The Top 300 Selling Comics for September 2002

This list comes from digging through sales figures, asking too many questions and using Diamond Comics information. The snotty comments in white are mine.

1      FANTASTIC FOUR #60      MAR      705,109

700,000 copies!  Wow!  Is it a long lost Stan Lee/Jack Kirby collaboration?  Nope, it's a comic that costs only 9 cents.  I thought they would have higher sales (I was thinking around a million) but this is still pretty darn good.  DC did a 10 cent Batman comic last year that was the first part of a 6 month storyline, but this goes one better since it is a self-contained story by a new creative team that serves as an introduction to the book.  I would recommend that everyone who likes comics give this a try, Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo are a GREAT team (as seen on their work on Flash and Impulse) and the FF are one of the greatest creations in Super-hero comics.  Wildly recommended.

2      TRANSFORMERS GENERATION ONE #5      DRE      122,829

There are allegations that the numbers on this are being kept artificially high by Diamond by a number of rumor sites.  I think it's just that no one can believe that such a piece of crap can sell so well.

3      ULTIMATES #8      MAR      112,570

I dropped this book with issue #6, which featured Ant-Man getting drunk, beating his nude wife and then having her attacked by ants while Iron Man was making passes at Captain America.  I try very hard not to be an old fogey, but I don't need to read that in a book that Marvel is pitching as "For new readers who are younger than the current readership."  I also read where the artist said that it was a 2 year story that would put the team in place.  That's $54 to get things comics creators realize that we don't feel like shelling out that much money while they "find their feet and set things up?"  You have one issue to hook me.  Not 24.

4      TRANSFORMERS ARMADA #2      DRE      109,532

5      THUNDERCATS RECLAIMING THUNDERA #1 (Of 5)      DC      101,551

Dear Sweet Heavenly God, people actually buy this shit?  I tried watching a Thundercats cartoon back in the 80's, and it was poorly animated, didn't make much sense, and gave me a headache.  I can't imagine the comic being much better.

6      AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #44   MAR      100,070

The payoff of all of the work done on Spider-Man is that the comic is selling well, people like it, and the stories are generally well done.  Art-wise, John Romita Jr. is taking the stories and making them flow perfectly, and he may be the best storyteller in comics currently.  Highly Recommended.

7      SPIDER-MAN/BLACK CAT EVIL THAT MEN DO #3 (Of 4)      MAR      99,110

Kevin Smith's Spider-man mini-series.  I will buy it when it's collected in book form.

8     NEW X-MEN #131      MAR      98,805

9     NEW X-MEN #130      MAR      98,796

Grant Morrison has made this a must read book after years of it being literally unreadable.  The current storyline delving into Cyclops's personality is a great example of taking a character that you think is utterly played out and making them fresh and interesting again.  Highly recommended.

10      THUNDERCATS #0      DC      96,745

I hate all 0 issues, I hate the current 80's retro movement and I hate YOU.  OK, maybe I don't hate you, but I need three things to give the review flow.

11      ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #25      MAR      96,382

Bendis gives a shock ending that is a REAL SHOCK.  He has made the current Green Goblin storyline one where you actually feel concern that things will not turn out all right, and gives comics something that they have not had in a while, and genuine sense of adventure and thrill.  As good as the other Spider-Man books are, this one is the one I look forward to the most.  Highly recommended.

12      ULTIMATE X-MEN #21      MAR      93,216

Don't read it anymore, so I won't review it anymore.

13      UNCANNY X-MEN #410      MAR      87,008

14      UNCANNY X-MEN #411      MAR      86,875

Chuck Austin, primarily known as an artist, has come onto the book and starts with a three part story that is well constructed, interesting and fun to read, things that have been missing from this comic for a long time.  He suffers in comparison to Morrison's Big Screen X-Men series, but this is well worth the time for X-Men fans.  Nothing here is mind-blowing, just a good solid read.

15    BATTLE O/T PLANETS #2    IMA      71,982

16    SPIDER-MAN BLUE #4 (Of 6)      MAR      70,293

Another of the mini-series by Loeb and Sale that explore the early years of a hero's life.  Another mini-series I will be reading in a collected book.

17    WOLVERINE #180      MAR      67,892

On the one hand, I am surprised that the Wolverine book is selling this low on the charts.  On the other, the book hasn't been worth reading since issue 35, so who cares?

18    X-TREME X-MEN #17   MAR      64,961

Chris Claremont says that he is wrapping up the first story in this comic.  Now for those who are saying, "17 issues for one story?  That's nuts?" please remember that this is Chris Claremont, and we should be grateful that he's actually wrapping up a story.  Let's see if he remembers how to do that.

19      CAPTAIN AMERICA #5      MAR      64,695

I love this book, when it comes out (which is getting very rarely).  It started as a "Let's kill terrorists," but is now going into how a simplistic approach doesn't work...even for Super-Heroes.  The problem is, for a high selling book, it only seems to come out once in a blue moon, which is killing the current story when you have to wait two and three months between chapters.  At this point I have to recommend that people wait and buy it as a collected book.

20    GI JOE #9    IMA      64,602

21    JLA #69   DC      62,577

The second part of a story to bring back Aquaman, and I am already confused.  There's time travel, a new JLA, a lot of Atlantean history and I find that I just don't care.  Look for this book to keep slipping down the charts as people get confused and leave.

22      SPIDER-MAN PETER PARKER #47      MAR      62,157

I normally like this book, but Jenkins just doesn't seem to have it for the Big Super Villain Fight stories.  His forte is small character stories, and I suggest people wait for him to do another one before buying this comic.

23      SPIDER-MAN DAREDEVIL #1      MAR      61,680

A one shot with very dark art and an utterly forgettable story.

