The Top 300 Selling Comic Books For February 2003

This list comes from digging through sales figures, asking too many questions and using Diamond Comics information. The snotty comments in white are from deep in Cory's sick twisted little brain.

1 NEW X-MEN #153 $2.25 MAR 113,879

First off, before I start, the sales for Feb are the lowest I have seen in a while, with only three comics above the 100K mark. Part of this is that Feb is a bad month for comics, usually, with a lot of companies just not putting out anything special or big, since most of the stuff coming out in Feb was completed in December or January, when a lot of people are busy with other things (family, year-end business, trying to give up heroin).

Now. On to the reviews.

This is the next to last issue of New X-Men by Grant Morrison, and it follows in the tradition of the "future history" story that has plagued the X-Men since "Days of Future Past" was done back in the late 70's, but this one is filled with Morrison's trademark ideas, and off-kilter way of characterizing, which makes it feel like a story set in the future. The Silvestri art makes the story a tad more confusing that it should be, but it's still a fitting capper to the best X-Men run since Paul Smith did the art back in 1982 - 1983. Highly recommended.


And the creative team is changing with the end of the origin story arc. The Ultimate comics are written for collections, and that is how I am going to buy them as they come out. So I have no idea if this is any good or not.

3 MARVEL 1602 #7 (Of 8) $3.50 MAR 104,067
4 SUPERMAN BATMAN #6 $2.95 DC 99,930

Wrapping up the first story arc, and while it was a decent enough story, I felt VERY dissappointed by the ending. It took one of the more interesting ideas that DC has had in a long time (Lex Luthor being elected President of the US) and instead of dealing with it in the same sort of innovative way the story STARTED, it degenerated into a typical slugfest. It also seems to be sweeping away the "Rich Luthor" in favor of the crazy mad scientist who lives to kill Superman. The story itself? An ok super-hero story, but what it does to the characters, I'm not too happy with.

5 ULTIMATE X-MEN #42 $2.25 MAR 97,299
6 ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #53 $2.25 MAR 92,540
7 SECRET WAR BOOK ONE (Of 5) (Note Price) $3.99 MAR 88,201

Three Brian Michael Bendis comics (and if you ass Ultimate FF, it's 4 in the top 10), and all three are very well done. Bendis is a master of writing good dialgue which conveys both story and character, and his background as an artist shows as he knows when to get out of the way and let the art tell the story. I have yet to read a bad comic written by him, and all three of these are highly recommended.

I just recommended a Secret Wars comic. I feel like I need a shower now.

8 UNCANNY X-MEN #439 $2.25 MAR 86,259
9 UNCANNY X-MEN #440 $2.25 MAR 85,712

When did Chuck Austin change from a guy who wrote decent little stories to a guy who just infuriates me as I read his work?

10 BATMAN #624 $2.25 DC 84,081

It's too bad so many people have dropped Batman since "Broken City" started, since I think it's one of the better Batman stories in a long time. By the creative team of "100 Bullets", it is highly recommended.

11 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #504 (#63) $2.25 MAR 84,064

While a decent read, this comic still feels like it's just marking time and waiting for a big story to start. I dislike it when comics do that, especially with the $2.25 price tag.

12 WOLVERINE #11 $2.25 MAR 69,686

Most comics that are canceled and start over do it for a quick sales boost. Wolverine, on the other hand, needed a "reset" since the current stories are so much different than what came before. The comic now reads like a crime drama, set in a world of moral ambiguity. Written by Greg Rucka, this story arc about traffic in illeagal immigrants has been amazingly entertaining and well done. Highly recommended.

13 TEEN TITANS #8 $2.50 DC 68,190

A very average super-team book, which, if sales are any indication, people were looking for. I can't say "Oh wow! Buy this great comic", but if you are looking for a decent super-hero soap opera, this is the one.

14 SUPREME POWER #7 (MR) $2.99 MAR 65,423
15 MARVEL KNIGHTS 4 #1 $2.99 MAR 61,388

This was supposed to be the story that would have taken over the regular FF comic, and even with the added attraction of a first issue, it only sold 12,000 more than a rather average of the FF by Waid, which tells me that the new teram wouldn't have shaken things up a whole lot. I read the first issue, and while it's a decent enough story, it's nothing that hasn't been done on the comic before. It's not the "super-hero sitcom" that we were told it was by "unnamed sources", but instead a FF story paced as if it is one of the Ultimate comics, and as such, best suited for being collected in trades.

16 AVENGERS #78 $2.25 MAR 58,798

Another comic that has been hurt by shuffling creative teams, and is going to be stopped and relaunched in the summer. The current story is so dull that I quit reading it halfway through the first issue.

18 JLA #93 $2.25 DC 57,461

The last issue before the big "Claremont/Byrne" six issue arc. Dennis O'Neil did a story arc before theirs, and it feels like an extended fill-in. While Dennis O'Neil has done great comics in the past, this isn't one of them.

19 SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #10 $2.25 MAR 55,746

This is actually a pretty good Dr. Octopus story, and while we are getting covered in new Doc Oc stories as they get ready for the movie, he's not a very interesting villain. I'm still not a big fan of the changes Ramos made to his style between the previous series and this one, but his art doesn't get in the way of a decent super-hero action story. Mildly recommended for Spidey fans.

20 X-TREME X-MEN #41 $2.99 MAR 55,182
21 AVENGERS #79 $2.25 MAR 55,014

A loss of 3,000 readers in the middle of a story arc is NOT a good sign. I guess I'm not the only one who was bored to the point of dropping the comic.

22 DAREDEVIL #57 $2.99 MAR 54,644

Another Bendis story, and possibly his best, as he combines his roots in indy crime stories with Marvel's seemier underbelly. The current story (Daredevil has become the Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen to keep out crime) is nothing short of amazing, and the one comic every month I can't wait to read. Highly recommended.

