORES COURTYARD WRPRND #1 (MR)  $3.95   AVA  3,157  

More proof that either Avatar is trying to shed their image as a sleazy splatterporn publisher, or they have kidnapped Alan Moore's fam,ily and are holding them for ransom.

211  CARTOON CARTOONS #15  $2.25   DC  3,037

212  BONEYARD #9  $2.95   NBM  2,953

213  ARCHIE #532  $2.19   ARC  2,917  

Why don't I review Archie comics?  I don't read them.  They aren't aimed at me.  They really haven't changed in the last 30 years.  If you like them, no review will change your mind, so there they are, buy them if you want.

214  COURTNEY CRUMRIN & COVEN OF MYSTICS #2 (Of 4)  $2.95   ONI  2,893

215  DOGWITCH #4 (MR)  $2.95   SIR  2,821

216  BETTY & VERONICA #184  $2.19   ARC  2,713

217  NODWICK #19  $2.99   DOR  2,689

218  BONDAGE FAIRIES EXTREME #14 (A)  $3.50   ERO  2,677  

Oh, it's not just Bondage.  It's not just Fairies.  It's EXTREME!  Am I the only one who thinks that once a word is used to describe Doritoes, it's really played itself out as a hip marketing word?

219  NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #102  $3.50   ANT  2,641

220  AP HOW TO DRAW MANGA #21  $4.95   ANT  2,629

221  KODT EVERKNIGHTS #4  $2.99   KZR  2,617

222  PUBO #2 (Of 3)  $3.50   DAR  2,593  

I don't even WANT to know what this is about.

223  VERONICA #136  $2.19   ARC  2,521

224  BETTY #122  $2.19   ARC  2,497

225  SABRINA VOL 2 #42  $2.19   ARC  2,497

226  ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST #140  $3.59   ARC  2,401

227  ARCHIE & FRIENDS #67  $2.19   ARC  2,389

228  KISSING CHAOS NONSTOP BEAUTY #3 (Of 4) (MR)  $2.95   ONI  2,233  

I was kissing chaos once.  She took my wallet and left me a broken, broken man.

229  PALS N GALS DOUBLE DIGEST #73  $3.59   ARC  2,209

230  KILLBOX #2  $5.00   ANT  2,197

231  CERES CELESTIAL LEGEND PART 4 #4 (Of 4)  $3.50   VIZ  2,125

232  BASTARD #14 EMPRESS PART 4 (Of 4) (MR)  $3.95   VIZ  2,125

233  ONE PLUS ONE #4 (Of 5) (MR)  $2.95   ONI  2,113  

No, one plus one is two.  Maybe this is a book by "President" Bush who can't seem to add things up either.

234  BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #136  $2.39   ARC  2,113

235  HSU & CHAN #1  $2.95   SLA  2,053  

I sure hope the printing on this is better than it is in the video game magazine it's running in.  I skip those pages because I can't read the damn thing every month. 

236  ARCHIE DIGEST #196  $2.39   ARC  2,041

237  JUGHEADS DOUBLE DIGEST #92  $3.59   ARC  2,041

238  NEOTOPIA #1  $3.95   ANT  2,029

239  DRAGON ARMS #2  $3.50   ANT  2,017

240  JUGHEAD #149  $2.19   ARC  1,981

241  RAIJIN COMICS #5 (MR)  $4.95   GUT  1,969

242  RAIJIN COMICS #6 (MR)  $4.95   GUT  1,957

243  WANDERLUST HEAVENS FIRE #1 (Of 3)  $2.95   CHI  1,957

244  RAIJIN COMICS #7 (MR)  $4.95   GUT  1,945

245  RAIJIN COMICS #8 (MR)  $4.95   GUT  1,945  

4 issues in one month.  Hope that works out for them.  I know I wouldn't start buying a comic I needed to shell out $20 a month just to keep up with.

246  ARCHIE MYSTERIES #26  $2.19   ARC  1,897

247  PRO (STAR16409) (MR)  $5.95   IMA  1,885  

A very well done comic for the first 2/3rds, even though once you have the pitch down, the jokes are kind of standard.  Too bad they felt they needed to go with the "heart-tugging" ending to redeem the character.  Let me clue you in on a little secret:  Hookers don't have hearts of gold.  It's a bad stereotype that lets men think better of women who are selling their dignity in a degrading fashion and HATE THEIR CUSTOMERS. 

248  MILK #33 (A)  $2.99   RAD  1,861

249  BANZAI GIRL #1 ENCORE ED  $2.95   SIR  1,813  

This did well enough to be reprinted?  Are you SURE?  Wow.  I am so out of the loop. 

250  JUGHEAD W/ARCHIE DIGEST #181  $2.39   ARC  1,741

251  TWILIGHT X STORM #1  $3.50   ANT  1,717


I saw recently that Tucci was caught swiping poses from a Victoria's Secret catalog for some of his Shi poses.  Yep, there's not better way to show a powerful independent female character than having her pose like she's selling bras and underpants.

253  BIG O PART 3 #3 (Of 4)  $3.50   VIZ  1,669

254  LATEX ALICE #0  $2.95   AMR  1,549  

And it's not even a mature readers book?  Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

255  LUFTWAFFE 1946 #5  $5.95   ANT  1,537

256  MY MONKEYS NAME IS JENNIFER #6  $2.95   SLA  1,513  

My cat's name is Fidget and I know to put a possessive apostrophe where it belongs.  If you can't how can I trust that you can write a decent story?