24    JLA #70   DC      61,556

Amazingly, the issues of the big Aquaman Returns story that don't deal with Aquaman returning have been very good.  Nightwing trying to fill Batman's shoes, heroes you wouldn't think of as team members trying to do the best they can and a huge, world-wide disaster make the even numbered issues of this story interesting.  Too bad the stuff in the odd numbered issues is so confusingly unreadable.

25    GREEN ARROW #16      DC      59,946

The first issue by the new writer, and it's good.  Not as wordy as Kevin Smith's stuff, but a nice start to a story.  Hopefully this is the start of something good, and is Mildly Recommended.

26      AVENGERS #57      MAR      55,93 1

Geoff Johns from JSA and Hawkman has taken over the writing on this book, and he shows that he can do the Big Stories in the Marvel universe as well.  A good start from a writer who has shown he only gets better over time on a comic.  Recommended for Marvel Super-Hero fans.

27      DAREDEVIL #36      MAR      50,210

The story of Daredevil's secret identity being revealed in a New York tabloid is one of those great stories where everything seems utterly logical and yet surprising at the same time.  There hasn't been any of the standard super-hero daring-do, but instead a fascinating examination of the character in a way no one else has done before.  Highly recommended to all comics fans, even if you don't much care for super-heroes.

28      INCREDIBLE HULK #44   MAR      49,184

Bruce Jones has made The Hulk feel like a fresh book with a new feel, even if the stories are just "The Hulk is being hunted by the military."  Every issue takes that feel a bit further, and it makes me wonder why this book goes through periods of sheer tedium when creators can pull so much creativity out of it.  Highly Recommended.

29    LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN VOL II #2 (Of 6)      DC      47,203

For those who didn't read the first series, this is a Victorian Justice League, with the greatest public domain characters of the time working together...and it feels like a pulp novel and a work of art at the same time.  I can't recommend buying individual issues, as it only works as a whole, but the collected version will be highly recommended.

30      PUNISHER #15      MAR      44,501

Garth Ennis as writer is letting his black humor go completely wild in this book, and the results are the kind of over-the-top stuff I never thought I would see outside of a Destroyer novel.  Recommended for people who don't get offended by ultra-violence and like their humor bitter and nasty.

31    BATMAN #606  DC      44,218

Burning off the issues before Jim Lee comes on as artist, and it shows.  Feels like a fill-in, which is too bad, as Ed Brubaker has written some good Batman comics during his tenure.

32      FANTASTIC FOUR #59      MAR      43,378

I know that this issue was widely regarded as a fill-in placekeeper waiting for Mark Waid to come on board, but Adam Warren did the impossible during his tenure on Gen 13...turned in interesting, meaningful stories that advanced the 1 dimensional characters beyond where they should have been.  His 3 part FF story was a wonderful examination of Ben Grimm wrapped in an adventure filled story with tons of fight scenes and alternate realities and comic-book science.  Highly Recommended and I hope that someone gives Adam Warren a regular assignment as soon as possible.

33    CALL OF DUTY WAGON #1      MAR      43,258

Another of Marvel's "Crying Firemen" comics.  It's supposed to be gritty and real, but it ties in with the other two series, has a ghost floating around that is part of the story, and made me decide to drop it right back on the shelf I picked it up from.

34    JSA #39   DC      43,024

DC's best team book, with a focus on Power Girl, one of DC's most toss-away characters.  By the end of the issue I wanted more, which means that the team did their work in making me care about the story and the character.  Highly Recommended.

35      DETECTIVE COMICS #773  DC      42,436

Greg Rucka ends his well-done tenure on this series with a story that wraps up the last dangling plotline from the "Bruce Wayne: Murderer" event, what about his bodyguard who knew he was Batman.  The story is low-key and told like a well done mystery novel, as were most of Rucka's best works on the series.  Highly Recommended.

36    RISING STARS #21 (Of 24)      IMA      41,879

37    SPAWN #125  IMA      41,251

I am still waiting to hear from anyone who gives a damn about this comic anymore.  I am betting that the people who still buy it haven't cracked the cover in over two years.

38    X-STATIX #2      MAR      41,140

This comic is an utter joy to read.  Inventive, fun and perfectly told.  I have heard from older comics fans that they dislike Allred's "Cartoony" art...which baffles me, as his stuff looks almost like mid 60's Marvel art.  Warap that around stories dealing with celebrity, grief, and the constant presence of media in our lives, and you have one of Marvel's best books, highly recommended, even if you hate super-heroes.

39    CALL OF DUTY BROTHERHOOD #3 (Of 6)      MAR      40,176

40    CALL OF DUTY PRECINCT #2 (Of 6)      MAR      39,823

41    EXILES #16   MAR      39,133

A comic that shouldn't be a hit, and I shouldn't like.  I hate comics that require you to know a ton of comic book history, and this one is like a series of "What If" stories.  It's the characters that keep me interested.  Morph is a character that is supposed to be funny and actually is...a rarity in comics anymore.  Highly Recommended for super-hero fans.

42    WEAPON X WILD CHILD #1    MAR      38,797

43    WEAPON X AGENT ZERO #1    MAR      38,739

44    WEAPON X MARROW #1      MAR      37,966

Um...Mr. Quesada, do you remember when you said you would be getting rid of the endless parade of unnecessary X-Men spin-off mini-series?  Take a look above and tell me if any of these characters are worth killing trees over.

45    GREEN LANTERN #153      DC      37,864

This is the issue before the one discussed on Phil Donahue's MSNBC show, dealing with gay bashing.  I have been lukewarm to Winnick's writing on this series, since he has the character stuff nailed, but the super-hero stuff comes off as poorly done.   I'll pick up the next issue to see if that's changed in the 6 months since I dropped the book.

46    WEAPON X KANE #1      MAR      37,718

47    WEAPON X SAURON #1      MAR      37,669

48    HAWKMAN #6  DC      37,187

A "Times Past" story by James Robinson (of Starman fame) and inked by Tim Truman, who is the most under-rated creator in comics, bar none.  The story was a little hard to get into, since I am not a Western fan, but it ends up being one of the better issues in an already good series.  Highly Recommended, and you don't have to have read any issues before this one to know what is going on.