23 MARVEL KNIGHTS 4 #2 $2.99 MAR 53,459
24 X-TREME X-MEN #42 $2.99 MAR 53,173
25 X-MEN UNLTD #1 $2.99 MAR 52,685

A great debut, even though sales on it are going to drop pretty fast. I like the idea of anthology comics, and Marvel is using this as kind of a "new talent showcase" kind of comic, but with creators who have worked for other companies. Mildly recommended for content but highly recommended for the idea behind the book.

26 ADVS O/SUPERMAN #625 $2.25 DC 52,055
27 ACTION COMICS #812 $2.25 DC 51,466

This is easily the highest the Superman books have charted in YEARS, and while the story doesn't seem any different, they are being drawn in the "Top Cow" style that is a bit too sleek for me. But, if it gets people to read Superman, it's got to be a good thing for DC. Storywise, they are pretty much the same overly complicated, continuity dependent Superman comics of the past 3 years.

28 CONAN #1 $2.99 DAR 51,416

This is a bit misleading, since the comic has gone through a LOT of re-orders and at least one reprinting. The art is VERY good, and I think that Conan is a character that Marvel pretty much pissed away in the 80's and 90's by not giving much of a damn about putting top notch creative teams on the character. It's good to see Dark Horse get a hit out of the comic by going back to his literary roots. I'm buying it as collected trades.

29 PULSE #1 $2.99 MAR 51,130

The sequel to "Alias", Marvel's first adult series, and while this is an "all ages" comic, it still has the deep characterization and witty dialogue that all Bendis comics have. This one is set in the offices of the Daily Bugle, and is just a great comic. Highly recommended.

30 SUPERMAN #202 $2.25 DC 50,449

The other two Superman comics came in higher because they had more re-orders, but since #200, sales on the Superman books have turned around, as I said above, simply because of a more "Image" style of art. I'm not a big fan of it, but if you like the style of art on Tomb Raider and that sort of comic, now you can get it with Superman.

31 FANTASTIC FOUR #510 (#81) $2.25 MAR 49,129

This is probably the best FF creative team in the past 20 years, as Mark Waid tells a story that makes perfect sense and amazes you that no one else has thought of it. Highly recommended.


A Wolverine Mini-series that isn't in the top 10? I don't know if this is because people didn't know about it, they are waiting for the trade or it sucks.

33 INCREDIBLE HULK #67 $2.25 MAR 47,632

Moving over the Marvel Knights (probably to make way for a new Hulk series of some kind), and while I liked the Bruce Jones approach to the character for a LONG time, it's starting to wear on me a bit, since nothing seems to get resolved. I'm also not happy with Betty coming back from the dead, since I'm tired of characters dying in Big Stories, only to come back later.

34 PUNISHER #3 (MR) $2.99 MAR 46,396

The new "more serious" Punisher is a bit better than I expected, and it shows that Garth Ennis is one of the masters of the action story. Even without his trademark dark humor, this is a great series and is highly recommended.

35 JSA #58 $2.50 DC 44,756

DC's best team book, and a joy to read. Every issue has something worth recommending, and is pretty much one of the best super-hero comics being published currently. Highly recommended.


From 150K to 44K in about a year? Three different restarts and it still hasn't stopped the slide. Yes, this is a HUGE number for a small publisher, but it's still a comic that is selling less than 1/3rd of what it did when it started, and that's not good. Makes me think that the rumors that Diamond was inflating the numbers on the early issues might have been true. Oh, and I have always hated the Transformers, so my review would be a bad one.

38 OUTSIDERS #9 $2.50 DC 43,428

This is another of the "all out in one month" mini-series from Marvel, which I don't quite understand. Is it because they want to get it out before anyone realizes how bad it is? Because they want to rush it out for a trade paperback? Because they think that EVERYONE goes to their comic shop every week?

41 FLASH #207 $2.25 DC 41,982

I'm still ambivalent about this series. It's not bad, but I don't LIKE it a whole lot. It's a pretty average comic, and I guess if you are a big fan of the Flash, you'll like it, but otherwise, it's not something for you to seek out.

42 CAPTAIN AMERICA #23 $2.99 MAR 39,695
43 BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS #50 $2.75 DC 38,879

New creative team as of this issue, and it also looks like they have gotten rid of the "Batman Black and White" backups, which went a LONG way to get me to buy this book. The new team is looking to kickstart the series by doing a followup to the Jim Lee "Hush" storyline. I was not impressed.

44 NEW MUTANTS #8 $2.99 MAR 37,609
45 COUP DETAT SLEEPER #1 (Of 4) (MR) $2.95 DC 37,155

Sleeper is a GREAT series, and if a big crossover event gets people interested in the second run of it, it's a good thing. But this is another of those Big Wildstorm crossovers where there are a bajillion characters, I can't make heads or tails of them and in the end, the story is just a mess and is for hard-core fans only.

46 EXILES #42 $2.99 MAR 37,147
47 EXILES #43 $2.99 MAR 37,054

The current creative team is wrapping up their work on the series before the late spring "Reload", so all of the storylines are being wrapped, the characters are finishing up character arcs and such. I do like this series, which is a mix of the X-Men, What If?, and Quantum Leap, but it's for long time Marvel fans only.

48 HAWKMAN #25 $2.50 DC 36,146

The wrap up of the Black Adam story, and a GREAT issue for the creative team to be leaving on. This is one of the better super-hero comics seeing print, and if you like super-heroes, you'll like this comic, even if you don't give a damn about Hawkman.

49 SPAWN #132 $2.50 IMA 36,071
50 NEW MUTANTS #9 $2.99 MAR 36,037
51 SUPERMAN BIRTHRIGHT #7 (Of 12) $2.95 DC 35,953

The new version of Superman's origin, which is cheesing off John Byrne (who did the same thing almost 20 years ago), and puts some of the Silver Age stuff BACK in Superman's origin. Again, I'll buy it as a trade paperback.