257  SMALL FAVORS #7 (A)  $3.50   ERO  1,441

258  SILENT MOBIUS PART 12 HELL #2 (Of 5)  $2.95   VIZ  1,428


What's the point of a comic like this, when you can rent a cheap horror movie on video for $1.50?  It's not like any of the drawings will be as sexy as Brinke Stevens taking her top off repeatedly.

OK, NOTHING is as sexy as Brinke Stevens taking her top of repeatedly.

260  FINDER #30 (MR)  $2.95   LIG  1,416

261  FADE FROM BLUE #5  $1.50   SEC  1,392

262  STEWART THE RAT #1 (MR)  $3.95   ABO  1,392  

A reprint of the comic Steve Gerber did in the early 80's after being removed from Howard The Duck.  A nostalgia piece only, but a fun read for people who liked his Howard The Duck stuff, as he was able to cut loose in this comic.

263  FURRLOUGH #121  $2.99   RAD  1,380

264  I LOVE YOU #1 (A)  $2.95   ICE  1,344  

An adult comic called "I Love You."  I don't think this is going to be a story with poetry and deep emotional bonds.  It's more like what the woman you picked up at the bar says to you when you offer her cabfare.

265  SUPERCAR #2  $2.95   MIS  1,320


267  WARREN ELLIS SCARS WRPRND #3 (Of 6) (MR)  $3.95   AVA  1,296  

For an extra dollar, you don't have to see the ad for a porn comic on the back of the book.  You can ignore this comic for free, and that's what I recommend.

268  CONTENT #1  $3.00   DI  1,296

269  JACK THE LANTERN #1 (Of 5) (MR)  $3.00   CAS  1,284  

Unless they have something really innovative in mind, I can't see how the story of a lantern is interesting enough for 5 issues of a comic.  And I sat through Andy Kaufman reading The Great Gatsby. 

270  JENNIFER DAYDREAMER #1 OLIVER  $4.95   TOP  1,260

271  SNAPDRAGONS #3  $2.99   DOR  1,248

272  VAGABOND #15 (MR)  $4.95   VIZ  1,224

273  ALAN MOORES COURTYARD S/N INCENTIVE (Net)  $2.50   AVA  1,224  

And here we have proof that Avatar Press, which does shitty Warren Ellis comics and splatterporn have kidnapped Alan Moore's family and is forcing him to work for them.  Bastards.  There's really no other excuse for him to work for this slimeball company.

274  LUMAKICK #1 (MR)  $4.95   LUM  1,224

275  MENAGE A TROIS #2 (A)  $3.50   ERO  1,176

276  GENUS MALE #2 (A)  $4.99   RAD  1,152  

Gay.  Furry.  Porn.  Stuff like this makes me want to drive 18" steel needles deep into my eyes so that I will never have to see it again, but that won't stop them from publishing it, will it?

277  WARRIOR NUN AREALA #14  $3.50   ANT  1,128

278  DUNGEON #4  $2.95   NBM  1,116

279  LAB #2  $2.99   AST  1,116

280  CUSP ONE-SHOT (MR)  $3.95   ALT  1,044

281  WARHAMMER MONTHLY #64  $3.50   GAM  1,032

282  MONSTER CLUB #2  $3.50   APC  1,032

283  SHI PANDORAS BOX PREVIEW*  $5.95   AVA  1,020  

I guess a few people are dumb enough to pay $6 for a few sketches and interviews that will give next to no information.  There is a name for these people...suckers!

284  JANES WORLD #1  $2.95   GIR  1,008

285  OH MY #2 (A)  $2.95   ICE  972  

It's an adult comics, so that means it's porn, but don't people say Oh My God instead of just Oh my when they have sex?  Is this a porn comic that is trying not to offend?

286  PROJECT ARMS PART 1 #5 (Of 16)  $3.25   VIZ  924

287  VAMPIRE YUI VOL 5 #5  $2.95   ICE  924

288  VAMPIRELLA #17 LTD ED*  $9.95   HAR  912

289  ELVIRA #117  $2.50   CLA  888  

A few months ago I commented on how this was selling painfully low, it was the #300 comic and was barely breaking 1000 copies it's up 11 places and selling over 100 fewer copies.  I think everyone who says that comics are rebounding are talking through their hat.  Sales still suck, stores are still closing and new customers are NOT coming in to buy comics.  Get these damn things in bookstores, where they are actually selling fairly well.

290  STORYLINES #1 (MR)  $4.95   FAN  888

291  FILLER BUNNY #1 I FILL UP 15 PAGES (STAR14536)  $2.25   SLA  888

292  ELIZABETH BATHORY #3 (A)  $3.50   ERO  876

293  HEARTCORE #4 (A)  $2.95   ICE  864

294  SPIRIT O/T AMAZON #2 (MR)  $2.95   NW  816

295  EXTINCTIONERS VOL 2 #12 (RES)  $4.99   SHA  816  

Why does this sound like a bad 70's spin-off of the Executioner novels?  Oh, and some words just sound stupid when you try to make them noun descriptors, take that into account when naming your comics, OK?  

296  SPACE RACE #1  $2.99   RAD  816

297  SUPER HERO HAPPY HOUR #1  $3.00   GEE  780  

That Superman is one nasty bastard once he gets about 5 Long Island Iced Teas in him.

298  SPECWAR #6 (MR)  $3.25   PET  780

299  DARKSEID VS GALACTUS THE HUNGER (STAR01128)  $5.95   DC  768  

The resolictiation of a comic over 5 years old, back when John Byrne still gave a damn about if his readers liked his stories or not.

300  COMIC BOOK HEAVEN VOL 2 #8 (Note Price)  $2.95   SLA  768

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