49    THOR #52   MAR      36,922

50    THOR #53   MAR      36,701

51    SUPERMAN #185      DC      36,661

The start of a Big Event running through all of the Superrman books, this one is Lex Luthor attacking everyone Clark Kent knows, now that he knows Superman's secret identity.  The first two parts have been OK, and actually better than the Superman Books have been in a while.  Problem is, I dont' see how they can end it without a gimmick-y "status quo" ending.  Maybe they'll pull a rabbit out of a hat and actually have a story that shakes things up.

52    IRON MAN #58      MAR      36,051

Mike Grell writes and draws this issue (and the next two as well) as Iron Man travel back in time...not a new story by any means, but so far worth reading.  Grell's art is always a plus, and I like how Iron Man sees the trip as routine, but indications are that it will be anything but...we'll see if they can pull this off.

53    MICRONAUTS #2      IMA      35,547

The first issue was in the top ten, and this one is down here.  A HUGE drop-off, and there really isn't a way that retailers would have known the first issue was a piece of crap, since they order three months out.  I predict this will be down below #100 by issue 10, and I will have quit reading it 8 issues previously.

54    BATGIRL #31 DC      35,144

55    BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS #32      DC      34,565

56    PARADISE X #5      MAR      34,357

57    NIGHTWING #72      DC      33,420

Devin Greyson is keeping the book well-written, and is one of the few Bat-Book writers who uses the connections to the DC Universe to enhance the story.  I still don't feel that the book has improved with a new writer, but it hasn't declined in quality.

58    ACTION COMICS #794      DC      32,651

59    AGENT X #2  MAR      32,531

This used to be Deadpool.  I guess the price hike was only for the first issue, but I see that the re-branding didn't help sales in any way. 

60    INFINITY ABYSS #5 (Of 6)      MAR      32,345

61    INFINITY ABYSS #6 (Of 6) (Note Price)      MAR      32,200

Starlin's latest Cosmic work for Marvel, and ten years ago this sort of thing topped the charts.  It's nice that he still gets to do these stories, but looking at sales, the comic public has passed him by.

62    ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #607  DC      32,098

63    AUTHORITY KEV (MR)      DC      31,625

A one shot by Garth Ennis that brings his over-the-top humor to a story in which a hitman kills the Authority right as an alien invasion takes over the world.  Not GREAT, but fun, nonetheless.

64    SPIDER-MAN QUALITY OF LIFE #4 (Of 4)      MAR      31,620

65    SPIDER-MAN GET KRAVEN #3 (Of 5)      MAR      30,913

66    SUPERMAN MAN OF STEEL #129      DC      30,864

DC has just announced that this is the Superman book to be axed to try and "tighten" the line.  It has always sold the lowest, even when the comics were connected in the "Triangle" years, and I can't think of a single issue of this series that stood out.  I guess it's sad that there won't be a Superman book every week, but I think cutting back to even 2 books a month might help the character get a few more interesting stories.

67    SOLDIER X #2      MAR      30,661

68    GI JOE BATTLE FILES #3 (Of 3)      IMA      30,267

69    ELEKTRA #13 MAR      30,236

Greg Rucka continues to make this comic one of Marvel's better books, as unlikely as that is.  Rucka is actually doing a story that plays off the fact that she is, at heart, a one dimensional character.  Highly Recommended.

70    X-MEN ICONS CHAMBER #1      MAR      29,794

71    X-FACTOR #4      MAR      29,701

Far better than it had a right to be, in a lot of ways, this should be the last fo the "Mutant Prejudice" comics, as it uses the idea better than anyone has since the late 60's.

72    FLASH #189  DC      29,591

A story between Big Stories to set up some subplots and move characters along.  A nice issue for people to see if they like the current team on the book, which I am lukewarm about.  It's an odd thing about being a comic fan.  I won't buy a comic if I actively dislike it, but if I am ambivalent, I'll keep buying it, partly because it's mildly entertaining and partly out of sheer inertia.

73    ALIAS #13 (MR)      MAR      29,546

Bendis continues to make this series incredibly readable, and wraps up the "Runaway" story in a way that seems logical and surprising all at the same time.  Highly Recommended.

74    KISS #2 (Of 3)*      DAR      28,901

75    SABRETOOTH MARY SHELLEY OVERDRIVE #3 (Of 4)      MAR      28,507

76    THUNDERBOLTS #70      MAR      28,092

77    THUNDERBOLTS #69      MAR      28,070

Here's a book I am suffering through just to get to the end of a story.  I have read where with the end of this story a new team comes on, and to be honest, they should have told the current team to wrap it up NOW instead of putting readers through 10 issues of confusing, poorly plotted wrap-ups.

78    CATWOMAN #10      DC      27,937

Since one of the better crime related comics being printed, with sparse art that makes it seem all the more gritty, if that isn't a dirty word nowdays.  Highly recommended.

79    BATMAN LEGENDS O/T DARK KNIGHT #158  DC      27,933

80    SPIDER-MAN TANGLED WEB #17      MAR      26,991

Pretty fitting that these two books end up next to each other on the sales charts, as they have the same premise:  Get creative teams who don't normally work on the character and have them do self-contained stories.  I like both of these books, but Batman suffers from a lack of "star power" to the creators, and Spider-Man suffers from the fact that Marvel fans want to know where a story fits in continuity.  Hopefully the publishers will keep these outlets for self-contained stories going despite the fact that they sell so far below the regular titles.

81    BIRDS OF PREY #46      DC      26,867

Soon to be a failed series on the WB.  You know a show is bad when TV Guide actually talks about how the comic book is a lot better...and the comic is pretty damn mediocre.