52 GREEN ARROW #35 $2.50 DC 35,507

The Judd Winnick stuff just hasn't been good enough for me to keep reading the comic. Sorry, kids, but I can't review it anymore, because that would mean I have to buy and read it.

53 DETECTIVE COMICS #791 $2.75 DC 34,995

Also under a new creative team, and they just haven't impressed me a whole lot. Maybe they don't have a good grasp of Batman, but I have lost all interest in this comic, as have most people if you judge by sales.

54 EMMA FROST #8 (Note Price) $2.99 MAR 34,894
55 MYSTIQUE #11 $2.99 MAR 31,354
56 THANOS #6 $2.99 MAR 31,068

The last issue by Jim Starlin, and like many "last issues" by Jim Starlin, it left me thinking that he didn't have any idea in the world how he wanted to end his run on this comic. The Keith Giffen stuff that has come after is good in a different way, but I just wish that Starlin would wrap up the HUGE plots and ideas he comes up with.

57 GI JOE #27 $2.95 DEV 30,774
58 THOR #74 $2.99 MAR 30,538
59 VENOM #11 $2.99 MAR 29,891

This is another case of a comic that's so bad that it is shedding readers faster than Britney Spears sheds clothing. The first 4 issues were in the top 10 and now it is dropping rapidly and is probably about to be canceled. I also think that Venom is NOT a character who can support a series on his own. He's a decent villain, and possibly a workable supporting character, but that sort of character just isn't viable as a headliner anymore.

60 IRON MAN #77 $2.99 MAR 29,748
61 BIRDS O/PREY #64 $2.50 DC 29,731
62 GREEN LANTERN #174 $2.25 DC 29,403
63 WONDER WOMAN #201 $2.25 DC 29,210

Greg Rucka has gotten me VERY interested in a character I haven't given a damn about for my whole life, which means he is a great Wonder Woman writer.

64 COUP DETAT AUTHORITY #4 (Of 4) (MR) $2.95 DC 28,705

Before DC canceled it, Authority was one of the better selling comics and was rising up the sales charts faster than any non-Marvel comic had in a long time. DC, however, didn't care for the edgy stories, open homosexual relationships between super-heroes and kept toning it down until they had run off the name creative teams and were forced to re-start the comic with a bunch of unknowns who just aren't getting the same kind of buzz. This mini-series, meant to try and get some of that buzz back, failed miserably and should be ignored.

65 NIGHTWING #90 $2.25 DC 28,688

I don't much care for the covers, the story has fallen to where I have trouble giving a damn about it, and the art makes it hard to follow what is going on. Time to drop the book, which is too bad, since I like Devin Greyson's work on most other comics.

66 SILVER SURFER #6 $2.25 MAR 28,352
68 DC NEW FRONTIER #2 (Of 6) $6.95 DC 27,318

Another DC mini-series retelling the stories of the Silver Age from a modern perspective. Darwyn Cooke is a great artist, and I'll be buying this when it is collected, but how many times is DC going to go back to the well with "this is what REALLY happened to Green Lantern, Flash and so on? Respecting history is one thing, but this is wallowing in it.

69 STREET FIGHTER #5* $2.95 IMA 27,242

Not bad for a comic based on a video game that hasn't had a new version come out in over 5 years. How long until we get a big wave of "Super Nintendo" nostalgia that put a dark, gritty Mario comic at the top of the sales charts?

70 COUP DETAT WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 #3 (Of 4) (MR) $2.95 DC 27,091
71 TRANSFORMERS ENERGON #20 $2.95 DRE 26,721
72 ROBIN #123 $2.25 DC 26,494

Bill Willingham is frustrating me on this comic. I like how he handles Robin, and the interpersonal stuff. He has a great grasp of the character and has made me give a damn again. However, he keep introducing all of these "mystic" opponents, which I don't think should be in a Batman related book. Batman doesn't fight evil wizards and soul possessing stone, but CRIME, and it's very frustrating seeing how the stories have to be twisted so that a Big Powerful Mage can be taken down by someone whose main weapon is a punch in the jaw.

73 WEAPON X #18 $2.99 MAR 26,284
74 Y THE LAST MAN #19 (MR) $2.95 DC 26,208

One of Vertigo's two big success stories, and this one is not the trademark "dark, gothy" comic that Vertigo is known for, but instead a science fiction story that flows from a simple premise and follows it out through the characters in that world. Not a Big Flashy comic, but it does work as a good story that works much better as a collected trade. Mildly recommended, but buy it as trade paperbacks.

75 BATMAN DEATH & MAIDENS #7 (Of 9) $2.95 DC 25,687
76 FABLES #22 (MR) $2.50 DC 25,317

Vertigo's other success story, and the only thing it has in common with Y is that it reads best as collected trade paperbacks. This one is more of the "mystic/horror related" type of stuff Vertigo is known for, and is also mildly recommended as trade paperbacks.

77 BATGIRL #49 $2.50 DC 25,258
78 LEGION #30 $2.50 DC 25,014

The finale of this creative team's attempt at a Darkseid story, and as far as doing one goes, it was better than some, but not as good as the great ones. I have a fondness for the Legion, since it was the first DC comic I ever bought, and I hope that the new creative team can figure out how to make the series work, since it has been on fumes for about the last decade or longer.

79 AQUAMAN #15 $2.50 DC 24,753

And the trade paperback is already out, so your store will have something to sell people when they come in asking for a Doc Oc story after seeing the movie.

81 X-STATIX #19 $2.99 MAR 24,182

I love this comic! This is part of a two part story, getting the series back on track after the "Princess Di" story that had to be changed before it saw print and really just kind of fell apart of its own weight. A deft satire of celebrity wrapped in a superhero story that is so subversive that most people don't realize is a satire, this is a great comic and is highly recommended.

82 CATWOMAN #28 $2.50 DC 23,955
83 BATMAN LEGENDS O/T DARK KNIGHT #176 $2.50 DC 23,820
84 SUPERMAN SECRET IDENTITY #2 (Of 4) $5.95 DC 22,727
85 SPIDER-MAN/DOC OCTOPUS OUT O/REACH #4 (Of 5) $2.99 MAR 22,677

Another Doc Oc story for trade paperback movie consumption. Think Marvel learned their lesson after having next to nothing in bookstores when the first X-Men movie came out?

86 CAPTAIN MARVEL #20 $2.99 MAR 22,324

Canceled with issue #25, and I hate to say it, but it's about time. The first run of this series was a collection of Peter David's flaws as a writer (in jokey, continuity obsessed, too much soap opera and not enough plot) and this one has been ever worse. It started in the middle of a BIG subplot (Captain Marvel is crazy) and the resolution to that subplot was more of a "Finally" than a "Finale". For hard core PAD fans only.

87 SOJOURN #32 $2.95 CRO 21,962

CrossGen has a hit with this book, but is it too late? They are laying off people at an alarming rate, have people quitting even faster, and have pulled out of Free Comic Book Day, so I wonder if this comic will last much longer.

88 ELEKTRA #33 $2.99 MAR 20,625

Two issues away from ending, and I can see why they have to put the book down. It has had a number of different creative teams in its three year history, and the current team doesn't really have a good handle on the kind of stories that work well in the comic book format. I have liked the comic a LOT more than the previous Elektra series, but I also think that she is a character that works best in the mini-series format.

89 SPIDER-GIRL #70 $2.99 MAR 20,541

I guess it has been renewed for another six issues, but it is definitely on the cancellation block after #81, which is where it has been for the last 4 years or so. It's a fun little comic, written and drawn in the 80's Marvel style and is recommended for people who liked those comics.

90 CHOSEN #1 NEW PRINT (OF 3) (MR) $2.99 DAR 20,205
91 RUNAWAYS #11 $2.99 MAR 19,978
92 RUNAWAYS #12 $2.99 MAR 19,608

A great comic that should be selling better. It is the story of a group of teenagers who find out that their parents are super-villains while they discover that they have super-powers. Each issue has a feeling of completeness, even though it is part of a larger narrative, and should be getting more attention. Highly recommended.

93 PLASTIC MAN #3 $2.95 DC 19,196

Another comic that should be selling better, as Kyle Baker has captured the frenetic mix of humor and action that Jack Cole was able to put together back in the 40's. It's not going to be a comic that makes you think, or deals with "big issues", but is about as much fun as you can have reading a comic book, and is highly recommended.

94 TOMB RAIDER #37 $2.99 IMA 19,128
95 STAR WARS REPUBLIC #61 $2.99 DAR 19,028
97 30 DAYS O/NIGHT ANNUAL 2004 (MR)* $4.99 IDW 18,229

The first comic from IDW that actually is priced well for what you get. Most of their stuff is priced at $4 for 32 pages, but this is $5 for a square bound comic with three stories. One of the best horror comics being done now, and while the art is very dark and "sketchy", it works for the style or story and is recommended for people who like horror stories.

98 WITCHBLADE #73 $2.99 IMA 18,002

OK, let me see if I have this right. They said that the readers would vote on which character would not be killed...then said that they were tossing that out and ANYONE could die. That's how they are getting attention on the comic. It's like the old "Death of Robin" thing DC did in 1989, except without any integrity, about character people give a damn about, or on a comic that people read with more than one hand.

99 LOBO UNBOUND #5 (Of 6) (RES) (MR) $2.95 DC 17,968

Guess we weren't ready for the return of Lobo after all.

100 DAWN THREE TIERS #3 (Of 6) $2.95 IMA 17,691

I will give anyone who can tell me the plot of this comic just by reading it (and not by reading interviews with the artist or the description of the comic in Previews) $20. Why do I say that? BECAUSE THERE ISN'T A PLOT. Linsner is a great artist, and his love for redheads rivals mine, but the guy wouldn't know a story if it stumbled into his comic and bled to death on the pages. Still, it's awfully pretty art, isn't it?

101 HELLBOY WEIRD TALES #7 $2.99 DAR 17,522
102 BATMAN CITY O/LIGHT #5 (Of 8) $2.95 DC 17,472

You have to give DC props for allowing the Pander Brothers to do a Batman story. Their art has never been mainstream, and turns off as many readers as like it, but I have liked their work since their work on Grendel in the 80's. Wait for the trade, then only get it if you are a fan of that style of art.

103 EL CAZADOR #5 $2.95 CRO 17,329

A pirate comic. At least it claims to be, but I read this issue and not a single person said "Ahrrr." That would be like a ninja comic where the characters weren't stealthy. CrossGen's second best selling comic, but it's written by Chuck Dixon, so it is pretty much the same as every other Chuck Dixon comic except with boats.

104 INHUMANS #9 $2.99 MAR 17,321
105 INHUMANS #10 $2.99 MAR 17,270

Done with issue #12. And I still don't know why they thought anyone would buy it.

106 HARD TIME #1 $2.50 DC 17,085

Steve Gerber's new book for the DC Focus line, which reminds me a lot of Marvel's "New Universe" line, where people have super-powers in a world that hasn't had super-powers before. Gerber is always a good writer, and his work on this series is solidly entertaining, but I can't see it lasting more that 12 issues in the current market. It's a shame, since it is IS a good book and is mildly recommended.

107 GOTHAM CENTRAL #16 $2.50 DC 16,959

Even a Joker story can't get people interested in this comic, which is a shame. This series focuses on the police who work in Gotham City, and is one of DC's best book, with a solid creative team, appropraitely moody art and a new percpecitve on the whole "super-hero universe" idea. Highly recommended, and one of the few comics where you can start reading in the middle of a story arc and still figure out what is going on.

108 TOM STRONG #25 $2.95 DC 16,682

Love this comic, and wish it sold better. Tom Strong is a fun, pulp-y action series filled with fascinating ideas and solid stories, with great, clean art the tells the story in such a way that you can read it even if you have never read a comic book in your life. Highly recommended.