82    AVENGERS ICONS VISION #1      MAR      26,823

83    POWERS #24 (MR)      IMA      26,544

The current story (by Bendis...again...) shows that the premise of this comic can carry a LOT of great stories.  Cops in a city of'd think that you could get one or two decent stories out of it, but this is the fourth, and possibly best, story arc so far.  Highly Recommended for super-hero fans and non-super-hero fans.

84    FILTH #3 (Of 13) (MR)  DC      26,522

The new Grant Morrison book, Vertigo's highest selling book in YEARS, and one I won't read until collected in book form since I'll want to read it all in one sitting.

85    SPIDER-GIRL #50 (Note Price)      MAR      26,420

This is the kind of comic Marvel did in the 80's, a nice, mild super-hero soap opera.  I can't say it's a GREAT book, and when I am done reading it for the month, I don't particularly wait for the next issue, but it's a nice read, professionally done.  The only problem I have with it is that when comics were $1, this would have been great, but for $2.50 or more per issue, you almost want it to be a Much Bigger Deal.


Dark Horse does its second "What If?" type series, selling better than any Star Wars book they have done in a while.  Why?  IT'S FILLED WITH THE CHARACTERS WE WANT TO SEE, BONEHEADS!!!

87    WITCHBLADE #58      IMA      26,151

The show has been cancelled, not due to bad ratings, but the star's drug problems.  Of course, I'd bet if the ratings were higher, the drug problems wouldn't be mentioned and she would be quickly ushered off to rehab behind the scenes.  Oh, and the comic is a titty book with no story.

88    ROBIN #105  DC      26,009

The new writer may come from Indy books, but his run on Robin has been same old/same old.  Bland, soap opera stuff with some silly bad guys for the hero to fight.  It's there if you have nothing better to read, I guess, but there is a LOT of stuff that is better to read.

89    LEGION #11   DC      24,988

I'm kind of amazed that people are praising the creative team on this book, as they just have yet to engage my interest.  Maybe after 20 years, its time for me to quit reading the Legion.  Ghods, I am SUCH A GEEK!

90    WONDER WOMAN #184      DC      24,842

91    X-MEN EVOLUTION #10   MAR      24,647

Pretty good sales for a comic who had #9 as its last issue. 

92    SOJOURN #14 CRO      24,130

The highest selling Crossgen book on the list, and this is actually pretty good for a non-Marvel or DC book.  I read where the owner is saying he will be the #1 comic publisher within 2 years.  Good luck buddy, but I think the first step would be making sure your comics aren't a bunch of bland fantasy books that seem fairly interchangeable.  Sure, they have some stuff that isn't (Ruse, Way of the Rat, but for the most part, they are fairly bland books, drawn well.

93    YOUNG JUSTICE #48      DC      23,674

In the middle of a 4 part story about the death of a character's father, we get a story that starts with a 3 page inside joke.  You want to know why this comic isn't selling?  BECAUSE IT IS FULL OF POOR STORYTELLING DECISIONS LIKE THIS.  Thank you.

94    GOTHAM GIRLS #1 (Of 5)    DC      23,183

95    HELLBOY THIRD WISH #2 (Of 2)      DAR      23,086

I think this is the highest selling creator owned series, as well as one of the best.  I remember when it was said that if companies let creators own their characters, the comics world would be turned upside down.  It didn't happen (and that in and of itself is interesting), but mostly it is because most creator owned books weren't of a decent enough quality.  This one is, and it's Highly Recommended.

96    HAWKMAN SECRET FILES #1      DC      23,038

97    CAPTAIN MARVEL #35      MAR      23,024

Another Peter David comic that is utterly impregnable to anyone picking it up for the first time.  Maybe that's why it isn't selling, instead of "it isn't getting enough hype." 

98    MARVEL MANGAVERSE #5    MAR      22,852

I'm kind of amazed that they called the mini-series that spawned this book a hit, since it was scheduled before they had sales reports on the mini...but Marvel is going to keep it going with a bunch of related mini-series, because the collected trade paperbacks are one of Marvel's best selling trades in book stores.  Proving that if you make something accessible and the style that kids want to read, they will buy super-hero books.

99    TITANS #44   DC      22,476

100   WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 #1 (MR)      DC      22,127

Yow.  A first issue selling this poorly...and a first issue that got a LOT of hype?  I would read from this that no one gives a rat's ass about the WILDCats, now matter how you reinvent them.

101   MARVEL KNIGHTS VOL 2 #6  MAR      21,702

Last issue.  No one cares.  Not even the creators as evidenced by how crappy the book was.

102   LIBERTY MEADOWS #27   IMA      21,477

The first issue under Image.  The format is slightly changed, and it has a new publisher, but other than that, it's still a nice reprinting of the comic strip.  Why is this issue selling about double what the last issue sold?  Highly Recommended no matter how well it sells.

103   STORMWATCH TEAM ACHILLES #2 (MR)  DC      21,463

104   TOMB RAIDER JOURNEYS #6 (Of 12) (Note Price)      IMA      21,402

105   THING FREAKSHOW #3 (Of 4)      MAR      21,340

Geez...with sales this poor, do you think they will print the Evan Dorkin "Thing" mini-series?  It's too bad, since I LIKE the character of The Thing, and a good story with Ben Grimm would be worth reading.  Will Marvel put it in a trade paperback if it sells this poorly?

106   JLA DESTINY #3 (Of 4)      DC      20,526

Another of the 4 part "Prestige Format" mini-series that DC seems to pump out on a way-too-often basis.  Maybe they'd sell better if we knew a little about what they were supposed to be about, and they were well-done books by established creators.

107   RUSE #10   CRO      20,367

108   HARLEY QUINN #23      DC      20,194  

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  The first issues sold well, had GREAT art by Terry Dodson (who's now working on a Spider-Man comic at Marvel) and had fun, fluffy stories.  Now, after a way too long storyline of Harley Quinn in hell, I find I no longer am very interested in the comic.  New creative team coming on in a few months might change that, but I'm wondering if the character is only good in small doses.