109 MONOLITH #1 $3.50 DC 16,640

Another DC series that came out of nowhere, had no reader demand and will be done by the 12th issue.


Yes, folks, more proof that DC will continue to milk the Sandman work by Neil Gainman for as long as we are all alive. The next Sandman related mini-series will be "The Story Of The Hotel Manager In Issue 14".

111 TEEN TITANS GO #4 $2.25 DC 16,085

Explain to me why this series which is wonderfully witty, expertly drawn by Art Adams and gives more entertainment than you should be able to get for $3 is selling so poorly? Is it because it's an anthology? Is it because comics fans only buy Batman, Superman, Spiderman and X-Men stuff? ARE YOU ALL MORONS WHO DON'T LIKE GOOD COMICS?!?!? Go. Buy this. NOW!

113 BRIAN PULIDO LADY DEATH #11 $2.95 CRO 15,597

And when CrossGen goes under, that will be two companies that Lady Death has been involved in that have died that seemed to be doing amazingly well for a time. I think she's bad luck. Maybe Harris will pick the book up and re-inflate her breasts to "Pre-CrossGen" size.

114 SENTINEL #12 $2.99 MAR 15,008

Last issue. And while the book wasn't horrible, it also wasn't really positioned for the current market. A story about a kid and his pet robot that...hold on...not only have I heard this story before, but the movie it's cribbed from didn't do well EITHER.

115 HELLBLAZER #193 (MR) $2.75 DC 15,000
116 ABADAZAD #1 $2.95 CRO 14,966

A great creative team (DeMatties and Mike Ploog) doing a fantasy series that isn't just a super-hero story dressed in fantasy clothing, and it does solid sales for a troubled company. I think CrossGen could have succeeded if they would have gone with this model for their series instead of the series they did.

117 HUMAN TORCH #10 $2.99 MAR 14,916

Canceled with issue #12. It's too bad, since the Human Torch is one of my favorite characters, but as good a writer as Karl Kessel is, but having to start with a six part story for a trade paperback, and art that didn't appeal to comic fans probably killed this series before it could get going.

118 ROSE & THORN #3 (Of 6) $2.95 DC 14,613

Not so much a Batman story but a Commissioner Gorden story, and while I liked the idea of a murder mystery featuring that character, and some moody art by the creator, it ended up being a collection of cliches that didn't quite hang together.

120 HERO #13 $2.50 DC 14,151

This book should sell better! A different kind of comic series featuring a dial that gives people super-powers. This is one of the better stories in a great series, as a sexist construction worker is turned into a stereotypical comic book super-heroine. Inventive and funny, this book is highly recommended.

121 ROBOTECH INVASION #2 (Of 5) $2.95 DC 14,058
122 TALES O/T VAMPIRES #3 $2.99 DAR 13,831

Stories set in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, proving that it doesn't matter if it is a direct Buffy comic or a Buffy related comic, Dark Horse just can't get the damn thing to sell worth a damn.

123 SAM & TWITCH #26 $2.50 IMA 13,638
124 BATMAN #623 $2.25 DC 13,268

Reorders, amazingly enough. That puts this issue of the 100K mark, and shows that most of the people who bought the book for Jim Lee's run, stayed for the current story arc. Which is good, since I think it was a much better story overall.

125 LUCIFER #47 (MR) $2.50 DC 12,915
126 SIMPSONS COMICS #91 $2.99 BON 12,604

I recommend this comic every month, and this month is no different. The best adapatation comic ever, and just as funny as the TV series has ever been. Highly recommended.

127 KISS KISS BANG BANG #2 $2.95 CRO 12,536
128 JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVS #28 $2.25 DC 12,343
129 ASPEN SKETCHBOOK $2.99 ASP 12,200
130 BATMAN ADVS #11 $2.25 DC 12,082
131 FRANK MILLERS ROBOCOP #5 (Of 9) (MR)* $3.50 AVA 11,729
132 LIGHT BRIGADE #1 (Of 4) (MR) $5.95 DC 11,654

Another of the DC mini-series that end up being $24 to read the whole story. Still, with sales this high for a book this expensive, it's making money.

133 VOLTRON VOL 2 #2 $2.95 DEV 11,561
134 BRATH #12 $2.95 CRO 11,477
135 FALLEN ANGEL #8 (MR) $2.50 DC 11,435

Another book that should be selling better. Peter David has a lot of flaws as a writer, but here he plays to his strengths, and shows that he can still put together solid, entertaining stories. The comic also has an air of mystery about it that managed not to be frustrating to the read er, but intrigues, which is a hard thing to pull off. Mildly recommended.

136 LOSERS #9 (MR) $2.95 DC 11,317
137 EPIC ANTHOLOGY #1 $5.99 MAR 11,250

The one and only issue. After reading all three fo the stories, it's a shame that the Epic line died as soon as it did. I didn't care for the first "Sleepwalker" series at all, but the story in this was very good. Young Ancient One was the closest thing I have seen to a Hong Kong action flick in print. The problem was that all of the stories were continued, and there won't be a second issue. I also think sales were down a lot because it was supposed to be an $8, and ended up being a $6. More of an oddity now than a comic to read and enjoy, and this will prolly end up being Marvel's version of "Canceled Comics Cavalcade."

138 PATH #22 $2.95 CRO 11,031
139 NEGATION #27 $2.95 CRO 10,922
140 ROB ZOMBIE SPOOK SHOW INTL #5 (Of 6) (MR) $2.95 MVC 10,611

The first few issues were with CrossGen, but it's moved out on its own now (and will be continuing past the 6th issue). I don't if it IS really written by Mr. Zombie (who I love to refer to him as) but it's a solid little horror anthology for those who are horror fans.

141 DRAGONLANCE LEGEND O/HUMA #1* $2.95 DEV 10,485
143 BART SIMPSON COMICS #16 $2.99 BON 10,258

This is the kind of comic adaptation that I DON'T like. It uses the characters of the Simpsons, but keeps putting them in stories that just don't seem to fit. It's almost as if they have some generic stories laying around, and do a "search and replace" on names before sending them to artists. Stick with the main Simpsons title and pass on this one.

144 HEDGE KNIGHT #3 (Of 6)* $2.95 IMA 10,014
145 HUMAN TARGET #7 (MR) $2.95 DC 9,896
146 MERIDIAN #43 $2.95 CRO 9,770
147 COMMON GROUNDS #2 (Of 6) $2.99 IMA 9,720

A GREAT comic that should be selling better. Using the premise of a "super-hero gathering spot", it tells stories using super-heroes that other comics don't. Much in the tradition of "Astro City" and some of Alan Moore's better work, this series tells deeply human stories that happen to be about super-heroes. Highly recommended, even if you don't like super-heroes.


A nice, hefty anthology using the character from the award winning novel "The Adventures of Cavalier and Clay". This is one of the better ideas that have come out of comics lately, and is a comic that can be read by people who haven't read the novel...but if you have it will be that much more enjoyable. Highly recommended.

149 SAVAGE DRAGON #113 $2.95 IMA 9,568
150 ROUTE 666 #20 $2.95 CRO 9,535
151 FUTURAMA COMICS #16 $2.99 BON 9,468

The only way we are going to get any new stories featuring the cast of this prematurely canceled TV series, and the creators have done an excellent job in making the comic feel like episodes that just didn't get onto the air. Highly recommended.

152 CAPER #5 (Of 12) (MR) $2.95 DC 8,854
153 DEMON DRIVEN OUT #6 (Of 6) $2.50 DC 8,837
154 CRIMSON DYNAMO #6 $2.50 MAR 8,795

The last issue of the ONLY Epic mini-series to be completed. When you look at the sales, you probably understand why. It wasn't BAD, but it wasn't all that good either.

155 STARGATE SG1 POW #1 (Of 3)* $3.50 AVA 8,786

This seems to be another comic that gets good reviews, and poor sales. I can't say as I saw anything in the comic that made me think it was more than an average Vertigo book. There are rumors that this is being looked at as a TV series, which means that the idea itself may not be suited to comic books.

157 GOON DH ED #5 $2.99 DAR 8,433
158 SILENT HILL DYING INSIDE #1 (MR) $3.99 IDW 7,862

Based on the horror video game. Another IDW comic that charges $4 for 32 pages, which strikes me as completely insane.

159 MY FAITH I/FRANKIE #2 (Of 4) (MR) $2.95 DC 7,786
160 HAWKMAN #24 $2.50 DC 7,735

Re-orders of the JSA crossover, which has to be good news for DC. Also the last story by the creative team that started the comic, and is highly recommended for super-hero fans.

161 SHONEN JUMP VOL 2 #3 MAR 2004 $4.99 VIZ 7,164

Still sells over a half million on newsstands. This is proof that comic shops are not where comics should be sold if they ever want to be a mass medium again.

162 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #133 $2.19 ARC 7,122
163 USAGI YOJIMBO #72 $2.99 DAR 6,996
164 USAGI YOJIMBO #73 $2.99 DAR 6,886
165 CEREBUS #299 $2.25 AAR 6,659

The next to last issue. Even if Dave Sim is a wacky bastard, the fact that he put together 300 issues of a self-published comic and made a living doing so is an amazing achievement, and will probably never been matched.

166 INVINCIBLE #8 $2.95 IMA 6,323
167 UNCLE SCROOGE #327 $6.95 GEM 6,281
168 POWERPUFF GIRLS #47 $2.25 DC 6,239
169 WANTED #1 (MR)* $2.99 IMA 6,188

More re-orders. Image must be darn happy about this, but they had best be worried that Marvel has started up a "creator owned" imprint for the creators they really like.

170 KNIGHTS O/T DINNER TABLE #88 $3.99 KZR 6,172

I love this comic! It is a 100 page magazine with about 50 or so pages of comics, and the rest is articles on gaming. A humor series that is actually funny, gives you your money's worth, and is entertaining even if you aren't a gamer. Good stuff and highly recommended.

171 REIGN O/T ZODIAC #7 $2.75 DC 6,113

Last issue, I think. It's too bad that Keith Giffen and Colleen Doran (both solidly talented creators) couldn't get this series to generate any interest. It didn't have a solid hook that comic book marketing could get around, and it didn't have a super-hero hook that would have given it a built in audience to start from.

172 FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER #2* $2.95 IMA 6,096
173 DONALD DUCK & FRIENDS #313 $2.95 GEM 6,079
174 FUSED #2 $2.99 DAR 6,079
175 WAKE THE DEAD #4 (Of 5) (MR) $3.99 IDW 5,860

The sequel to "30 Days Of Night", which continues the mood, and gives the story a kind of closure. A great horror comic that is much better to get as a trade paperback, which came out less than a month after the final issue.

176 WONDER WOMAN #200 (Note Price) $3.95 DC 5,793

More re-orders.

177 OH MY GODDESS #105 $2.99 DAR 5,793
178 QUEEN & COUNTRY #23 (MR) $2.99 ONI 5,768

Another series by Greg Rucka, but this one doesn't sell quite as well as his mainstream super-hero stuff, which is a damn shame. I solid spy series that redas like a series of novels, and is EXCELLENT in trade paperback form.

179 MICKEY MOUSE & FRIENDS #262 $2.95 GEM 5,734

Yow. I guess the 80's nostalgia just hasn't hit the Turtles yet.

181 BLADE O/T IMMORTAL #87 (MR) $2.99 DAR 5,482
182 WALT DISNEYS COMICS & STORIES #642 $6.95 GEM 5,474

And ANOTHER comic based on a video game, one that I found way too hard to play for extended periods of time. And I am getting a bit sick of video game comics.