109   APACHE SKIES #2 (MR)  MAR      20,088  

Marvel's western mini-series doesn't seem to be getting readers, which kind of figures.  The first Ostrander Marvel Western mini was well done, but worked a LOT better as a collected edition.  That and super-hero fans can't seem to find it in themselves to buy this sort of story.  I'll wait for the trade.

110   OUT THERE #13      DC      20,066

111   STAR WARS #45 RITE OF PASSAGE (4 Of 4) DAR      19,991

112   LONE WOLF 2100 #4 (Of 4)      DAR      19,717

113   BLADE #6 (MR)      MAR      19,677  

Last issue, and proving again that Marvel can't capitalize on its mass media success for some reason.  My opinion is that Blade only works as a supporting character in comics.  We'll see, since Marvel will try again when Blade 3 comes out.

114   BLACK PANTHER #48      MAR      19,496

115   GREEN LANTERN EVILS MIGHT #1 (Of 3)      DC      19,421

116   PATH #5    CRO      19,367

117   TOM STRONGS TERRIFIC TALES #4 (RES) DC      19,354

Alan Moore is usually called the best writer in comics, and most of the time I tend to agree (unless I've just read a GREAT Grant Morrison story or Neil Gaiman does something new).  This book  shows why he gets that title.  A comic that can be read and enjoyed on one level by kids and another by adults, is new reader friendly, has more ideas popping through the story than most comic series have in YEARS and art by Art Adams, who is far and away one of the best pencillers ever to work in comic books.  Highly Recommended, if you can't tell.

118   WAY O/T RAT #4      CRO      19,195

119   HOOD #4 (MR)      MAR      18,961

120   HELLBLAZER #175 (RES) (MR)      DC      18,956

The last issue by the writer of "100 Bullets", and his stuff, while liked by some people, seemed horribly out of place on this comic.  The last story, where ol' JC is assumed to have died in an LA S&M club had nothing to do with Constantine, but was a crime story that had some other character with JC's name.  Mike Carey, of Lucifer, is being given the reins next, and we'll see if he can live up to HIS hype.

121   SUPERGIRL #73      DC      18,925

122   HELLBLAZER #176 (RES) (MR)      DC      18,704

123   JLA ISLAND OF DR MOREAU      DC      18,651  

Roy Thomas doing what I never liked when he wrote in the 70's and 80's, taking a public domain story and adapting it with super-heroes.  It always seemed lazy to me, and in this case, creates a book I'll pass on.

124   BATMAN/DEATHBLOW AFTER FIRE #3 (Of 3) (RES) DC      18,518

125   FABLES #4 (MR)      DC      18,479  

If you haven't picked this book up yet, DC will collect the first 6 issues into a trade by the end of the year, and I recommend picking it up.  It's not a NEW idea (fairy tale character living in the modern world), but it's well done and interesting, with a lot of good concepts in the backgrounds.  Mildly recommended.

126   WARLANDS AGE OF ICE #8      DRE      18,430

127   PROMETHEA #22      DC      18,050  

Another Alan Moore book that is at once a deep meditation on the power of magick, and a new form of comic book storytelling.  This series started off as a thinly veiled Wonder Woman ripoff, and now is one of comics most innovative and fascinating series.  Highly recommended to people open to new concepts and ideas.

128   FUTURAMA SIMPSONS SP CROSSOVER CRISIS #1 (Of 2)      BON      17,541

129   FATE O/T BLADE #1 (MR)  DRE      17,448

130   ELEKTRA GLIMPSE & ECHO #2      MAR      17,413

131   100 BULLETS #38 (RES) DC      16,975

132   100 BULLETS #37 (RES) DC      16,944

133   TRANSMETROPOLITAN #59 (MR)      DC      16,922

Next to last issue, where things finally happen.  Was it worth all of the buildup over the past 2 years or so?  Not really.  I guess I wanted something a lot tune with the feel of the first 2 years of the comic.  Not a BAD book, just not a great one like it was when it first started.

134   SPECTRE #20 DC      16,582

135   DOOM PATROL #11      DC      16,480  

DC is still publishing this, and along with the Spectre, the sales don't seem to warrant it.  Why?  I'm not sure, but I enjoy both comics and recommend them to people who are looking for something mainstream enough to remind them of being super-hero books, but different enough that you aren't reading rehashes of old plots.  

136   BTVS #48 HELLMOUTH TO MOUTH (2 Of 4)*   DAR      16,241

137   JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES #10   DC      16,171

138   SCION #27   CRO      16,162

139   ROUTE 666 #3      CRO      16,007

140   POWER COMPANY #7      DC      15,852  

I like Kurt Busiek's work most of the time, and I wanted to like this series, but it end up being so genericly done that I can't remember what happens from issue to issue.

141   HIGH ROADS #5 (Of 6)    DC      15,826

142   RED STAR ANNUAL #1    ARS      15,534

143   POINT BLANK #1 (Of 5) (MR)      DC      15,432

144   BASTARD SAMURAI #3 (Of 3)      IMA      15,326

145   ATHENA INC #3*      IMA      14,985

146   AZRAEL AGENT O/T BAT #93      DC      14,871  

7 more issues until it's done.  I quit reading it around #30 and quit buying it about 2 years after, hoping it would get interesting again.

147   SHIDIMA #6  DRE      14,848

148   SUICIDE SQUAD #12      DC      14,720  

Last issue.  It's odd that they would bring this series back, when the previous one never did sell very well (and was on the verge of cancellation from about the 12th issue onwards).  DC does a horrible job promoting their comics, and after reading it, a little bit of promotion could have gotten a lot more people to at least TRY the book.