184 SCOOBY DOO #81 $2.25 DC 5,297
185 FUSED #3 $2.99 DAR 5,230
186 MYTHSTALKERS #7 $2.95 IMA 5,213
187 LONE #4 $2.99 DAR 4,961
188 SHIELD SPOTLIGHT #2 (MR) $3.99 IDW 4,885

Based on the TV series. Yeah, sales on it aren't that great, but the series is only seen by about a million people MAX. It also doesn't seem to be comic book friendly series, as it is a drama about crooked cops and is very dialouge heavy (known by artists as nothing but talking heads). Still, IDW is undergoing a bit of an expansion lately and if it gets people who don't read comics to give them a try, I guess it's a good thing. But still, $4 for a regular sized comic is overpriced.

189 FEATHER #4 (Of 4) $2.95 IMA 4,557
190 GOLD DIGGER #50* $2.99 ANT 4,549
191 ICANDY #6 $2.50 DC 4,423

Dear DC,

I don't think anyone gave a damn about this series, even with the T&A covers. Thanks.

192 STREET FIGHTER SHINKIRO CVR #5 (Net) $5.00 IMA 4,347
193 KAMIKAZE #5 (Of 6) $2.95 DC 4,212
194 SUPERMAN/BATMAN #5 $2.95 DC 4,170
195 SUPER MANGA BLAST #38 (MR) $5.99 DAR 3,994

My Favorite Manga series, a monthly anthology of some of the best manga available, including What's Michael, possibly the best cat related stories in ANY medium. Highly recommended for people who either love manga or want to see what all the fuss is about.

197 SUPER MANGA BLAST #39 (MR) $5.99 DAR 3,792

See what I said above about this series.

198 ADVS O/SUPERMAN #624 $2.25 DC 3,557
200 CRUSH #3 $2.99 DAR 3,473

The good thing is that the publisher of this series has decided to have short mini-series instead of overpriced prestige format 48 page stories. The bad thing is that it is for such a niche market, I don't think it can ever sell very well. I loved this series as a kid (and Trio still plays it on their "Brilliant But Canceled" series), but now it seems very dated.

202 LOONEY TUNES #111 $2.25 DC 3,220
203 DEMO #4 (Of 12) (MR) $2.95 AIT 3,220

This is one of those odd things I just don't get about comics. This is an extra issue of Knights of the Dinner Table (which is up there about 50 spots), and it sells less than the regular comic. It's just as funny, but doesn't have a lot of the gaming articles in it. Highly recommended, and I wish someone would tell me why it doesn't sell as well as the regular comic.

206 HULK UNCHAINED #2 (Of 3) $2.99 MAR 3,111

More re-orders. At least I think they are. If they aren't, I know a LOT of people at Marvel who would be looking for work for having a comic sell this poorly.

207 ANT #1 $2.95 ARC 3,052
208 TALES O/T REALM #3 (Of 6) $3.95 MVC 2,985
209 SUPERMAN/BATMAN #4 $2.95 DC 2,884
210 HELLHOUNDS #4 (MR) $2.95 IMA 2,825
211 GI JOE COBRA REBORN* $4.95 DEV 2,775
212 BONEYARD #13 $2.95 NBM 2,766
213 NEW X-MEN #152 $2.25 MAR 2,539
214 DC NEW FRONTIER #1 (Of 6) $6.95 DC 2,531

And the reason this one doesn't sell as well as Knights is because...well, the character's actual games turned into comics just isn't all that interesting. It's more in how the people playing the game act. But, I guess this is fun for the very hard core.

216 LOVE FIGHTS #7 (MR) $2.99 ONI 2,472
217 SABRINA VOL 2 #55 $2.19 ARC 2,405
218 BETTY & VERONICA #198 $2.19 ARC 2,388
219 CARTOON CARTOONS #27 $2.25 DC 2,371
220 METAL HURLANT #10 (MR) $3.95 HUM 2,321

Moving over to DC. Let's see if it picks up in sales there, since it is a decent enough anthology. It's VERY European in its art styles, which isn't one of my favorites, so I tend to pass on it.

222 HULK GAMMA GAMES #3 (Of 3) $2.99 MAR 2,270
224 RUULE GANGLORDS O/CHINATOWN #4 (Of 5) (MR) (Note Price) $2.99 BEC 2,195

Even with an ad in Marvel's more adult themed comics, covers by David Mack and a VERY low price for a prestige book, this sold poorly. I saw one issue, leafed through it, and wasn't very impressed. I think that Backett will go back to baseball card price guides after this.

225 BETTY #135 $2.19 ARC 2,186
226 STEVEN GRANTS MY FLESH IS COOL #1 (Of 3) (MR)* $3.50 AVA 2,169

I love Steven Grant's stuff, but the Avalon art style is just nearly impossible for me to get past. I'd buy this comic without thinking if it had decent art, but as is, I'll wait until it is collected and then look through it to see if I can decypher what si going on in the comic before I buy it.

227 SUPERMAN/BATMAN #3 $2.95 DC 2,052
228 ARCHIE & FRIENDS #80 $2.19 ARC 2,018
229 BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #145 $2.39 ARC 2,010
230 CISCO KID #1 (Of 3) (MR) $2.95 MNS 1,967
231 ACTION COMICS #811 $2.25 DC 1,951
232 ARCHIE DIGEST #205 $2.39 ARC 1,934
233 JUGHEADS DOUBLE DIGEST #101 $3.59 ARC 1,909
234 NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #113 $3.50 ANT 1,909
235 HAWKMAN #23 $2.50 DC 1,900
236 SUPERMAN METROPOLIS #12 (Of 12) $2.95 DC 1,850
237 JUGHEAD #156 $2.19 ARC 1,850
238 GENUS #63 (A) $3.50 RAD 1,841

The last time I mocked this comic, one of the creators told me to go buy an issue before saying anything. I did, and guess what? IT'S FURRY PORN!! JUST LIKE I SAID IT WAS!!

I had to wash out my eyes with acid to stop the pain.

239 DEAD AT 17 #4 (Of 4) (MR) $2.95 VIP 1,740
240 HEROES ANONYMOUS #4 (Of 6) (MR) $2.99 BON 1,732

I had hoped this would be a much better comic series, but it doesn't quite work. It doesn't have enough laughs to be a humor story, but isn't serious enough to be a decent examination of any sort. A failed experiment.

241 HEDGE KNIGHT COLL ED (RES) $8.95 DEV 1,665
242 INVINCIBLE ED #4 (Of 4) $2.99 DAR 1,648
243 ABSENT FRIENDS #1 $3.50 SLG 1,631
244 TALES O/TMNT #1 $2.95 MIR 1,623
245 HSU AND CHAN #5 $2.95 SLG 1,572

A comic using a couple of characters from a video game magazine that routinely sells over a half million copies a month. The problem I have with the strip is that the lettering is so bad, I can't make out what is being said (and there is a LOT of verbage).

246 BLACK TIDE #9* $2.95 ANG 1,555
247 LAUGH DIGEST #191 $2.39 ARC 1,522
248 SEX WARRIOR ISANE #5 (RES) (A) $3.50 ERO 1,522
249 CHARM SCHOOL #9 (MR) $2.95 SLG 1,471
250 GRUMPY OLD MONSTERS #3 (Of 4) $3.99 IDW 1,446

This has all the marks of being a failed TV pitch. Yep, comic books, a medium of unbridled imagination where you can dump your stuff that no one wants.

251 BE A MAN #1 $3.00 TOP 1,387
252 FURRLOUGH #132 $2.99 RAD 1,345
253 AP YOU CAN DRAW MANGA #1 $4.95 ANT 1,345
254 WALKING DEAD #4 (MR) $2.95 IMA 1,320
255 PIRATE CLUB #1 $2.95 SLG 1,312

Ahrrr... Do they fight constantly with the ninja club?

256 TEEN TITANS #7 $2.50 DC 1,286
257 JSA #57 $2.50 DC 1,211
259 SLAUGHTER #1 (Of 3) $3.50 CMX 1,194
260 SUPERMAN #201 $2.25 DC 1,169

I'm surprised this sells as well as it does. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Kolchalka's work, and find him to be one of the more interesting and innovative cartoonists working today, but this is such a personal work, and so far from the mainstream, I would have thought it would be something that didn't even chart and only sold to hard-core fans. And that is who it is for, to be honest.

262 TEEN TITANS #6 $2.50 DC 1,152
263 CATWOMAN #27 $2.50 DC 1,152

Once you get down to this part of the list, it's mostly stuff like Archie comics, re-orders and comics with an incredibly limited audience.

264 MICKEY MOUSE & FRIENDS #258 $2.95 GEM 1,144
265 DONALD DUCK & FRIENDS #309 $2.95 GEM 1,135
266 OUTLOOK GRIM #4 (MR) $2.95 SLG 1,127

And should I make the obvious joke about how the Outlook is Grim for there to be a 5th issue? Oh, I just did? Never mind.

267 LUFTWAFFE 1946 #17 $5.95 ANT 1,110
268 SORT O/HOMECOMING #2 (Of 3) $3.50 ALT 1,076
269 UNCLE SCROOGE #323 $6.95 GEM 1,076
270 QUAGMIRE USA #1 $2.99 ANT 1,051
271 ULTIMATE SIX #6 (Of 7) $2.25 MAR 1,051
272 MANGA CALIENTE #2 (A) $3.95 ERO 1,043
273 SQUEE #1 $2.95 SLG 1,043

Not bad for a comic that is over 5 years old and has been available pretty much constantly since that time. Jhonen Vasquez has a rabid fan following that makes him a lot of money for such a quirky artist. And I'd like his stuff if he'd hire a decent letterer. Well, maybe I would. It's hard to tell since I can't make heads or tails of what is going on since the lettering is so "stylized."

274 WALT DISNEYS COMICS & STORIES #638 $6.95 GEM 1,043
275 UNCLE SCROOGE #325 $6.95 GEM 1,034
276 UNCLE SCROOGE #324 $6.95 GEM 1,026
277 WALT DISNEYS COMICS & STORIES #640 $6.95 GEM 1,017
278 REAR ENTRY #5 (A) $3.95 ERO 1,017
279 8 1/2 GHOSTS ONE-SHOT (MR) $3.95 ALT 1,009
280 WALT DISNEYS COMICS & STORIES #639 $6.95 GEM 1,009
282 DONALD DUCK & FRIENDS #311 $2.95 GEM 1,009

And this was in February. Explain THAT.

284 MICKEY MOUSE & FRIENDS #260 $2.95 GEM 1,009
285 MICKEY MOUSE & FRIENDS #259 $2.95 GEM 1,009
286 DONALD DUCK & FRIENDS #310 $2.95 GEM 1,001
287 JLA/AVENGERS #3 (OF 4) $5.95 MAR 1,001
288 ROBIN #122 $2.25 DC 984
289 SUPERNATURAL LAW #39 (RES) $2.95 EXH 942

A fun comic that just never took off in comic shops. The main characters work on law cases of vampires, werewolves and the like, and every issue has at least one really funny idea. I hope it sells well outside comic shops, since sales like this pretty much mean that every issue loses money.

290 LEGENDS FROM DARKWOOD #3 (Of 4) $3.50 ANT 942
292 WARHAMMER MONTHLY #78 $3.50 GAM 908
293 KISS KISS BANG BANG #1 $2.95 CRO 883
294 OUTSIDERS #8 $2.50 DC 874
295 SUPERMAN SECRET IDENTITY #1 (Of 4) $5.95 DC 866
297 FARO KORBIT #1 (Of 4) $3.50 CMX 866
298 DONALD DUCK & FRIENDS #312 $2.95 GEM 866
299 BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS #49 $2.75 DC 858
300 UNCLE SCROOGE #326 $6.95 GEM 858

And that's it! Tune in next month for funnier comments!

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