149   SIMPSONS COMICS #73   BON      14,428  

I give it a good review every month, and this is no exception.  Funny, filled with pop culture gags, and some issues are better than the TV show.  Highly Recommended to fans of the show.

150   LUCIFER #29 (MR)      DC      14,397

151   CRUX #17   CRO      13,960

152   IMPULSE #89 DC      13,730

Last issue.  This started as one of DC's best series, with fun, accessable stories, manga art that moved those stories along, and a great book for younger readers that didn't talk down to them, while still being well-done enough for older fans to read.  From writer to writer, it lost its focus, becoming more and more continuity bound, and less fun with each issue.  I dropped it about two years ago, giving up on it ever regaining that sense of joy.  Now, it's cancelled, and reading the last issue, it was a mercy cancellation, as they had lost all sight of why the book was a success in the first place.

153   NEGATION #9 CRO      13,694

154   MYSTIC #27   CRO      13,663

155   LADY DEATH MOURNING #1 (Of 2)      CHA      13,593  

I wouldn't be waiting around for this issue as the company has gone belly-up.  One report I read was that no Lady Death comic has made a profit for the last year...and this was Chaos's best-selling book.  That means that every color comic below here probably isn't selling enough to make money, or is being supported by creators who aren't making a whole lot of money. 

156   HELLSPAWN #16      IMA      13,540  

If I remember right (and let's face it, this comic is over a year late) this was the issue that was going to have Miracleman in it.  Now that it doesn't, is there a reason for anyone at all to buy it?

157   SIGIL #27   CRO      13,385

158   FIRST #22   CRO      13,318

159   MERIDIAN #26      CRO      13,146

160   AUTOMATIC KAFKA #2 (MR)  DC      12,810

161   LADY DEATH DARK ALLIANCE #3      CHA      12,664

162   HUNTER AGE OF MAGIC #14 (MR)      DC      12,545  

If Chaos couldn't make money on the Lady Death books that outsell this, I can't see this comic making a single penny for DC.  I read the first few issues, and found I had lost all interest in Tim Hunter in this relaunch of the Books of Magic series.  Sorry.

163   BATMAN GOTHAM ADVENTURES #53   DC      12,469

164   SAVAGE DRAGON #102      IMA      12,186

165   CODENAME KNOCKOUT #16 (MR)      DC      12,080

166   BART SIMPSON COMICS #9      BON      11,974  

I LOVE the Simpsons comic, but this series always leaves me cold.  Maybe its because they keep putting Bart in the kind of situations that made TV comics from my youth something I avoided.  No, I don't want to see Bart as David Letterman or Jay Leno, I don't want goofy aliens and the like.  Stick with the kind of stuff they have on the TV show, and we'll all be happy.

167   LUCIFER NIRVANA (MR)  DC      11,930

168   Y LAST MAN #2 (MR)      DC      11,797  

DC has made a HUGE deal out of the first 2 issues of this series selling out, and it's being called a monster hit and the rebirth of Vertigo.  12,000 sold.  Hype is good any all, but these numbers are nothing to be all worked up about, and as stated above, this is NOT a profitable number of issues.  As for the comic itself, I'll pick it up as a trade and see if it lives up to the hype.

169   PURGATORI RAVENOUS #1    CHA      10,917

170   VAMPIRELLA #12 REG ED    HAR      10,811

171   HOLY TERROR #1 (Of 4)      IMA      10,802

172   VAMPI #22 REG ED      HAR      10,741

173   HAVEN BROKEN CITY #9 (Of 9)      DC      10,727

174   DEADMAN #9  DC      10,710  

Cancelled with this issue and considered a huge flop (and a comic selling 1000 more is a monster hit?).  The series was interesting and had incredibly good art by Jose Garcia Lopez, but Deadman is a hard character to get people interested in, and the book seemed to be just dropped on the market with no promotion.  If you want a nice read, I'm sure your local comic shop will cut you a deal on the back issues, and DC won't be putting this out as a trade anytime soon.

175   LAB RATS #5      DC      10,502  

Lazy art, half-assed characters and plodding pacing make for a book that people couldn't ignore fast enough.  Somehow Byrne will blame it on comic shops, old fans of Brain Bendis when the truth is that it was just a boring, poorly drawn comic with nothing to recommend it.

176   AMERICAN CENTURY #18 (MR)      DC      10,413

177   DEFIANCE #4 IMA      10,188

178   REX MUNDI #0      IMA      10,183

179   ESTABLISHMENT #12      DC      9,909

180   LADY DEATH CROW PREVIEW BOOK      CHA      9,887

181   BIG DADDY DANGER #1 (Of 9)      DC      9,675  

Ouch.  A DC series set in the world of pro-wrasslin long after interest in pro-wrasslin has died out.  I think this comic will be put to sleep before the 9th issue, and I have no clue if it's worth reading or not, since it wasn't even given shelf space at my local.

182   3 LITTLE KITTENS #1 (Of 3)      BRO      9,569

183   POWERPUFF GIRLS #29   DC      9,330

184   MIDNIGHT MASS #5 (Of 8) (MR)      DC      9,286

185   VERTIGO POP TOKYO #2 (Of 4) (MR)  DC      8,892

186   TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #5      MIR      8,737  

The 80's nostalgia boom didn't hit this series in any way, shape or form. 

187   100% #3 (Of 5) (MR)  DC      8,410

188   CRUSADES #18 (MR)      DC      7,973  

Next to last issue and it's a shame.  Kelly Jones is an artist I love, but some people don't like his Wrightson influenced style.  The story was simple in composition but wonderfully complicated in how they executed it.  A Knight from the Crusades shows up in Modern Day to fight evil, but instead of having a sword-based Punisher rip-off, the series focused on the media reaction to the knight and how politicians and media people use the news to their own advantage.  Highly Recommended, and the back issues will be damn cheap to pick up.

189   OH MY GODDESS! PART XII #2 LEARNING TO LOVE (2 Of 3)    DAR      7,884

190   USAGI YOJIMBO #60      DAR      7,835



193   KNIGHTS O/T DINNER TABLE #70 (Note Price)      KZR      7,362  

Not as much a comic as a gaming magazine now, with over half the book articles on role playing games and other aspects of gaming.  If you have ever been a gamer, this is almost a must read comic, though.  The comic portion, which details gaming sessions, always brings a smile to my face and makes me miss my gaming days...highly recommended to former and present gamers, and non-gamers will just be confused.

194   QUEEN & COUNTRY #11 (MR)      ONI      7,327


No, you won't be seeing this comic either.  Look at the sales, and that should tell you why Chaos went bankrupt.

196   BLADE O/T IMMORTAL #71 BEASTS (6 Of 7) (MR)  DAR      6,832

197   SCOOBY-DOO #63      DC      6,827

198   DORK #10   SLA      6,774  

Ah, yesh, a new Evan Dorkin comic, filled with his manic art and laugh out loud humor of anger and violence.  If you haven't read Evan's before, this is a good issue to try, as it is one of the funniest comics since...Evan's last comic.  Highly Recommended for people who like their humor bitter and nasty.

199   DRAGONBALL Z PART 5 #8 (Of 12)      VIZ      6,628

200   CEREBUS #281      AAR      6,513

201   LOVE & ROCKETS VOL 2 #5 (MR)      FAN      6,115  

I don't hear the glowing reviews for this comic like the first series got.  I didn't like the first series (and I picked up the first 8 graphic collections), and think that I just missed the boat on it.  Now, I think that the creators are just going through the motions, and sales seem to bear that out.

202   SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #114  ARC      5,912

203   SHI ILLUSTRATED WARRIOR #3 (Of 7)      CRU      5,678

204   DRAGONBALL PART 5 #3 (Of 7)      VIZ      5,541

205   ODYSSEY #1* AVA      5,443

206   DUNGEONS & DRAGONS BLACK & WHITE #2 (Of 8)    KZR      5,178

207   RANMA 1/2 PART 11 #6 (Of 11)      VIZ      5,169

Yep, it's still going.  Yes, it's still the same jokes.  Yes, it's still fun.  Recommended for people looking for a light humor book, but at this point, it's best to buy the collections.

208   TIM VIGILS WEBWITCH #1 (Of 3) (MR)*      AVA      5,147

209   BANZAI GIRL #1 (Of 4)    SIR      5,041  

A silly "bad girl" comic make mildly interesting by the fact that the artist is supposedly drawing herself.  Does that make it personal exploitation or just exploitation? 


211   MYSTIC FUNNIES #3 (MR)  FAN      4,771  

A new R. Crumb comic where he draws stories about what a sick bastard he is.  I like Crumb's stuff, but I realize it isn't for everyone.  If you have liked his stuff in the past, you'll like this.  If you haven't read his stuff in the past, you might want to try one of the Complete Crumb volumes instead.

212   ATLAS #1*   AVA      4,581

213   AMERICAN SPLENDOR UNSUNG HERO #1 (Of 3)      DAR      4,577

This is a damn shame.  American Splendor is Harvey Pekar's reality based series, and every issue has been well-written (if a bit trivial at times).  This one is based on a person he knows at the VA hospital he works at, and is everything a good piece of non-fiction should be, just with pictures added.  Not just Highly Recommended, but I'm ashamed of comic fans who just ignore this well-done series.

214   GOLD DIGGER #35      ANT      4,298

215   FORT PROPHET O/T UNEXPLAINED #3 (Of 4)      DAR      4,099

216   CARDCAPTOR SAKURA #31   TKP      4,095

217   ALL NEW TENCHI MUYO PART 1 #4 (Of 5)      VIZ      3,984

218   RIPLEYS BELIEVE IT OR NOT GRIM REAPING #2 (Of 4)      DAR      3,878  

In the 70's, the Ripley's Believe It Or Not comic was the home of a bunch of lame ghost stories and not very scary at all horror stories.  I haven't seen Ripley's on a comics page in ages, and it looks like Dark Horse picked up the license, but didn't get any interest. 

219   HOPELESS SAVAGES GROUND ZERO #3 (Of 4)      ONI      3,776

220   GUNDAM WING LAST OUTPOST #2 (Of 12)      TKP      3,732  

Just so you know, this is based on the animated series that is currently the #1 anime series in the ratings, beating Dragonball Z, Pokemon and anything else coming out.  And it can't even sell 4,000 comics a month. 

221   30 DAYS OF NIGHT #2 (Of 3) (MR)      IDW      3,679

222   AGE OF BRONZE #14      IMA      3,679

223   TIMESEEKERS #1 (Of 12) (MR)      POW      3,648

224   DORK TOWER #20      DOR      3,582

225   NIGHTMARES & FAIRY TALES #2      SLA      3,568  

A new series by Serina Valentino (who writes Gloomcookie and is a wonderful human being), and is much more serious than her other work.  Highly recommended for people who are looking for comics that stretch the boundaries of what sort of stories can be told in comic books.

226   KODT ILLUSTRATED #14   KZR      3,564  

Illustrated stories of the adventures of the players from Knights of the Dinner Table.  While I like Knights a lot, this series does nothing for me, so it must be for very hard core fans.

227   LOONEY TUNES #93      DC      3,560  

A series that would sell a LOT better if it were in places other than comic stores. 

228   INU YASHA PART 7 #1 (Of 8)      VIZ      3,542

229   WORLD CLASS COMICS #1    IMA      3,520

230   DEXTERS LABORATORY #31   DC      3,453

231   ARCHIE #527  ARC      3,374  

Did I mention this month that while Archie books sell horribly in comic shops, they are the best selling comics in the US?  Yep.  They are sold in digest form in grocery stores and because of that distribution deal, they outsell everything by FAR.  Maybe it's just me, but if other companies would look into outside distribution and realize you have to spend some money (like Archie does by renting space by grocery registers), they could become a mass medium again.

232   JASON & THE ARGOBOTS #1 (Of 4)      ONI      3,356

233   STRANGE KILLINGS BODY ORCHARD #2 (Of 6) (MR)  AVA      3,131

234   INCAL #11 (MR)      HUM      3,126

235   AP HOW TO DRAW MANGA #18      ANT      3,100

236   BETTY & VERONICA #179  ARC      3,011

237   BETTY #116  ARC      2,971

238   BETTY & VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST #109      ARC      2,848

239   NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #98   ANT      2,830

240   BASTARD #9 VAMPIRE (1 Of 2) (MR)  VIZ      2,817

241   ARCHIE & FRIENDS #61   ARC      2,808

242   VERONICA #131      ARC      2,790

243   NEON GENESIS EVANGELION PART 7 #4 (Of 7)      VIZ      2,786

244   LURID #1 (MR)      IDW      2,786

245   SABRINA VOL 2 #36      ARC      2,772

246   CERES CELESTIAL LEGEND PART 3 #3 (Of 4)      VIZ      2,706

247   BETTY & VERONICA SPECTACULAR #56   ARC      2,693


ANOTHER Gold Digger and/or Antarctic swimsuit issue.  For people who can't seem to find swimsuit magazines with pictures in them or porn.

249   VEROTIK WORLD #1 (MR)  VER      2,578

250   METAL HURLANT #2 (MR)  HUM      2,547

251   ALICE IN SEXLAND #5 (A)      ERO      2,512

252   ARCHIE DIGEST #192      ARC      2,489

253   GI JOE #3 (O/A)      IMA      2,489  

No, the bottom hasn't fallen out of the 80's boom, this is Image offering #3 again since they have a bunch in their warehouse.  SO QUIT PAYING INFLATED BACK ISSUE PRICES FOR THEM, OK?

254   BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #132      ARC      2,476

255   JUGHEADS DOUBLE DIGEST #88      ARC      2,428

256   CICI MINI SERIES #1 (Of 4) (MR)  SPI      2,405

257   BIG O PART 2 #2 (Of 4)      VIZ      2,357

258   TOMB RAIDER CONVENTION EX CVR #17 (Net) IMA      2,290

259   MUTANT TEXAS TALES OF SHERIFF IDA RED #3 (Of 4)      ONI      2,198

260   LITTLE GLOOMY #6 (RES) SLA      2,127  

A comic that would be great fun at about half the price, but it's hard for me to pay $3 for a comic I can read in 5 minutes. 

261   AKIKO #49   SIR      2,109

262   GI JOE #4 (O/A)      IMA      2,100

263   LAUGH DIGEST #178      ARC      2,100

264   AP HOW TO DRAW HENTAI VOL 2 #1 (A)      ANT      2,096  

OK, anyone who buys a comic on how to draw anime porn is so scary that I keep[ my doors locked at night.

265   SKINWALKER #3 (Of 4) (MR)      ONI      2,096

266   BATTLE POPE WRATH OF GOD #2 (Of 3) (MR)      FUN      2,092

267   SHOT CALLERZ #3 (Of 4) (MR)      ONI      2,078

268   GOON COLOR SPECIAL #1      ALB      1,972

269   GENUS #55 (A) (Note Price)      RAD      1,954

270   ALIEN ARENA #1 (Of 2)*   ATO      1,928

271   LUFTWAFFE 1946 #1      ANT      1,879

272   ALRAUNE #5 (A)      ERO      1,862

273   NEON GENESIS EVANGELION PART 7 COLL ED #4 (Of 7)      VIZ      1,857

274   PUNCTURE #6 CMX      1,831

275   THIEVES & KINGS #40 (Note Price)      IBX      1,809

276   BRUTAL PLANET #2      NEK      1,791

277   GI JOE #5 (O/A)      IMA      1,725

278   SILENT MOBIUS PART 11 BLOOD #2 (Of 5)      VIZ      1,667

279   ZENDRA VOL 2 #2 WINDMILLS O/T WORLD (Of 6)      PEN      1,645

280   JACK STAFF #11      CMX      1,645

281   AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ACE ED #14      WIZ      1,636  

A new special cover on a reprint of the first appearance of the Green Goblin...which you could get in the first Essential Spider-Man with about 20 other comics.  Buy it there and just ignore the new shiny cover.

282   SECT #2 (Of 12) (MR)  POW      1,601

283   FURRLOUGH #116      RAD      1,579

284   PPV #1 (Of 3)      ANT      1,534

285   SEXY ANGEL #1      AMR      1,526

286   A G SUPER EROTIC ANTHOLOGY #4 (A)   ICA      1,512

287   HEAD #2 (A)      ERO      1,446

288   VAGABOND PART 1 #10 (MR)      VIZ      1,442

289   ORIENT SEXPRESS #3 (A)   ERO      1,428

290   MAD COLOR SP #6      DC      1,397



A new comic from Kolchaka, and his stuff reads like a child's story through the filter of adulthood.  I read an interview with him where he argued that craft was the enemy...but each of his comics are put together with more care and craft than other comics that LOOK better rendered.  Highly recommended, and look past the childishness of the drawings to see that he is telling stories in the way of storytellers always have, simply and effectively.

293   ARSENIC LULLABIES AUG 2002 #2      ASI      1,353

294   LORI LOVECRAFT #2 (MR)  AVP      1,353

295   WARRIOR NUN AREALA #10   ANT      1,344

296   EMPTY ZONE CONVERSATIONS W/DEAD #2 (Of 5)      SIR      1,291

297   OGENKI CLINIC VOL 9 #5 (A)      STU      1,282

298   ZOIDS #7    VIZ      1,269


300   FUTURAMA COMICS #1 (O/A) BON      1,260  

That's it.  You can go home now.